There are some youtubers that struggle against the youtube algorithm. They have to upload videos every single day, just so that youtube as a website allows people to watch their content when they upload it.

There are other youtubers that, for some reason, don’t have to worry about that struggle. They can pull in viewers, no matter how often they upload, even if it’s only a couple of times a year in the fortnite community.

There’s, one youtuber that’s known for doing this better than any other. What’s going on guys? This is your motivation, guy that’s right, your friend, the one and only keith allen. I’m, so excited about today’s, video.

I really hope this inspires you so that you can continue to pursue your dreams, never give up. Never surrender – and this is the story of fearless enemies – fairly – started his youtube career as a call of duty youtuber, but he started uploading videos at what might have been the worst possible time to start making call of duty content.

It was a time when most long-term fans of the franchise would probably agree that things started to go downhill. He started making videos on call of duty ghost at this time pretty much everything was stacked against fearless.

He didn’t even have a capture card and had to use the dvr feature on his xbox one to capture the gameplay directly. In fact, the first video that he uploaded was just a quality test to see how the feature performed the quality ended up being pretty okay, and since you could record up to 10 minutes at a time, the feature served as the basis for the beginning of his Channel his early videos were as simple as possible.

Most youtubers from this era were already making montages creating tips or tricks videos or putting commentary over their gameplay and had been for years, but fearless preferred to let his gameplay itself do all the talking and would upload his gameplay with absolutely no commentary or editing.

It was as simple as ripping the gameplay from his xbox one with the dvr feature and then uploading it to youtube straight away. These videos may all have a fair few thousand views now, but at the time they got no attention at all.

Nobody cared about ghost gameplay fearless caught onto the fact fairly quickly and after a short while he tried to switch things up from overlaying heavy metal music on a mike myers killstreak gameplay video to making his very first gameplay montage fearless early videos were messy and showcased.

None of the editing skills that he would later become renowned for. There was no attempt to sync the music with his gameplay and other than just simple cuts. There, you know were no fancy effects added to the videos.

Oh damn reversing some noobs: okay, okay, okay, they’re gonna get destroyed, demolished d, these these d d, sanitized bro desanitized, but fearless was a relatively quick study. All of this early content was an experiment.

He was trying to figure out what worked and what did it. It took him almost two years of experimentation and evolution for fearless to finally hit 1 000 subscribers, which happened on the 9th of november 2015.

. By this point, fearless style of content creation had shifted. Quite a bit he had started using his voice in his videos, and his montages were actually using a few higher quality. Editing techniques like color, correction and slow motion, but just like fearless had said in the description of that video, his career was only just beginning five.

I’m going off. I don’t. I’m, not sleeping. I’m not going to work. I’m not going to school. I’m literally. Playing call of duty is all doing as ghost and infinite warfare came and went call of duty started to see a major resurgence after two games away.

Treyarch had returned to save the call of duty community with their new game: black ops, 3, a game that also served to inject fresh life into fearless’s channel. For the first time, fearless content started to go viral.

When black ops 3 was at its height, fearless seemed to start taking youtube incredibly seriously. He was giving it his all. His first attempt to break into the call of duty community properly was to make some incredible high quality montages compared to his past videos.

These montages did pretty well. Some of them even got a couple of hundred thousand views, but clearly they just weren’t quite doing well enough for fearless’s, taste because after his 11th montage in a row, he changed up his style of content completely and it Became something that much more resembles what we know him for now, kids sent me methods saying you’re, not in phase.

I never said i was oh actually. My clan text is faze, so yeah, but i did it as a troll. He sent me another message saying you’re kicked from face what you just said. I wasn’t in phase now i’m kicked, i guess some kicks from face, damn dude, so no more face.

Fear alicia. His comedic call of duty videos were incredibly popular and people fled it to his channel like a tidal wave, the youtube algorithm suddenly kicked into effect and started, pushing people to his channel like never before, and the first video that he posted after his 11th montage leaked Up to over 7 million views, maybe it was the fact that his thumbnail looked much better than any of his others.

