Hey hey, if you mind, could you take care of your son? He’s, being real disrespectful to you, alright boy! How’s? It going everybody dr. doe, a here back with another raid battle for Dragonball Fighters, this time, instead of an up cut.

Why are you ready too fast? You say round 1: I’m ready, alright, but this time instead of a new DLC character, it’s, just like a filler raid or something like that, but we slow whoa whoa. We’re gonna talk about loads.

Like that, oh he’s, not a filler rate boss did so far. Do you think this raid has been harder than fighting lotuses trunks? Was marking yeah? We’re all over three rainbow strong stand, fight, Lotus, look, fighting Lotus is worse than this raid.

I’m gonna just put that on without bomb blasts. This is not a DLC caliber rate. I mean trunks is cool, but he ain’t really good at the game. I’ma put it like that, but part of me thinks the only reason we’ve been able to handle him.

Okay is because we fight Lotus so like UI goku is freakin foreign to us. Wouldn’t start a fight again. Yes, so UI goku put us through it. Dbs probably put us through it, but because you guys have been liking, these raids so much.

We thought we’d, go ahead and fight trunks anyway, but since he’s a little bit easier, we’re, going to try out using no players skills, so it’s. Just gonna be us versus trunks, whoever’s. Better is going to win and if he dramatic finishes me, the video is going to get cut off and that’s.

What’s gonna happen, so don’t mind that if the video cuts off just let’s, not talk about it. In the comments hey, we got this man, I’m good, so these raids, if you’re, if you’re new to these and you haven’t seen us do these before.

First of all, go watch the other ones, the freakin hilarious. Everyone seems to enjoy our suffering, so yeah go peep that, but they’re gonna start super easy and then progressively get harder and harder.

So right now you’re gonna, be like oh, let’s, win it isn’t just bodying them, but uh just just wait. Eventually, you know towards the other levels. He can like one-shot us pretty much. So yeah punctuated with the perfect and I don’t, know why I said I’ll, so much alliteration right there, but perfectly punctuated why isn’t it the longest phrases ever this day marks a new chapter.

Maybe that’s, why he felt the that’s, why? I said all those big words the spear was running to me. I’m playing this character for too long. I just want you to know that my my butt cheeks clenched every time you uh, put Vegeta out there because he’s just there for a second wait.

Yeah this Way’s, a stage two or three, that’s. How they get you it’s like you get clickbait to the picking man. This is gonna, be a fun race to do a nice little Sunday afternoon. Dry. Then next thing you know you get.

Your ass beat really do be like that. Your child, your child, this manner perfect. I’m sorry, but can we all just agree that trunks is built kind of stupid? In this rate? Oh maybe say that when you’re out there, I’ll say when I’m out there.

I’ll, say to his face to it: oh, never go he’s stupid. You might not worry fellas, he’s dead. What was that? What is it hey? I’m stupid, your God, I think it might. I don’t get my uh my little. My little shut up shut up, shut up.

Okay watch it watch this watch this yeah, but I got it blocked. I got it. Hey y ‘ All look a bit, not very confident about it. You almost became your intro nah yeah. I’m super confident all right should we make it guess which one of us is gonna, be the intro.

I’m feeling Donnell it’s, not gonna. Be me it’s. Not it’s, gonna, be you which is kind of like unfair, because I feel like what not what happens you just a purpose. You’re, not putting stuff in there buddy.

I have a feeling it’s. Gon na, be me. I don’t know why I like not this match, but just like at some point something’s. Gon na happen. I just don’t know what I just have to yeah. You ever do that man. No, I I definitely feel like we ‘

Ve made fun of him. So much in this video that some one of us is getting chucked up into the air and a race can, I also just say – and I also just sales my first time playing this man called you back.

You know I’d, say exactly what happened. I’m gonna chew em. This computer’s. Gon na be smart, that right, large brain bust out with 18s barrier and then that’s. Gon na jump me and they gonna, beat my ass.

