Man get your stupid back. I’m starting to think ryan was right about you bro, you do not have it. How’s, it going everybody dot noise! Here we are once again back with the three idiots as we take on yet another raid battle in dragon ball fighters.

This time it is the embodiment of evil. Kid boo. No! You’re, an idiot, oh before we open, i was gonna, say ooh. It’s, going to be an intro clip, oh yeah, since you already know the intro clip. Let us know down below uh who you think is going to die.

First up against kid buu. I noticed you read it up. First fine go first yeah as i’m fighting this guy. Why don & # 39? T you go ahead and let him know why this first round is going to look so easy. While i’m beating this guy up, we get it.

You’re, incapable of explaining simple things. I almost messed up. The word simple: let me see if i could comma this, the iranian anyway uh these raid battles. Uh start these raid battles start super easy and progressively get harder.

You should be getting perfect in the first three rounds or you might as well. Just hang it up. Bro cause you’re, not you’re, not built like that anyway. Uh it’s. Gon na start super easy and it’s, not gonna start getting difficult until like round four or five everybody’s.

Doing a part on this. So look at every channel, yeah yeah yeah next round. I want to up the ante bro instead of just who’s going to die first, who’s, going to get hit first, oh hit. First, i was going to say round.

2 is still one of those rounds where it’s pretty easy. So we should get a perfect like right. I was going to say if you didn’t, do a super there like right here, but go ahead. Get yourself! I’m gonna go ahead and finish the job yeah.

That was all me that technically counts as a goku black perfect now yeah that’s. What i do bro i wanted to uh have my friends involved here. Leave me alone. Leave me alone: i’m about to beat this first try uh don’t say that i know what’s going to get included at some point in this video and it’s that stench stencil.

I’m about to hit him with my ring hand. Watch this it’s about to hurt. I’ma start with the 5h bro. I believe he won’t block you on block. Let’s. Go i don’t know why goku black fights he just has his whole palm out yeah.

Well, that’s. This he does attack with his palm extended bro yeah. If anybody did nobody guess both of us at the same time, my health is full. I have blue hill all right. Let me add him. Let me add him all right, whoop, his ass bro do it.

I was so ready to start pressing buttons. Don’t worry now i’ll. Take you in if you’re an honest character, i’m, not going to get hit for the rest of this raid. So you swear. Then we got this. Look at that easy, stupid level, two level: two, i don’t even need to level two.

I don’t need no supers. This raid is so easy. So far, i haven ‘ T really been impressed with this raid’s, difficulty right and he’s. Probably he’s still, okay, he blocked that one. Okay, he’s a bunch.

All i’ve, been seeing for like comments on twitch and everything it’s like yo. When you go through our radio comment. Grab you guys all the time kind of sad, because it’ll be hilarious. To happen. Oh no yeah, i’m starting to think maybe people that recommended you do this.

I’m starting to think ryan was right about you bro. He thinks he’s better than me. I can yell too you little idiot. Let’s. Go see me in the corner. I can pencil you in for beating. I hope your schedule’s.

Free bro. There you go there, you go. Look at that. Look, you got. You got those combos, you know what. Maybe we just just finished it there you go. What are you whoa, oh freaking, booze? I don’t. Think i’m going to spark, but i am.

I am going to get payback for why? Why is he like this theodd yeah? What i mean i don’t know, but he’s, really scary defense, defense technique, safe jump, nice, safe job. Remember we already have a clip, oh wait.

I thought it was a different character. What nice dodge? Oh! No! I know i almost got hit. Doesn’t know his own strengths. Instead of doing a real like proper setup, i’m. I’m super dead, careful careful.

He might do it again. He missed every level three. He’s, not good at it. I noticed. Oh, he tried to drag and rush me there. You go. He’s dead. He’s dead. It’s over it’s over yeah yeah. All right now now we can say watch this watch this watch this watch this.

Why did you do that? Just kill them now. I got ta step in and intervene. Bro i’m, built a little differently than the um. You were saying guys this. This will go down as the worst collapse in three idiots history.

If uh, somehow dino doesn’t win this yeah there, you go. Oh my god, um dino. Can i see you in the kitchen yeah yeah? What’s up? Yeah um? Your friends are [ __, ] morons. He’s. Talking he’s. Talking to him, you want to go back in there and then play more yeah yeah.

All right. That’s. Good! Let’s. Go listen! I just thought it would be a good move to heal up a little bit and i’m readying up first, i’ll beat the [ __ ]. Out of kid boo hold on oh add partial drain. First, listen! Listen! He’s pink now, but when i’m done with him, he’s, gonna be red because he’s going to be covered in blood.

When i beat the out of him watch this. That’s, why you had to censor that out: [ __ ]? Let’s! Go! Oh! No! Oh! I forgot you’re goku black. I was like what is this intro, a kid who has a view final round? They gave him a raid boss intro.

All i’m saying is: i have a reputation for rounds is going to see this video. They’re, going to see it. I’m still alive and just nerf you out goku. After this, you know what i changed my mind. Why? Oh i thought that was me.

I got my i worry. I got really scared. Stop this. Oh, you can ‘ T. Stop this hey you don’t. Have that privilege? I mean you don’t. Have that privilege you don’t? Yes, he does. We would have died there.

We’re slightly and honest all right. Can you call me in because at this health i’m? Going to die if he hits the assist i don’t need y ‘ All i got this. It’s, getting really scary back here. How about we just hit him with level three, so he can like.

We’re, not a spock arxes. If you’re watching this turn it off. Well, it’s still alive, so yeah we got ta do something about that. Is somebody gonna sue. Somebody interview, oh very honest, right, yeah, very fair and honest.

I mean i stopped running funnels. They’re gonna. I thought you would have like some recovery frames or something they’re gonna have the the yamcha. Oh. No. He’s gone, he’s gone, he just got kidnapped.

He’s, so bad with the level three. He does not know how to connect with me. I think i know you’re snapping. You’re scared. It’s. Your turn fight for your friends. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! You have a partial train.

You got ta play. Wait! No, no, no don’t. Get your ass back in here. Get your ass back! Why we’re killing ourselves! He’s. He’s recovering. We have to beat him now guys. What are you doing? I’m scared.

Bro fine bro bring me in bro. When i can. I have confidence, it’s caught up to him. That was sick. You know what bring me in. I’m, also confident. No, no! You guys are not confident at all. Do you know what i’m going to do? If you don’t bring us in.

I’m gonna hit him until three yeah yeah. We’re gonna pay. I like how we said that we’re, getting like no health back. You’re, giving you’re, giving up you’re, giving up uh the corner. Don ‘ T worry don’t worry.

He’s. Stupid first. Try first, try! First, try! Oh [, __ ], look up dog, you almost killed me. You almost took me out of the game. Don’t worry by the way. By the way, now we got this is, is dm about to be a hero again.

Why not? Why did you say anything? Let me be the one to kill him. I’m, going to dramatic finish him. Well, you’re up. You’re up europe anyways. I hope that’s. Not true. I want you guys to know that that i’m, not going to spoil anything, but that was the end of a streak.

Spark spark just keep auto comboing bro just keep auto convoy, get shenron bro. We’ve, never needed shenron. More than we need him right now, there you go, give it up. You just did a level three in whiffed [, Music ].

This is the worst case scenario.

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KID BUU IS IMMORTAL! Today on the channel we are joined by Rhymestyle and Seereax as we take on the new raid battle in dbfz: Kid Buu! These boss battles can go up to seven stages with damage and difficulty increasing through out. Can The three idiots beat this boss?!

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