Oh, my oh my damage. Oh no, that’s, switching you in the yard. How’s, it going everybody dottedoy here and after a long wait. We are finally here to take on the master roshi raid. The three idiots are back in full form, except i’ve noticed you guys.

Don’t have pink squares, uh wha. What happened? Okay, so that’s? Why all right? You know what you know. What dotto i & #! 39 m, tired of you, i’m. You know what i’m gonna. Do i’m, calling up being an empty tomorrow and i’m, getting krillin nerf and yamcha.

Again, i can’t believe our teamwork is already at this stage, but i’m, putting you in the jar for that hey. It already went out the window when you attacked my squad like all right. You just did you just did that to me like 15 minutes ago dion, you want to explain um why this round is going to be so easy, since you usually do that? Ah, yes, so these raids start out very easy.

Why did we skip this intro? These raids start off very easy. I i i don’t know how to follow these things up. Why don’t, you guys explain. I’m in the middle of a fight ron. Go ahead. I’m sleeping, wait guys.

Why is he good? Why is he good? Why are you already getting ready? Explain i’ll, explain it so this round was supposed to look easy and that’s, because this is level one of a seven stage range boss and as we progress through the levels, uh did i yep uh.

These characters are only going to get harder with time, so they don’t have a lot of health. Now they’re. They’re, going to get melted over time. Nice overhead, that that i did that purely thinking that krillin was dotto doyle.

Oh no, that’s, not oh! What’s happening to me? What if we follow this up with neo, if he, if he did the level within the three i actually would have put the raid nice super nice, okay, guys um, so i i let them get close.

I should have just popped spark. I don’t like how this started. Actually i don’t like how this started. Actually, i don’t like how this started. Actually, what is going every round here, yeah. Are you pondering what i’m pondering in my massive large brain? I don’t know, but i was thinking about how you sounded so ready for this round and i hope it’s as easy as i can.

That’s, not what i was pondering. Why’d? You do that. Why didn’t? No, i don’t understand. He made that sound like that was a wee thing. I didn’t know. I did not want to do that. I don’t even know what donald was thinking, but i think i’m mad at him too, but no, no, it’s, just thinking that rhyme was going to get full later.

No, i thought he was going to be ready for it. I thought he was going to be ready. I don’t know. That is not what i was thinking was going to happen to me, but you could have got him put in a jar. Doing stuff like that, what did i do that’s? My question? This might be the fastest.

Our teamwork has ever devolved in one of these and it all started with that energy that you presented. I know i i’ve. I presented that energy, not thinking it would come back to haunt us so quickly. Us we, we, i’m, the one who got killed.

You’re, fine haunts us bro. Why does roshi have such strong friends? When did he ever talk to teen? Go on wow donald’s, name read the mangy that’s crazy! I’ve. Only read it once and backwards. Let’s. Go arrive, all right! Nice sliding.

Do you think, do you think it was harder for them to uh kind of like design this uh raid boss, because master roshi has to you know he fights differently than the other characters yeah? I think i wonder how much oh my damage? Oh [, Applause, ]? What am i supposed to do there? Oh no! It’s round three and it’s already happening.

What do i do there? Why is this going so badly? For me, man. Can i get an ip in the comment section man don’t worry, don’t worry that’ll get in there. I mean he still has so many teammates that we have to work through and we’re not doing as much looking at me damage.

Is this the hardest raid? Oh there you go there, you go hey tag them back in. If you can, that’s, a lot of blue health, i know why is this right seem unnecessary? I don’t. Remember any stage three being this difficult, stop! Rushing stop! Oh! What are you doing? Roshi is unorthodox man that’s.

The only only thing i could think of spell unorthodox. Oh my god. What is happening? Oh, what this is the hardest stage. Three, i’ve ever played wow wow. Oh you reflected it nice. There you go there, you go there, you go there, you go, he’s gone, they’re, so good wow.

That was a long fall. It’s round. Three. I can’t stress this at all. Don’t worry don ‘ T worry. We’re, fine, look. He can’t block. He’s, stupid yeah. That is true. He did do that against. Who was it android, 18 or something? You did that like do it ten times again.

He does that nice, my blue life, my blue light don’t switch me in we’re good. We’re good. You know what i’m. Just saying you really got that energy, i’ll switch them in. I’ve, seen what you’ve done to our other teammates don’t.