Well, you guys just watch and I’m, like you’re too hard to what you’re to our word. You’re. I’m, will work you promise just don’t mash, it press it right on. Go there. You go see, so you really be really built stupid.

That’s crazy, but didn’t. I tell you but didn’t. I tell you yeah sort, which I sort there’s about to be a one-take rain head with no snow in the stage. Okay, you’re, insulting all right. All right! I got it.

I got this to save this, reflect all right. Honestly, midwife’s like now don’t worry. I got this. I got this. I got this. I’m, his father. It’s. Fine! No! I drop this, but he’s still gonna get hit. I’m okay man, oh uh toaster! Oh, we just kicked it right.

Okay, it’s. Really. This really was the perfect match for Regina 18 entrance. That’s. Two grudges bro. I’m signing this video, though toaster tupid. Once you become an iPhone 3, at least before you try to talk to me.

I’m. Dropping these toast, I would say I was supposed to beat the [ __ ] out of me. I noticed you didn’t, say any of these comments on your video I just have to. I just have to mention your asset. Nothing like that everybody.

I want you to comment. I want you to comment. I will let Android 18 out of me in the comments I just wanted. I just brought daughter win because do you know made a comment that I don’t sub them in so I just ran it all.

You have to do that’s. All we have to do is just tell you. Oh, maybe you should finish I might I wish you would never make me a coffee. Maybe I don’t, say Dollywood, maybe maybe um. Maybe I was doing that for you guys’s protection.

Maybe stone is up everything rope I mean. I’m gonna say I didn’t. Have this much trouble nah? I agree that’s. What I said I was making sure what you said. So I could agree. Yeah stupid. I mean I’m. Calling me stupid objective snap trunks out of his funk.

I’m, his man, your mom bro it’s. A little wet says snap. I was funk-rock by beating the [ __ ] out of imagine getting the rights. Imagine getting the legal rights to be the protagonist in your whole universe.

Just gets a race that’s, tough, this man, he saw tooth and nail to save his future and then Xena said I’m just gonna bro yeah, you weren’t really doing this lucky. What I want people to do in the comments of this video is: he was like your most unluckiest moment.

You went through in the past month. How about that cuz you don’t have a lucky moment. What is that for you? Are you comparing trunks getting his universe to race to me accidentally dropping my phone? I mean think about this.

Think about this. What would you rather have? Have you universe, reverse race, or you try to summon and drive all legends you don’t, pull the needle blue um guys hold on my son, hold on pcs getting rowdy.

I’m, your father. You did say you got this so, but never you see you got this as let me get our ass with you Canadians about. Oh, let’s. Go choice, money captions work! I dropped it. Oh baby sing about self support, all right idiot.

No, no don’t go fewer needs that go ahead, got it. The future is now old man, yeah yeah. I’m. Sorry, but disrespecting me right now. Dawg, I literally heard Trump say: [ __ ] you dead. Oh okay, we’re.

Getting beat up, we’re, getting beat up this camp. You know you got this, you know you got him right there right there, that’s, the punish yeah! You do you know you good! Hey man, oh you get, you know guys Dino’s, not movie.

I think he’s, not talking either unresponsive. I got this. I ‘ Ll. Put you in your place. Why are you doing this? Oh, my gosh, don’t. Worry. He’s. Gon na win with oil. Oh wait, guys is canon all right.

I think I need Redemption. I need my Redemption arc again sell. I don’t like what happened in that last one, so we made it back. I’ll begin now. We’re gonna we’re gonna get that revenge. I might have been punched so hard and I forgot what happened so you know it’s kind of a blur getting back here last time on Dragon Ball Z fighters, blares ray hold on.

Do you know Donnell? I really need to talk to you in the kitchen, all of a sudden after what this [ __ ], I’m literally walking there morning. Did he just say: Dragon Ball Z fighters in 2000, ballsy isn’t.

