Oh going, he truly is my son: how’s? It going everybody doubtedoy here back with another dragon, ball fighters – video for you all today and while now the next dlc character, master roshi is not quite out yet there is another raid available in dragon ball, fighterz.

So of course you know. That means we have the three elites here today to take on the raid boss of gohan now, actually in this raid, i believe that both team gohan and adult gohan are going to serve as the boss.

So, as we level up, gohan is going to age and ultimately culminate with a fight as him at adult gohan, where he is going to do absolutely insane damage. As always, if you enjoy these kind of videos where me rime and siri x, try to take on a raid boss make sure to the like button.

This time let’s, try to go for 15 000 likes in anticipation for roshi and without further ado. Let’s, hop in and see what we can get done against this boss, hey donna! What’s? The theme? The theme is, we are just going with all goku whoa go go, go for a straight overhead bro i don’t know, look at his hair that’s, a big that’s, a big target right bro.

Look at his teammate, he chose piccolo over me: hey dino, hey dino, for those who haven’t seen a raid video. Why on earth? Is this so easy? What’s? The point of this video right now. Wait. I didn’t know you’re gonna for raid videos.

They started easy at first, but then we come home. Why are we doing the explanation of the voice? I don’t, know [ Music ]. Just we just all started going with the same character, but in case you are wondering the radios start off very easily, so it almost looks pointless as you can see, the ai is kind of walking around, but yes, this is an event that builds up in difficulty.

Over the course of seven possible stages, there’s, a playlist to the side, just watch. Every single raid video in one burst just real, quick first each or you can check the description and prep better heck battle.

Don’t forget to put it there. I’m gonna match. I noticed you stepped up to the plate. First, why uh? Well, we all want to take turns going first and i don’t want to go first when it’s like level five, okay.

Well, i i wasn’t expecting an honest answer that’s. The other way, no, this is gonna play. You know, since i haven’t, is he working? I guess this makes sense. I think i’m, going to get the wrong end of the stick here.

What yeah? Why is 16? On the team, like yeah, you guys you guys talk to one. Should we yeah exactly shouldn’t 16 go first. Actually, so we can kill him and then he shows up at super saiyan. 2 yo. If 16 blows himself up.

I’m, going to be an intro yeah. I’m gonna say if, if 16 self-destructs on me, that part’s getting cut out of the video. If this, if the screen goes black and all of a sudden me and 16, are dead, you know what happened for a second.

I forgot that i was playing and i got real nervous. I’m, like wait, a minute dawg all right. No, not like this. Don’t be the first one to die, comment section below who’s gonna die first on round two yo.

What is this really going to be the hardest raid boss? We’ve, fought in so far it’s round two: oh [ Applause, ] yeah! We got him. We got this. You’re, a child that should have been man. Okay. Maybe we’ll.

Do that theme in a different video? But i guess you ‘ Ll have to look at the other three idiots videos just to find out about it program level, one level, one, no, not uh, no, not quite enough. I just want dotto to have you know i i would have been so upset at everybody in this call.

If i just died right there yeah i had to be dead. Well, you did that to yourself let’s, be honest. Bro i’m, not gonna lie to you. I literally forgot that i went first, so i’m like when i saw you at goku stand there i’m, like is, is gonna move? Oh no, that’s me.

You guys can just sit back and watch. This is probably gonna, be the last team gohan. Then we’re, probably gonna start getting adult going. I’m guessing just beating him in every phase of his life. Sasha be him.

I got ta check out the description for this one is it? Is it less aggressive than the trunks one or it actually was less aggressive? Trunks is going through a funk. I got ta. You were literally like backing up from him like.

Oh, i don’t like the way he’s. Looking at me, you weren’t just kind of standing. He sent some beer in your heart bro and then he just bodied you that’s. Awesome! Look at super saiyan goku in the back, i kind of participated dino.

Why are you writing up? First? Are you sure yeah? Let me get in here? Let me get in here all right. This is gonna, be a part of the video. I got this don ‘ T worry don’t worry down below in the comments.

Let us know who you think is going to go out. First, dino already went out. Why are you asking this? Did he need to find out yeah? You know what i just forgot: he’s going to go out. Next. Is the question don & # 39? T worry don’t worry.

I’m going to redeem myself for for what happened just now. My brain, you know, can you just say, watch this watch this? Oh, that you just instantly tagged down. You really thought i was going to go first, it is a gold knight right now what is going on, not yeah.

I was trying to think of a way for us to get a whole level. Once i did. Oh, we didn’t have enough bar to snap dragon rush. The bot can’t attack. He doesn’t, have those [ Music ], all right, just just get a dog gohan in here.

This is too easy. You know so far just mean dotto have done stuff, so you’re in uh. I don ‘ T know why you would send him in team gohan’s, a menace. It’s. Fine yeah! Look at him yeah. He said he has to redeem himself.