Do it to me? I’m, not prepared. You said mates, it was just me. I feel like this round is tearing us apart. This is why we needed victory. Good don’t worry, we don’t need victory, health winning general.

I’m. Just saying i’m just saying that real winners are born in the fourth quarter. Man, i’m about to win don’t worry. I got off to a rough start. They had me in the first half, but just wait. He kind of spitting he kind of spitting just wait till the end.

I’m gonna come through in the clutch all right. My teammate’s. Gon na go down. I’ma, carry the load watch. I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make a bold prediction that i’m gonna make a bold prediction that this round is gonna.

Go pretty similar to the last one right right right, you’re gonna be sauced up. You know you don’t block. He really don’t block crazy. You can’t watch that that command has landed every time, and i know that when it doesn’t it’s, going to be a bad day for us.

I could be stupid. Let’s. Go ahead. Let’s. Go! Oh! Look at him! Look at my stupid. I’m, going to see it. I’d love to see it. You’re talking about an old man in chance that’s. Rude, i got this, you got this, you promised they swear.

I swear you missed. You missed. You waited till. We converted that next week. Well, it would have been very bad. If i didn’t ryan. Go ahead, look at him getting jumped! Oh no! He didn’t, get blocked. Oh he doesn’t block.

He can’t block that’s, crazy. This ui fights like me or the cpu fights like me, no blocking! Oh! Why are you scared? Oh, my god, you know what i see this as redemption: good job, goku, blue wow. What a hit confirmed he jazzed me was like bad.

I’m just gonna level up it. Wasn’t even necessary to do that. It was a little childish, but our goku blue is like at least 10 times better yeah facts, facts, excellent offense! I do i do, but i’m, not comfortable without them that’s, fine, that’s.

Fine, if you read the mangy, the ui goku, i’ve, known dion, for like five years, i’ve, never seen him get folded this many times in a single video. This is a record [, Music ]. So, just basically this off of what happened to my other teammates, i am very afraid of a level five nah.

You’re. Fine! You’re, not gonna hit me, i think wow. I almost did it. I think the blue goku. We just fought against is the manga accurate. This is a level 40 gohan, so he should be attacking me. You’re dead too yeah.

This is oh. This is so much better dude i don’t know i get all the chips in your house and i’m hungry. Let me just go ahead and uh you did it. I there was that part of the video where you ate. Every chip in the house – you you got, it eventually is going to be over, should it be over.

I just want to go. Oh i can’t believe we made it to stage five honestly. We’ve been yeah. We i’m, really carrying the load, guys all right watch this watch this watch this go ahead. He will not be ready for this attack.

He’s literally, never ready the 5h. I like how you do that every time but always say, watch this like it’s, going to be something and it’s, a blue combo, making you guys both look like scrubs. He can’t tank either.

I don’t like when you got oh ryan. He’s kind of moving dead, rhyme [ Applause ]. Why do you sound like that? I don’t. I don’t know, but i don’t want to end up like that. That sounds like a dumb dinosaur.

Oh no, i don’t know, am i dead? Am i dead? Oh he tried to thunderstorm you. He did. I was very afraid all right. Well, i’m, not going to end up in the jar this round. That’s. All i can say about that.

It’s, flexing on you yeah i don’t know what that was about, but let me go ahead and school this kid. I got at least 30 years on him. Imagine he has to oh. This is it for me now. I’m good. I’m. I’m gonna go alive.

Oh he’s. A child come on you’re, going deon, hey! I’m. Sorry i didn’t mean to surprise you. You did come on guys. You’re. Coming back in okay, that’s; fine! That’s! Fine! I needed i needed a little break.

I’m. Going back, you know there, you go, you’re good. Now you’re good. Now you got your breather. If i focus i can hear the muffled voice over past you, we got ta unseal them. We got ta all right. Let me pop, let me not right right.

Don’t waste your head. Let me pop this lip okay go ahead: oh my god! Bro nah nah! You know what how about the full roaches [ __ ] ass after that hold on time out. Let me let me out don’t. Tell me don’t.

Tell me you’re going first again, i’m going first again now you’re getting folded. I’m, not about to be humiliated like that twice in one video man wait roshi’s. Not even here wait once what is this? What what i’m, trying to think of why this makes sense, but it literally just doesn’t.

