Prototype is a major franchise that still has series recognition over a decade after the release of the first entry. The prototype franchise has been very quiet for the past five years and during that time, community members have started to discuss what the future of this series is.

So let’s, break down. Where is prototype three, and if it is even possible for us to see a follow up to this fan-favorite franchise. As always, all the sources will be linked in the description below so make sure to check those out in support and with that out of the way let’s get into.

Where is prototype 3? Let’s start with some history. On the franchise, the prototype series is described as an open world action-adventure game in both the first and second entries were developed by radical entertainment who had previously worked on Simpsons road-rage The Simpsons hit and run and crash mind over mutant and after they finished crash mind Over mutant, they were able to start working on their first original IP prototype.

Up to this point, radical was a part of the vendee Universal which, in 2008 merged with activision to form activision, blizzard and radical, was brought over as part of this deal and became a developer for activision blizzard now during the merger and restructuring of the two companies.

It did result in layoffs at radical, but they still had enough members on their team to continue the development of prototype, which was released in 2009 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and was immediately deemed a commercial and critical success.

It was the highest selling game of the month that was released in and moved over 400,000 copies in North America alone. In that month, and as of March 2012, it has sold 2.1 million copies worldwide, which is great, considering it is a new IP, a game.

No one’s ever heard of in something new for the developer, so Activision was very happy with this and let them move on with a sequel one issue that did happen at the release of prototype 1. Is that infamous was released two weeks prior to prototype, so men, fans and critics alike drew comparisons between the two titles because they’re, both the third-person open world action-adventure and a lot of reviewers and fans pitted the games against each other, which started A narrative of only buying one game or the other in critiquing the game based on that which is not fair in any regards.

They are two separate titles, two separate games and besides the third-person open-world there’s, not too much similar about them. Even through that controversy. It did not stop Activision and radical from moving forward with a sequel to prototype and in 2010 prototype 2 was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards and trailer was shown off in fans and critics alike.

We’re excited to see where this follow-up would take the series. The only problem is the spike game. Awards was in 2010 and they announced prototype 2 wouldn’t be released until 2012 when the sequel launched in 2012, though it met mostly favorable reviews, but was more mixed than the first game, and the game did sell.

Well, initially, it was the highest selling game in the month that was released, but no exact numbers were given. Now it’s, estimated, though that after the first month, sales started to decline greatly and its lifetime sales globally are only around a 1.

5 million units, estimated when even back in 2012, prototype 1 had sold 2.1 million. It was a new IP at the time and it doesn’t make sense as to why the first game sold so much higher than the second game.

The repercussions of the lack of sales were realized. Just a few months later, in June of 2012 Activision Blizzard effectively shut down radical entertainment, Activision’s. Official statement said quote: although we made a substantial investment in the prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience.

Radical is a very talented team of developers. However, we’ve explored various options for the studio, including a potential sale of the business, and have made a difficult conclusion through the consultation process, that the only remaining option is a significant reduction in staff.

As such, some employees will remain working for radical entertainment, supporting other existing Activision Publishing’s. Projects with the studio will cease development on its own games going forward now.

One important statement in this release is the mention of not finding a broad commercial audience and the sales numbers we do have support that. The first game was a massive success in the second one really never found its footing in the industry and was a big stumbling block for the developer and the IP also having it constantly being compared to infamous, was not fair and definitely put a shadow on prototype.

Along with the fact that the studio had already faced layoffs during the merger and most of their past games were film tie-ins, it did not help their case for staying open separately, especially when the film tie-in game market was not pushed as heavy.

Currently, as it was during the early 2000s now as for prototype moving forward, the franchise isn’t dead completely in 2015, both the first and second prototype games were bundled together and updated for the ps4 and Xbox one.

It was not a true remaster, but it was slightly updated, but even that caused some problems. Digital foundry ran some tests and saw that the games actually ran better on ps3 and xbox360 than they did on the updated consoles.

So there were problems with the port. It wasn’t a true remaster in fans. Weren’t really happy about how this was released. Some speculation at the time thought that Activision was using this to test the waters for revisiting the series considering it had been since 2012, when the last entry was released.

But this bundle was not a true, rework or remaster and without a big marketing push by activision. The bundle was quickly forgotten by fans and the general audiences. So where does that leave us today? Well, activision is the current IP holder for prototype, so nothing is being made without them in their approval, which limits the options of the franchise in the future.

A user on reddit summed up what to expect the best they said quote. Here are a few scenarios that I could see happen within the next few years. One activision holds onto the IP rights to make a proper master of the prototype series could also be used to test the waters and see if there’s still interest in the series, knowing the diehard fans would buy.

The remasters, too Activision holds on to the IP and lets it collect. Dust prototype is lost in the dark corners of time, 3 Activision holds on to the IP rights and reboots. The series for Activision sells the IP rights and they close out saying based on these.

I firmly believe they’ll hold on to the IP and remaster them sometime down the line. It would be kind of dumb of them to sell the IP when so many fans have been begging them for a new game. I’ve mentioned this many months ago.

It’s, not a matter of if it’s, a matter of when which i think is very accurate, and I don’t think Activision would lead the franchise dormant forever, especially when looking at the longevity of the game On YouTube, there are multiple big prototype 3 videos on YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of views posted in this year alone, and there’s.

Definitely a dedicated core fan base that is craving more prototype content, in whatever form Activision will offer. The game also has a very big worldwide audience, so it’s, not just a North America or United States game.

It has huge poles everywhere in the world which definitely also helps in terms of how it could sell in the future. So no I don’t think the franchise is dead. I think it was a misstep for the franchise to put the bundle out for current generation consoles without making it a true remaster and making it worth.

Anyone’s time, but if Activision worked on a true remaster or remake for next-generation consoles to coincide with a sequel, I could see the franchise getting back on track and really being able to differentiate itself from infamous in the minds of the casual audience.

I think a real remaster could win people over and we’ve been seeing that a lot lately with the really well-received Saints Row. Remaster Borderlands 1 was remastered in the past few years and it’s. A really good way to get fans reefa Miller with the franchise and then push out an additional game in the series which I think Activision knows.

I think they’re waiting a little bit longer to build up some more interest and to make it feel more nostalgic, and I think that’s, why we haven’t seen prototype three yet, but I would also remain Optimistic about the game and the future of the franchise, and that’s.

Really, where is prototype 3? That’s, everything we know that’s, the background and history and why we haven’t seen anything as of 2020, make sure to like and share this video subscribe for weekly gaming news, and I will see you guys In the next one,

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