The original Dante’s. Inferno was a solid third-person action-adventure game that was released in 2010 for the Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and even the PSP. The game was developed by Visceral Games, who are behind the dead space franchise army of two, The Devil’s, cartel The Simpsons game, and so much more.

The game was given a huge marketing push and was done by the publisher of the game. Ea commercials were shown during the Superbowl and, I would say very successful. Viral marketing was achieved in terms of getting people interested in the title.

Also, it helped that the game was loosely based on the Divine Comedy by Dante, more specifically, the inferno section which most people, if they have not read, are at least familiar with, and all of this did result in the game being moderately too well received by critics And was accepted by fans who appreciated the gameplay and its similarities to the God of War franchise.

So why didn’t this game get a sequel and why was it canceled by visceral games? We will get into all of that and why Dante’s? Inferno 2 was cancelled, as always all the sources, if still available, will be in the description down below let’s start with the end of the original Dante, is taken to purgatory and then remove the tapestry, and we hear Lucifer’s.

Laughter in the background, the tapestry turns into a snake which fans have speculated implies that Lucifer has manifested into the snake and will continue to follow Dante and get his revenge. Then the game cuts to a black screen with to be continued texts on the bottom.

After this fan started to rightfully speculate that the next game would loosely follow, the second part of the Divine Comedy purgatory – oh and the sequel to the next game would instead be called Dante’s purgatory back in the days of g4 in 2009, the Executive producer of Dante’s.

Inferno Jonathan Knight was asked about a sequel to Dante story, and this is what he had to say quote. I posed the question of a sequel to executive producer, Jonathan Knight, at a recent hands-on demo, in Los Angeles just days before the playable demo goes online.

He didn’t shy away from acknowledging the challenge in producing another one. For example, there’s; no second descent into hell, Dante’s. Inferno is based on the divine comedies first-act inferno, but the other stories Purgatorio and Paradiso seem unlikely candidates for the game.

Knight said quote: that is a problem that I hope to solve by earning the right to do a follow-up. Now this question was asked before the original game was even now, so it doesn ‘ T. Surprise me that he really doesn’t have any answers and his primary concern was most likely finishing the game that he had to release in the next year.

Then, in 2010 Zachman Bach game developer, Visceral Games was asked by joystick. If we would see a sequel or even a trilogy to the Dante’s, Inferno saga, his response was quote. I’m, not sure that if enough people like it, I got $ 60 for purgatory or Paradiso.

Then we would make that game, but I don’t know I don’t get to make those decisions. So, even though this was a year after the g4 question and eight months after the release of the game, it still seems like internally, they were deciding on whether or not to move forward and see how well the game would sell.

Moving on now, fans assume they must have figured out how to write a sequel and how they would five para diesel in purgatory into games, because in 2011 the writer of assassin’s. Creed joshua rubin announced in his bio that he was the sole writer for a major unannounced sequel from visceral studios at EA.

Games also included in his bio, was a hint link which led to the superbowl trailer for Dante’s Inferno. So this seems like a little over a year after the original, there has already been some early talks and staging I’m working on this new Dante’s.

Inferno sequel. The story of Purgatorio itself follows the levels of spiritual growth, also known as the seven deadly sins to most people, so I assume that they most likely personified these sins for each terrorist level.

That Dante would have to climb, and it would be something Dante would have to overcome physically and within. Obviously that’s, just speculation, but I think it makes the most sense and how that game could still be interesting and followed the first.

Then it was radio silence until 2016, when a user Shinobi 602 on Twitter, who hosts a show for The Escapist Magazine, made a series of tweets discussing Dante’s Inferno and what it was going to be like before it was cancelled.

He says quote said that Dante’s. Inferno got canceled, was being developed as a grounded action-adventure game than just a focused on hack and slash. This was a while ago, not recent 30fps, with much much higher fidelity than 60fps uncharted.

/ assassin’s. Creed, climbing type system, dante was basically going through all the purgatory and some bits of hell. He was also going to fight angels as well. Now all of these seem like pretty safe assumptions.

Most fans could have probably made about the game themselves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what he’s saying is untrue. I tend to believe it more so for the fact that these tweets were not heavily promoted and there’s, no real reason to risk your credibility for a game.

Like Dante’s, Inferno, not that the game isn’t important, but just in 2016 it had already been such a distance franchise for most people. They’ve, already forgotten and moved on. Then the final nail in the coffin was in 2017 ea, shut down visceral games and was combined with another, a a rayon studio and it turned into something completely new.

Now EA could still make this equal happen because they do own the publishing rights as well as owning visceral games. Technically, but lately it seems, like EA, has been focusing on games as a service and tends to avoid completely single-player experience games.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but combined with the fact that dead space, which was another visceral owned property, has also been on hiatus. Since 2013, I wouldn’t, hold my breath for a Dante’s, Inferno sequel until we probably see a new dead space and for the most part that’s.

Why Dante’s? Inferno 2 was cancelled. It seems like there were internal problems, developing the game to begin with, and if the leak is correct, they wanted to take the game in a new direction compared to what the first game was that, combined with the fact that EA was moving away from single-player games And the lackluster recent releases from visceral games like Dead Space 3, all form a single picture as to why we never got to see Dante’s purgatory now.

The last thing I just wanted to mention happened in 2018 and is related to Talpa leg, who is a senior cinematic animator at Naughty Dog. He revealed that he was a big fan of visceral games, Dante’s, Inferno game, and then he made his own trailer for a sequel to the original.

The trailer itself now has 1.3 million views on YouTube and should still show that there’s, a market for a new entry in the Dante series and that people will always have some recognition with the franchise.

Now this was not created as a teaser to show that they are working on something or maybe a new game is coming. But I wouldn’t, be surprised if EA is watching to see how fans are reacting to this trailer and then maybe from their measure.

If there is a market to continue the series, obviously a lot of that speculation. This did happen now almost two years ago, so we’ll just have to wait and see, and if EA decides to bring back this franchise, that’s.

What I’m, going to end this video make sure to like and share follow me on twitter at Fonte to subscribe for weekly gaming videos, and I will see you guys in the next one.

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