It hurts how’s, it going everybody da. So do I hear back with more Dragonball Fighters that wasn’t really dato? That was me alright. How’s? It going everybody we are back. We are back with another rate.

Video, we waited a long time. You guys crushed the light goal of 8000. I believe it’s at UM, 46,000, now so a little more than 8,000, but we had to keep you guys waiting for a second rate video, because we wanted to wait for the next DLC character.

Kefla. She’s extremely fast. We’ve done a few other runs of the raid on these guys channels, so definitely make sure to go check that out, but without further ado we’re just gonna hop in and see how long we can make it against Dragonball Fighters newest boss, I mean, then you want to explain why this first fight is gonna look good.

That’s, my job, so you ‘ Ll, see that doddle is gonna destroy a flow right here. Hopefully, don’t. Make me look bad here. Destroy because the way these raids work is, it starts out like mad easy.

As you can see, capitalist health is just met. Kepler’s, helm AO kept moving, hey stop there. You go Kepler’s, hell it’s, just melting, but the the trick is. It gets way more difficult per match and she starts doing ridiculous damage towards you know the end of this whole thing.

It’s, it’s kind of tough and it’s. Survival based so like most of our health carries over to the next round. We just get a little booze, but yeah yeah, so it’s. Situations like when Dion will tag us into death.

We die is a one-time on your video, and I just did that for your video right. The second round should be pretty easy and similar to the first. So hopefully I don’t, get I don’t. We talked about this. Go ahead about this.

Usually when you say you know, watch this or this is gonna be easy. You it’s like comments in a curse. All right, I would chill in my face because i interrupting yeah. It’s, something like that. Oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness, okay uh everybody calm down. I heard some panic in somebody’s voice. It might have been mine. This upstart. She is walking why she said we’re good. We’re good. We’re good. I don’t know why she approached me like that, but we’re gonna be fine.

Oh yeah, that’s. An this is a good opportunity to point out something new with this raid. So when we did bully last time there wasn’t really this feature, but now in Dragon Ball fighters season 3. There’s, a new comeback mechanic, so when they only have one character left, they get a 10 % bonus damage increase which is really going to add up in the later stages, no Ally.

I mess up my combo like four combos ago and it’s, rough everything for the rest of the fight. Just a reminder: Dada was, in the whole wrong lobby waiting for us, looking like Patrick, where’s David. Where are you guys? How’s? It going empty lobby dodo a here.

Have you seen Deena? Okay, let’s! Calm down now. You know how I feel you know, and I don’t feel all bite you bro, but all of us. We’re squad here and you got us killed so many times so many times, one videos not so many times.

We have multiple videos Dion. That’s a lot. I think you just like the point. People when you die. This is stage 3 and our teamwork is falling apart. Dramatic effect, I mean I don ‘ T trust the defend that they have in these raid bosses.

Look at me. I have to come back and get the duck. We’re. Doing really good right now, I think we’re gonna beat it. I think we’re gonna beat the whole BOTS array. This thanks for ruining it. God we’re gonna die now round start to wait with Crillon.

As you begin all right, Noah since think I’m, you think I won’t. You think I won’t each dog. Actually, I actually don’t. Do that? Actually, all right, I’m, not gonna I’m, not actually gonna do it. I thought it would work.

I did listen. Nah you’re gonna, be fine, then that tell you the end of more damage to us than the CPU, because I just want to know why everything hurts so much that we tie it down carefully. She has more HP, then hey hey! What Sparky is less terrified in Kevlar the only assist available, so you got ta.

Do the time just kill me just kill him kill him. Yes, sir man got it just kill man. I didn’t know my own screen. I’d. You know I’m. Just gonna send you in on Crillon assist it’s, okay, man dog. What does curl them? Look like Bobby Hill.

I’m. Okay, oh, that was disrespectful and I got ta talk about something you know hey LD know was it even you know. Is that my po2, reflecting your attack, I’m. Starting, like you know, you’re dead. Okay, it’s.

