I jump really jump how’s, it going. Everybody dotto do a here back with some more Dragonball Fighters, videos and this time I wanted to mix it up and try out the raid boss mode and Dragon Ball fighters since early dropped it as a DLC character.

They also made sure to include this event. That goes all the way up to 7 battles, with the character increasing in strength each time almost you know stupid amounts of damage, but the mode requires three teammates, so I got myself.

Ryan style and C reacts here to try and tackle the event. For whatever reason you could ask anybody out there, especially in the burning car you Super Saiyan rose’you could ask anybody up there and you decide to bring us over here.

I’m, not the honest. I’m mad. That he said and stupid in the same sentence and I for sure thought he was about to say like me, and you like, I thought that was our intro. He said too stupid. Let’s. Just do this man, I’m ready.

Alright, I want everyone in the comment section also to just guess who’s gonna die. First, you have the comment right now. No cheating who is gonna die first out of us three or is I just? I’m, just curious, who you guys think.

Okay, another thing really important in this game mode is teamwork. Oh yeah teamwork for sure yeah. We don’t have that we working on a quick, perfect, easy money. You know it’s. What I do you know I’m.

Just you know, top 10 na is the smoothest beat down on bro Lee. Also I steer using the same assists. I appreciate it well again like it’s. Really stupid right now, so like don’t judge it by the first round.

This is kinda like the feeler. You know I get perfect against whatever round I desire to be just my split my first time playing this. He’s about an hour ago, like the whole raid mole thing: oh my god ZZ and then we’ve gone to the next level.

It’s like oh, oh, we got ta watch this intro. I thought that’s. Bad do like I said teamwork, not our strongest suit. We get another perfect going into the final round with or not final round. The third round.

All I’m saying is from that failed video. We found out that robbery Broly is when it starts going for grabs yeah. Keep it perfect all the way until, like stage three easy to say, run away, pulls you far, man oho.

So take me up, uh blue hell, so you should be good. Look not techie. Do you not know he can take idiot? That was me for a solid second. Alright, so do you know so? Do you know what’s, the first to get tab, but this won’t, be the first two bands gonna knock him out.

We got these easy cleft, so we got to health recovery, otters on where we get more health back at the end, to get back yeah. This makes it super easy. Well, we don’t, know yeah. We’re just once we get to make.

I’ll, try to build it up, so our loss actually hurts. Though we had a funny moment in up. In the first time I recording, were he just kept doing the stops and India was running and then a tag he tags down Owen and that’d like I got this only to die like right after I don’t.

Remember that part I don’t know what footage was footage. So what I’m hearing right now is that running up you know raw dashing, no assists to em it’s, probably the best yes about a five-second. Do anything after that, oh by the way, but when he’s in spark, what is the most terrifying thing? Everything it’s, a spark! He’s already powerful Wow.

That would it kill. Does he keep trying to do that? It wouldn’t kill me yeah. I imagine right now that’s for health again around before honestly. Now go actually I mean with victory up, I mean he might recover all those.

They cut me off again that’s. All right, let me handle this. You don’t cut me off again: [ Music ]. I’m. Not that bright. I’m, not to bring both of you guys in at the same time, all right don’t. Imagine he hits me goes into sparkling tea, Odie’s.

All three of us. Can you not actually do that? Could we just have like an executive like conversation about whether or not we go through? I’ll, be fine. If you tag him in first all right, I never dropped it in this video I can’t, be blamed for this literally empty us right now.

Byes [ Applause ] hold on hold on stage. Oh, I got. I got it when we get back to stage 5 team out. Okay, everybody get it don’t. Do that again, all right! I got status the guys Seattle usually get like one, two thousand three thousand mics per video yeah.

I need to get this video to eight thousand likes and we ‘ Ll come back and do this again on the next raid boss. Can we do that Bianchi? We do that? Oh wait. What am i first, I don’t want to be first, I thought that’s.

What you’ve moved, but let me take it away. I’m gonna yell at them to press the like button. Highland broglie’s, scariest early copies already crawling go-go-go, confident don’t, be afraid of you, smart.

If you need. Oh, I called brownie stupid and then this happened. Don’t blame me. You are a neutral. It was safe. Sasha shot, take it away. Oh we get you next sorry, but I am I’m, not afraid of anyone.

Oh peg me get in there vigilant, we can’t lose the stage for again all right. I’m. Sorry, yeah what you got, what a kid it can’t happen again. I’m a run of to em, I think another world. So he can’t even talk.

Haha God, Oh got this. You remember what we did is the exact thing in a first attempt, I’d. Do it again? No, no get off of me. That was good. I’m great. I think we’re gonna do just fine as soon as the sparking runs out in like one of the time your breakfast, the problem is, is the start Stage: five with no health.

No, you see, I myself will get back with the Trotters big, ah yeah yeah, that’s. Why we did that yeah exactly never jumping again, I’m. Never jumping again. We knows your videos by the way the furthest we’ve.

Actually, gotten is one after this, which is round six, so we just want to at least match or get beyond that. That’s. My main goal my main goal: we get to level seven, we good, although five takes like six hours to complete even like when you’re, just mixing them things like eight eight openings.

Alright, I will beam assist here. Oh no! No! No! No! No! Any charge – and he was able to guard like so he could have to h2 hi he already sparking by the way level. Two does anybody have the know where to life regions right I don’t need to switch anybody in yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

We don’t have the partial thing about the fault. Now. Let me know if you guys want to hop in alright. I’ll, keep mixing Freeza [ Music ]. Now, if you want to switch me in against read out of here, but breeze are gonna be dead, so actually don’t, because then it’s.

Gon na be me and bro lee na stop lacking. I’m gonna be honest with you guys. Please adjust okay, but you didn’t want to play downside hit. The blog bug got that go1den, summon Shenron dog, that’s. What I like just pretend you’ve, another player, alright, that’s; it just get those all right.

I haven’t ideas and I don’t think one of you is gonna like it. I don’t like it. I already don’t like it just whatever your are you boys, whatever you think we might need it, we might need it money. Alright, i’ll store up some dragon balls in case it comes down to that else.

Don’t, just fight like i just be smart, be smart, and that was not smart. I could gotten AB literary and he did get it anyways. Oh, he was charged, he said I don ‘ T need to finish you all right, forget Shenron! I don’t.

Think we’re getting them. You should just spend it. He said I don’t want to walk. We’re. Getting we’re. Getting we’re. Getting we’re, getting [ __ ] on wait. How many auto covers? Would you need a hit hit three, no four to summon him really get all the balls poor to set.

I knew he had my guys look in his eye yeah. Well, I thought it was gonna grab me well that’s, just as permanent look, Safin Seuss. No oh wait was st. That was staged fire. We got beyond where we work.

Okay, at least it wasn’t staged for I, don’t think Olaf. I hope it is man if you want it might not kill sighs. Oh it’s, definitely not kill. I go with the level five thematic finish. Messed up you just edited, I got to you.

Let’s, go it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, all right, everybody. This is the furthest we got before recordings and stuff. So now let ‘ S. See if the borrower of a true recording the youtubers plot armor will get us through okay, you know.

Second, you’re. Recording you play a game. It’s, not how it works. No, no! No! Look at the deep down I mean. Take me: Oh goodbye, hey you said y ‘ All got this. We’ll, go ahead, use the YouTube.

The YouTube privilege is not real. It doesn’t exist, really hoping bad. I could guess those damage boosters in time. Exactly. Oh no, he’s, definitely grabbing you. He’s. Gon na end this round. Okay! Well, that was, I’m good.

Okay, yeah how to report someone from mati yeah, yeah man, this video over

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