There you go there, you go it’s over it’s over it’s over but again he you can see him. He got scared. He just stood there for a second. He was like hold on what you’re, going to do. Bro i don’t. Think you understand.

Fighting fighting against the secret is the scariest [ __ ], because you don’t know what they’re going to do. Oh, i thought you said you don’t think we understand i’m. Like you know, we’re here with you right, like we’re doing i’m talking about.

I’m just talking about anybody in general. It’s like how you go. No, not the dumbest comment. I’ve ever gotten before it’s like they’ll people will see my fighters. Video like how can how come you get bodied? How can you buy and raid videos, but you do find in like video videos, i’m like because it’s, a cpu.

The cpus are unpredictable. They’re mashing, their heads into the controller before, like you, even do that, like the worst players, don’t match, as well as the cpu, though so, when cp just hits you you’re, just dead dotto.

You got this one first, i mash about as good as a cpu is all i’m gonna, say yeah. I got this first. Let me take you on it.’s, just one adult gohan. Let me wait hold on. I’m rhyme rhyme. Make sure you want to do this ready up stupid there we go okay, i’m trying, i mean as long as i’m.

Not in the beginning. I’m gonna tell you right now. The second i come out against. I don’t, go out. I am gonna hit with uh get hit by the built-in low and i might just die. Oh you’re. You’re dead like just walk low.

I don’t, think i’ve ever seen them like throw over it’s, just block low after round two rhymes with his confidence. He did go in there as confident at first. You know, you know someone who has a lot of confidence in me.

I see that’s, a much more angry expression. I know god really doesn’t know what’s about adam raw heavy coming up. Let him know um that beam assist. That was me. Go ahead. Eight goku assist yeah on the fort drive.

Okay, guys how’s, it going ultimate go on here back with some more beatings, it has to be oh leave. I don’t think he has any interest in super dashing yeah all right. Go ahead go ahead, and let me out of here, why is all right? Somebody else, somebody else you’d, even give me like a heavy knockdown or anything.

I’m trying to save rhyme. I don’t. Think i don’t think hold on hold on i’m good. I’m gonna kill him. Now he dropped that he dropped it [ Music ], i was going to say, is anybody else sweating after that? One because that was just a significant he’s.

Gon na have a variation called round two right. He will now you want to be kid rhyme, adult rhyme. Now i’ll, be round two right. Oh, he got piccolo back again. He’s, trying to redeem himself. I’m scared.

He went with piccolo again what happened to the bond we had. I think that piccolo looks like a uh tournament of bower piccolo. I think he’s. A little upgraded are we already there? I don’t know all right.

How many seconds do you give dino hold on you’re about to attack at least 30.? I’m gonna drop it down to 20.. You gave him double the amount. I thought all right, all right, hard, knock down. You ain’t ready for this huh.

You already survived so much okay, okay, we’re gonna we’re still [ Music ]. This man said we: where are you dead, so go ahead and win this don’t make a liar. I got this. I got this hey yo. I’m behind you idiot, oh man, that’s.

Why this cpu is plays like a [, __ ] idiot, when you guys are firing them y’all see that [ __ ], he was doing against me and then he hears dion. I don’t fight with fear bro. That’s. The thing i’m fighting back.

Are you kidding just come back? Oh no! Don’t get hit by that yo better. I didn’t think he had reads like that. Get that level three! Nobody could walk. He tried to wait. Your 6m bro, he was ready. I haven’t played super saiyan goku in so long combos yeah.

No, that’s death. I got it. I got it [, Music ]! I got. I got his spark out of the way beginning beginning all right. Piccolo should be much easier, but i wonder how much easier look i’m standing there menacingly the piccolo should be way easier.

He said what did you say all right guys? We’re back on stage for you guys it was only a couple of seconds, but for us we fought back uh tooth and nail. We got a little close there, but we should be at full health moving forward.

Uh. Anybody have any comments on this stage. What we’re expecting to see uh dino has a theory. I’ll pop out. He ‘ Ll start fighting back, but the second dion’s out there just stand there and key charge.

I tried to tell him that i’m just built different like i, i can’t help it. He’s. Scared of me bro: normally, we save the character development for the video, but it’s actually falling apart behind the scenes.

All right, i’m gonna use that ui goku assist, hold him down. Yeah he didn’t connect it nice uh. Do you know he’s doing stuff? Do you know he’s doing stuff? Why did he get in the corner? I didn’t even know he was in there that’s, your boy, like look, why he’s, not blocking it.

He got staggered. I think the cpu like when you, oh so confused bring it back in there. You go it’s, a lot of health, it’s. A lot of um don’t get hit by that it’s, a lot of help. That is a lot of health.

