Oh, my gosh: how’s? It going everybody here, and it is once again time for the three idiots to take on the newest dragon: ball fighterz raid battle. But this time the legendary assassin of universe 6 hit has been sent to take us out.

But it’s not going to go too well for him, not when cereal rhyme and me are here. Take him on it’s, not a new raid boss. It’s, an all right boss. It’s. New to me, i meant that somewhere in universe 6, they had a bounty board up and they just put our dumb ass faces up and there and then it was like.

I’ll. Take the job y’all mom powering up. Let him know why round one is gonna. Look so easy. Look in these raids. It starts really easy. At the end, it’s really hard. There’s, a it progresses all right, so it’s, going to look real easy like what’s, the point of this at first, but then you’ll, see what the point of this is.

You probably already saw it in the into anything. You think you could go into hit’s closet. He has a bunch of those like trench coat outfits just sitting all he wears. He blocked the mix. He’s. He blocked my mix.

Okay, we’re fine level. One is usually not this difficult, but still going to be an easy perfect for i’m over here. I’m over here. I’m over here. I’m over here. Let him ask you, let him ask the age-old question.

We asked it on the other videos and it didn’t go well for me. I’ll. Just say that much look who’s gonna die first comment: it down below don’t, cheat don’t skip ahead and then reply to your comment, whether you’re right or wrong.

Oh once you find out, while you’re down there, what’s, the light goal for this video? Do we have a light goal run well? 32. 450.. I think we ‘ Ve switched the number each time but yeah sure. Let me go ahead and start with the 5m.

He ain’t gonna ain’t gonna know what hit him yeah i haven’t, seen watch what happened to my seat. What did i have to get hit for that? Bro? It’s, fine bro! Why is this guy so defense? I got your back look at us.

Working together, i got ta show them who the best hit n a is don’t. Take that seriously and send that to good hits if we’re, not using this item against the raids we got, ta depend on each other, a little more, that’s.

Why teamwork is important teamwork. I don’t drop. These hey hit it with the loop hit him with the loop. All right, nice, it didn’t, send him back at all. It just annoyed him. I don’t know why i’m, so worried about this.

For some reason, i think he’s, going to do a lot of damage. I said this. This man is a he’s, a persistent assassin bro. We just beat his ass on the rocky mountains. I sent him into the mountain. We wanted to take a detour on this asteroid up here and then he comes and follows us now.

Look now look at him. Where’d, i get you hit. Where’d, i get you hit bodied by frieza. That’s rough, where you got them in the corner, loops possible loops. I need to transform there, you go there, you go sucks, hey hey, bring me in there! Let okay yeah! He’s confused! He’s confused.

He’s, never seen players like us. You know what yeah finish the job yeah i didn’t finish the job don’t you ever in your life step up to the plate. When i’m here guys, my heart is still pounding. It is the perfect counter to freeze off all right.

Hey. You know what i know you were a little nervous last time. Let me go ahead and get first and i’ll. Just take care of it, i’ll. Take care of it. Go ahead. You’re, the protagonist brother. What could go wrong and we’re on the island.

Look at this beautiful scenery, hey, hey don & # 39! T worry about the scenery worry about this too man, this guy’s. Defense is so good, whitey spark i don’t know. I i think he heard us there you go they.

You know what let me guys for all we know hit loops, it might be the oops hey. I personally didn ‘ T drop, oh no! No, oh, my goodness bring it in there. I mean. Let him know: go ahead. Go ahead! Let him know not that i was scared or anything man.

Let me have a word with you. Let me show you the real hit. Is you ain’t even gonna touch me you ain’t even going to touch me. He’s. Touching me. He’s. Touching me. Tag me and tag me all right. Go ahead finish the job dude you got this.

I don’t know if he has this, why is round four hitting so wait? Is this, what rob is this? Is it’s only around four? Oh, no! No! You’re, not dead tag me. I told you. This was gonna, be canon and i’ve.

Never once lied, treat yourself there. You go don ‘ T drop it again. It would be really embarrassing if you dropped it again. Okay, you didn’t even go for it. Couldn’t. You have killed them there.

You go it’s. My time now i’m dead. All right all right make sure you cut this out. We’ll. We’ll cut the youtube back thing. We’re gonna win for sure that was just yeah. That was just kind of hype, but that would make people think that we’re like bad to game.

We’re afraid of the bosses we about to beat his ass editor cut this next part out fellas, if you guys want to restart. We could just pretend like this: video never happened if we just restart. If we restart now, do you see the line in the middle of its head? Do you see it yeah there’s, going to be two more on each side, because i’ma karate chop this [ __ ] on both sides of his head.

He’s, going to have permanent lines. You made that same joke in part. One yeah, but i didn’t finish it. This is just part three. Now all right watch this 5m watch, this 5m [ __ ] [, __ ]. You said that though yeah you guys just heal just relax.

I’m gonna handle it take the round off my feet. No, we didn ‘ T have enough time to kick up our feet. [, Music, ]! Let’s! Go! Oh! You made him angry. Why would you make him angry because he’s there, you go hey you stupid there.

You go that’s. That confidence. You love to see. Let him know show him why you’re, the strongest hit by the universe. Frieza show him a hit. It’s been a long time. Eh. Remember when me and you used to go back, come here.