Okay, you guys, I’m fine. Now we put us out any other parts, but oh, she also has an inspector which is like terrifying. I know if I get test one more time. I’m just dead. I’m. Okay. Okay, all right Stacy was that six or seven? Oh, you know I’m.

Just a waiter, be honest: Buras beers weathered the storm afterwards. I did. I’m Pearson with the lowest health after she. Oh she’s. Your face [ Music, ] Beavis, since we are here killing. Oh my gosh x-factor is not active.

I don’t think it is Scooby it. Oh okay. Those are joke. Keppler. Oh you’re supposed to super. Oh nice, okay, haha! No, no! We died, so you can shine on your own video. All right! Thank You, Man. I appreciate it.

Man, it’s. Not a video go ahead, be in oh, my god, it hurts. Oh, what is he doing. Curry come back was even happening, yeah yeah! No, for you guys watching. This was like a quick second for us. We just you know dilly-dallied.

You know played with our thumbs for like how long was that ten minutes couple of 30 minutes, but I’m about to make this a beating look real, quick, come here, we already off to a strong one of these. Only three bars really.

Let me show you guys some curly combos. Oh, I know that’s, not the one all right go, get back come on. Sparky call me up four at level. One tell me off for level one all right that energy, no, especially as a Limit Breaks mark.

Oh my god, I’m gonna bring you in a seat. Okay! No! You have to just bring me now. Oh wow, okay, you are crazy. Okay switch, Oh buddy huh. You got ta write this one out now. Okay, I even got this far.

It’s, a pride thing now: yeah there you go Dino shower don’t use calm down a little bit all right. I know you got ta yeah easy peasy from King Kai’s. All right. We’re. Finally, back on stage tribes is the one we lost on last time, so it’s.

Fine, it’s. Fine! You’re alive. I don’t, have the hell ural I don’t know, Oh beautiful guys. I think what’s gonna get us through this is team works. I’m. Sorry. I would switch on the beers if he dies he dies.

There is no, I in team – oh no, I don’t want to be alone, is basically what I’m, saying all right. At least I’m gonna agree. You wind Otto cry. It’s. Okay, I uh I’m coming in all level-one. I I I’m. Not gonna lie.

I’m in a moment of weakness. I almost brought you in all right. I’m, getting a sliding. We’re gonna get to six boys. We’re gonna get to six beers. Assist help me out: no, no, we got ta get she doesn’t gonna beat seven.

She doesn’t have spark. She doesn’t have spark anymore. We’re gonna beat seven like this. Are you fine? You’re fine dead dead. I shouldn’t have done what I did, but I’m gonna make up for it all we go get spots, parts parts! Fine.

When what does it say, you guys kept your victory health up right? Do you guys want to change your abilities just because we probably won’t win? I don’t know if you saw what happened, but I was in there.

I wasn’t watching anymore. How will you battle channeled his whole D on energy? Of that one? I’m, like full health bro. I just want everybody to have context in case you didn’t, see the other parts, but this is the furthest we’ve got, and we got this far on my channel.

Do you know? But this is the time we got to get past. You come on. Let’s. Do this? Okay, we have in essence we can take three hits as long as none of us get hit to get normal perfect. I got this all right.

I’m, a little scared right at the beginning, all right it’s up to you guys. Now I got the Sparky that’s. Okay, remember, Linda Gina gave us energy to Kakarot, but we died. I’m sort of our. This is easy money.

This is easy daddy. This is easy money, sorry Kepler, but you don’t know who I am. Do you get sliding when you can? Oh don’t, be afraid this parks parks good to be bad. Even if I sparked I died right there Ryan, you got to close this out.

You got a beat kept letters that are strongest come on. We know them so that what is going everywhere, I’m style here and [ Music ] [, Music, ]

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THIS IS THE FASTEST BOSS IN FIGHTERZ! Today on the channel we are joined by Rhymestyle and Seereax as we take on the new dlc raid battle in dbfz: Kefla! These boss battles can go up to seven stages with damage and difficulty increasing through out. Can we beat it with limited power ups?!

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