Oh oh, i know i know, i know what it is. All of them have a kamehameha and roshi’s, the one who invented the movie. Are you ready? Ah i made that up, but that’s. The only thing i can think of i’m. Sorry, i’m confused.

Why is it not roshi? Why we can’t lose the roshi raid to a team with no roshi. This man roshi said just is this. This is six right. This is stage six. I think [ Music ]. Okay, you’re alive. You’re, live okay! You you just said ghosts because i was ready to hit square.

Yes, so did i he said goku get in here. I’m going to live sparks. I will get off me. You little oh, come here. Why was he smart yeah? That was me. I did that there you go now now i’m kind of moving. Now i kind of get i’m, getting the rhythm i’m, not losing to a bunch of frauds dude.

None of you are back into the jar. None of you are rushing come here. Let’s go! Oh! I’ve, seen my fair share of guard cancels, but i really need to get him back in. I can talk all the confidence i want.

Oh there you go. That was bad. Why did donald turn into a a second handkerchief? I was panicking. I reverted back to my original form. All right, this really might be the best rate i’ve ever done. Oh, this is really my day.

It’s crazy. I’m feeling when you die like eight times. I got put in the jar a couple times, so he has to come. Let’s, go dude. I’m sorry, but is anybody going to step up to stop me? Hey sal, let me know how this tournament went.

Okay, look at him. Oh ryan. I didn’t mean to tag. I accidentally quick tag, but you got it run run run. I could have reflected a reflection. Rob ryan came out, said, watch these backflips did two of them, and that was wait.

If i held up would have dodged, uh, probably yeah, oh, i should have done that all right level. 3. You got it, you got it just don’t panic, don’t panic. All right! I can’t say my sentence: hey man, but don’t worry dion.

Statistically speaking, people watch the first half of the video first, not the second half. What a useless statistic! Quick question quick question: when has roshi hanged out with a vegito and kojita hanged out, you said hank, i didn’t use proper england.

I didn’t use proper english. You said ing there uh, i’ve, never used a dictionary. Usually we do two attempts, but this is a this is the final attempt we get it. It’s long enough to be a real video. I know all right: let’s.

Do this, let’s, get out there and make it that’s, revenge [, __ ]. Why are you doing this? I, like you, i’m ready. I’m ready. I thought you killed me. I thought i was there dog what if he i wish they would have given.

No would have even been better if his assists had the uh c assists. Oh no every hold on just drop the combo rosie. Let’s, go whoa! I’m scared. I’m terrified. He’s still going. He’s rolling come here. I’m riding brian.

You’re going in. I got we’re, getting a lot of health back from you know. I would punch him in the face. I’m terrified. I’m, so terrified, hey, watch this watch as much as man i’m ready. I thought you’re about to throw me in there.

Oh, no, i didn’t think he was going to pop. I’m dead that just seemed extremely unnecessary, but i don’t know that could be me. Why did this man hang out with me? No, no. This isn’t how it is. Oh, what what? What are you doing? Come here i don’t know what’s happening.

I’m scared. Hold on you can’t, lose the machito goku. Take him out if you want nice 2h. Why is that yo? Look at this help. Again back hello: oh you to just bring in roshi, i don’t think i could win, but i’m at least gonna cut.

I’m gonna. Do what i came here for get in the jar old man, you’re, going down don ‘ T worry don’t worry. We’re. Fine! We’re fine. This is a real comment. Let me just put it out there. Donald literally cannot lose if he loses.

He’s, going to be a absolute loser with those stakes out there. He has to win. He insists that uh. Somebody else does. He is just so afraid of me and he wants roshi. I don’t think he’s. That scared! Oh no! No! What did you say you’re? Fine! You’re fire.

You’re. Fine, you’re, fine russy there you go, kill me yourself. You coward! You’re going to get in here and you’re, going to pay for what you did. Don’t. Put it don’t worry, you know what this is going to win as long as you beat rosie you’re good.

I finally get to show them the comment. Uh i’ve, been working on this one. This is a real comment: old man. This is my technique, old man. What if it didn’t kill him. This is where this is where you retire.

He said that’s, you that’s me. You know what i’m, just gonna win. Oh no! You’re going to you’re doing it. You’re, going to do what now guys he wouldn’t level. 5 me he wouldn’t. I think you’re dead anyway.

It doesn’t matter, hey man when did roshi even meet gogeta blue [, Music, ] cheetah, and this video’s stupid. This video is over now

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