He is it here’s, a Dragon Ball youtuber. Did you just [, __ ], say Dragon Ball, Z, fine, and on my video I don’t. Call it Dragon Ball, dokkan, some bad! At this point, I wouldn’t, be surprised if you said Dragon Ball, Z fighters II like – and I would you know we’ll, be right there.

You know what let’s. Just go back, okay, yeah. What do you think? What’s, the? What is dogon call dragon ball, z, dokkan battle, that’s, what it’s called. I said, Dragon Ball, dokkan, Z battle. Oh the way, my brain cells of those people died in this.

That’s. Fine, I don’t even have brain cells anymore, so so hold on you, don’t. Have you know all right? You’re. Fine, I’m, fine yeah, no skills, and when I said I was gonna get my Redemption. I’m, an economist I meant to get cell cells really gonna fill my round man.

I don’t even think he’s. Oh you got so lucky. Go, go, go, go! Get him! I don’t know about you decision. We might have to go back to the kitchen. Very I don’t, hear it. You yeah, you were fine, you ain’t neutral and you were got some hits in and then you got Cod don’t.

You dare blame me. Our teamwork is falling apart, but it’s. Okay got ta, be the glue that holds us together. Do it fight for your friends? Well, actually, no way don’t know, don’t break don’t. They just that’s, it.

Oh it’s all going wrong. It’s all going wrong. That was not okay, no rhymes pop Sparkle. There you go. I got you, I got! You see ya! I’m. Getting a tackle on do the best assist I could have asked for do you know we’ll talk about it later in the car.

We have food at home, be careful that was my life. You just put in jeopardy that’s. Fine, I’m thinking ahead. This pants playing checkers up playing chess right. Oh I I hope you’re, not doing anything.

Let’s say you’re, not doing anything. I’m, a girl. Okay, good good good good. I move the model. Dimaggio sis I don’t know: buddy sounds like you go to Gus. Let me move quick. I’m. Sorry, I do panicked.

I panicked the audience line. Yeah there we go researching, Dixie Yoko Rose, got it kite, hey girl, hey hey! If you mind, could you take care of your son? He’s, being real disrespectful to you all right.

No, I think you were yours. Will sweaty guys I don’t know? No, they’re, both good. You know what, in the comments I’m, not losing it in account. You got to say it won ‘ T have been the word, the intro clip, or did he choose the right? One, only losers lose and I’m.

No loser. I’m gonna lose. I’m, not a loser. Oh never worried for nothing. I’m honestly, so sad it’s. Just I’m standing by himself because we’re. Just we’ve been erased, but get your son out of here bro.

Oh, oh right, hey at least you didn’t tag me in so it’s. Fine! Alright! I went to UM. He’s, not gonna block that watch. I feel yeah there. We go guys what don’t cou black. I did better. I don’t like this ever go.

Get that I like it. I like the energy to smell better. Yes, are we getting the stage seven with no skills yeah? We are yeah tough for all three of us supid, oh poor mix. Oh he makes me he makes me your life, you’re, not your life, your life, your they do not know how to convert off of our wall.

Bouncer. I don’t even think they know. I got this. I got this. I got this. I got this. I got this come on me. Oh whatever you don’t Bowl, do not get dramatic finish that, oh it’s. Not it’s, not happening it’s, not happening it’s, not hungry.

I’m gonna win. You’re, a seagull, okay, okay, I believe in you. I believe in me too. Don’t. Do this: oh just [, Music ]. We help each other to survive. That’s, humanity, [, Music, ]. I have to become stronger.

Who knows what enemies await

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THIS IS THE MOST INSANE BOSS IN FIGHTERZ! Today on the channel we are joined by Rhymestyle and Seereax as we take on the new raid battle in dbfz Trunks! These boss battles can go up to seven stages with damage and difficulty increasing through out. Can we beat it with no power ups?!

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