There you go there you go, we will get to the next round. Combo! Oh no, there you go [ Music ]! Your days are numbered, put them up there, you go. Do it again block that there you go kick this man’s, twelve, that one was dead.

That was my friend. Can i can, i just see you to the side for a second, this one is going pretty bad. This one is not going great. Kick your feet up, get a coconut okay! Why are coconut oil? Just imagine dotto at a movie theater everyone’s.

Eating popcorn, he just pulled the whole coconut out, treat yourselves to the nearest coconut because i am not dying. Whoa i’m dead. I thought it wasn’t. Okay, walking crackling a coconut at like 7 a.

m. Crunching on it. I am terrified don ‘ T worry, hey bro. You got rid of his spark there. You go go for them loops. It was a recent reset. I’m terrified, still no, no level, three level, three just to kill that sparking time.

That’ll, be real with you. If you die, we’re, not getting past this round, so you got ta. Do this bro speak for yourself? You’re, not getting past this next round. I’m gonna beat the [ __ ] out of here.

If i get in there only if i get in there, i don’t want to get in there, but you’re going to be in the intro. Purposely it’s, pretty fast bro. Let him! Let me show you faster. What did you say if you’re? Getting? Are you going to win braum built different don’t even worry about it.

You got to kill with the shotgun. If you can man, i’m behind you with your dumb ass, i’m lost. No, i was lost. Why are you pressing? I know this is a little unorthodox but cue that dramatic music jasper.

Just for dino go ahead. Let him know this. Music is swelling, look and feel the emotion look at the tension. Look at the tension. Look at that there you go uh-oh go for it! Redeem yourself! You got these dino! You got these! Let’s! Win the game: yeah! Let’s.

Go let’s, go [, Music, ]. What you won right! You get to start the seventh round, yeah yeah! I have gotten. My ass beat the entirety of this video. I’m. Tired of it over here just just try to get as much health off of him as we can.

If we’re going to win this, we need to all be healthy. Look at his dumbass look at his dumb ass. He’s. Stupid he’s stupid. He doesn’t want to handle the discs watch. Oh my goodness, hey just every time you get him on knockdown.

Oh my blue life. No, i was already one touch. I guess it. Didn’t matter, but let me go ahead and talk to him. Hey! I’m behind you. Oh, he is fast. He is a pretty fast guy. I will admit he’s there. He rolls out.

He knows his way. I’m too good behind you again. No, let him know that was one of my latest tricks come on. This is and speak. I’m dead. Listen! I’m. The only assassin this world ain’t big enough for the the two of us get the [ __ ] off me.

You little complete. He’s, pretty good at his job. Man yeah. He’s, pretty [ __ ] good. He ain’t good employee. Put him up on employee of the month. Look at him up there, man, he’s good at the game. Hey second thought: we didn’t actually lose that i don ‘

T, remember, hey you got ta come in frieza i can’t get him. I can’t get a sliding like this. I got it. Let’s. Go hold him down, [ Applause ]. This is only stage five. We’re, not even close to stage seven bro.

Let me have a word with you. Don’t. You ever hit my friend again yeah yeah yeah, you lost so much don’t lie to him at least. Tell him the truth. When he’s dead, i just didn’t want him to be scared. He went out.

Okay, you’re right. He probably went out happy. He went out with hope, but as for me, i went out in less than a millisecond. Why are we losing a round five like this? I am a winner. I am not a loser level.

Five. You know what this is about to be canon yeah, this isn’t doing anything to his health bar. I just noticed i’m healing him practically. You do have a c assist mix him with that. He won’t block; it would have been smarter to just save the media.

We need a general why there you go now it’s. I want you guys to know that i died. Saving dino’s, life that’s, all a little worried going into stage six, but i’m. Not you know what i promise you guys could rest so go ahead.

Rest! Get that coconut again pick it back up drop the before, but why the coconut imma go ahead and eat the husk real, quick, just used at the wrong time level. Three, i’m, not the sport. He’s stupid you go here.

I’m talking to you, i’m trying to run away. I’m trying to time skip over that. Nothing all right, i’m, actually scared. All this confidence is fake, just again use it to like yeah, oh no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! He ‘

S still live. He’s alive. He’s here. He’s outside i got you. I got you, i got you, i got you go ahead, no see you’re ready. I was testing you you got spark. Is that how it says remember in my video i said we’re, going to hire a head to kill hit.

This is it. This is your moment bro. Let me have a word with you. I’m tagging. Now i ain’t no [ __ ] come on twitch. Oh, let me have a word with you level. Three. I’m sweating man that i’m. Inevitably gonna catch him, it’s.

Up to you, it’s up to you, bring it home. I know what to do. Why would that be what you do watch this watch watch watch. Watch. Watch watch watch one. No, you’re, not you’re, the intro that’s. What you are welcome to the video in my universe, [, Music, ], that wasn’t bad

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THIS IS THE DEADLIEST BOSS IN FIGHTERZ! Today on the channel we are joined by Rhymestyle and Seereax as we take on the new raid battle in dbfz: Hit! These boss battles can go up to seven stages with damage and difficulty increasing through out. Can we beat it with limited power ups?!

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