I got to go for it. I’m just here there we go that’ll gonna solo. This i’m because i was like oh no, he’s. Definitely gonna get it all right. Somebody else rhymes somebody else, ryan go ahead. My part watch dino.

It’s, just so unfortunate, fine bounce back. There you go there, you go there, you go yeah, you, i feel different [ Music ] my eyes. Actually, couldn’t adjust to what happened there. That was that was amazing.

I’m gonna punch him face. You could have killed him uh, no, not not quite actually. Oh, he ‘ S got thirty. Seven hundred hundred yeah yeah all right, if you, if he does a spark and you read it – then uh – you got the mvp award for this one watch this.

He’s dead. Why not? Why did i not go behind him? Huh uh? What happened? I have to check into uh post editing, [ __ ]. He didn’t even do anything against you. After that one combo he was, i’m serious. I’m serious.

He did nothing. I want you to go. First. Diana the next one, of course, the hardest one yeah i’ll beat his ass, though the difference between y ‘ All and me is i go in without fear it doesn’t matter.

I might. I might get bodied right now, but i don’t think it’s. Gon na happen. I think i’m about to body these boys hold on. Who is it? I want everybody watching all right bro. I want you to pay attention.

No girls gonna do nothing. He’s, not gonna block. He’s. Gon na probably go he’s, gonna round key charge. What that’s, a round star key charge? If i body he’s, gonna just not block it all. If i body him, then it’s going to be oh, it’s because he doesn’t do anything against you, but if i don’t bother him there’s going to be.

Oh! No shut your soul. What’s, the video? What’s going on you’re back? No, you watching! He was backing up. You were scared. Are you scary, huh? Oh, my god, don’t be scared. It’s, gonna be all right. It was round two clear.

I was gonna say i’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t go unafraid, but as soon as he starts coming, then i get afraid. Oh yeah, what’s up comer? I’m like that comer. I dare you to dp me. Oh i don’t know why i’m scared of your sparks, see i going without fear.

He was trying to walk up on me. I ain’t gonna light him. I know how these cpus are comer. Look. He doesn’t block at all. He’s, trying to swing god’s. Trying to swing yeah, he was he was going in. I’m, not gonna.

Let him bro, he’s, trying to do stuff. I just don’t. Let him i know how they are bro come on see. I told you the second, the second, i let him i’m. Hey don’t call me out in situations like that. Oh no, no, don’t leave me alone either don’t leave me alone.

I’m dead. He’s, not dead. Where’s, the reflect where’s, my reflect see you i goku is getting his toes stepped on us all right. Let me look at how i already got him blocking see good stuff. This is what separates us.

Gohan show him, show him who show him who his daddy is show him who his daddy is show him? Who daddy is show him? Who’s? Daddy? Oh, he’s golden um. He truly is my son, but you know what that means. Unfortunately, right you’re gonna have to start this next one.

Ah, all right now we’re going into our final round here. Uh, the second to last round this man already declared us dead. He’s, confident he’s, gonna body, go on and piccolo and take us to the final round.

No, no! This is not what he meant it’s, my words. It’s, a level 85 gohan. We’re. Looking at what definition definition number two hey it’s, gonna be all right. Man we gonna win once once i all right. I started we’re, just gonna, let it go and we’re.

Just gonna move on, let’s, just even get stuttered and yeah. Actually, i just started [ Music ] piccolo, you’re scared, [, Music ]. I stopped doing more. The utter silence from dino is: what’s? Making me laugh.

What was that super dash? Gohan is afraid. I mean goku’s, afraid. How did i block that? Maybe i don’t know be careful. I don’t. I hope you’re, not doing anything. I don’t like that rhyme. Actually like die, he’s gone all right, dion get out there.

Oh, i’ll handle this all right. If you can stop and pick you’re gonna, be our anchor bro anchor. Oh there he is. Are you? Okay, am i dead? No, no! You got a piccolo. Piccolo is pretty easy. Don’t say that please, you’re gonna make me look bad.

I probably shouldn’t say that when you’re on the field, but i’m just trying to get ready for this mix, how he was ready: okay, okay, it’s. Fine dino has said nothing. I just hope king kai is treating well up there, man, that was mostly my fault as well.

It was 100, i said mostly, i would have settled for 90. and then there was one all right. You just have to beat piccolo to get your end screen. The link between you and me are much better. All right. Let’s, go jimmy okay, who turned on block.

Oh, i actually believe in you. He doesn’t have spark anymore. You can win. I appreciate that if we get to level seven, i’m high dog. You can bit, you could be, you can beat this. Thank you. Thank you.

I needed that come on. This is not our last round. Just remember. He’s, a dumb cpu, so he’s, gonna walk up 5l and that’s a lo, but that’s, an overhead it’s; okay, oh my god, [ Laughter, ] can y’all hear me, i just want your [ __ ] ass, to lose from king kais.

Hey. We are

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