Maybe it was because the video had phase in the title. Maybe it was the new focus on comedy and his laid-back personality either way. All of a sudden fearless was one of the quickest growing youtubers on the platform.

Should i revive him help me help me. Please. He’s. Saying help me. I’m, not gon. Na help. You come on push the button. The blue button – you don’t understand this game. Oh my god, i can’t really bro, that’s too funny.

It had taken fearless almost two years to make his way to 1 000 subscribers. But now his channel was pulling in hundreds of thousands of subs and not just years but months every video he posted after his first viral success received a similar amount of attention and it wasn’t long before he hit 300 000 subscribers a moment That he decided to commemorate by creating a best of funny montage video, including some of his most favorite moments from over his years, making video a sniper.

Oh my gosh. We got a sniper. I’m, so happy [, Music ], one of the defining features of fearless’s. Content creation style is his big gaps between making videos. Sometimes it will be a week. Sometimes it will be months and it was something that was already happening while he was blowing up, even though fearless was seeing an unprecedented level of success, he barely uploaded any videos at the time until fortnite released and changed everything.

This game is dumb. This game’s dumb. I knifed him. I knifed my knife to my. I knifed him dude i got destroyed though, but i knifed him. I did knife him fearless style of video, making never really fit call of duty as an arcade arena.

Shooter. There’s only so many funny things that you can do in the game before you end up just running dry on ideas. Maybe that’s. Why fearless found himself uploading so few videos at the time, but fortnite battle royale had a whole island with 100 people dropping down into it and at the time it felt like a game that had an infinite number of possibilities, and it was exactly what fearless needed To get back into making content more often, i’ve, been having a lot of fun on this game.

Recently i’ve, been playing it. A lot just haven’t made any videos on it, but a lot of people asked me to make a video, so i did. I might make a few more. I don’t know this game is doing really well on youtube.

People love to watch it. I love to watch it. So i’m down to make more videos on it like when the game first came out, i used to try so hard just play for wins, but now, when we play we just mess around his very first fortnite video was called insane sniper shots As you would expect from fearless, it was a typical montage of funny moments from a couple of the games that he had played.

Don’t touch it that’s mine. I got it. Yup yeah yeah keep shooting at me dude nice job. Where’s, this guy going? Where are you going nowhere? Dude leave my game. This guy wants it not only did fearless chill and laid-back style of commentary and comedy land perfectly in the frame of fortnite, but he was also actually really good at the game.

Of course. At this point, no one knew how to utilize the building elements of the game properly, but his time sniping and call of duty had clearly paid off because he was able to eliminate people with shocking ease.

In other words, he was funny and his gameplay was entertaining a killer combination for pulling in fans. I’m, so annoyed. I’m, actually so annoyed. I’m, actually so annoyed his fortnite videos were instant hit insane sniper shots got over 4 million views.

He had been making these highly edited and funny montage videos for black ops 3 for a year and a half he had four years of experience backing him up so managed to enter the fortnite community with more than enough talent and refined skills to make his videos.

Some of the most entertaining fortnite videos on the entire platform. Where do you want to go? Let’s, go to flush factory. I’m gonna go to your mom’s house, because of that fearless was able to become a major name in the fortnite community, almost instantly his channel kept growing and his numbers kept increasing for seemingly the first time he had.

Some kind of workable upload schedule, and in the first few months of making fortnite videos he uploaded at least one video every two weeks he went from a few hundred thousand followers to millions of followers, and it looks like his success was guaranteed.

All he needed to do was stick to his upload schedule. I just got ta say if y’all watch fearless. He’s, he died. He was at the hospital when he died because of this infection. [ Applause, ], [ Laughter, ], subscribe and hit that like button, if you miss him, if you’re a fan of fearless, then you ‘

Ll know that sticking to a schedule has never been easy for this content creator and even though he was flying higher than ever before, with his fortnite videos. Eventually, it seemed like he simply burned out gaps between his videos started to get longer and longer, and at one point people were even speculating that the content creator had passed away.

Fortunately, that has proven to not be the case. The last time fearless uploaded a youtube. Video was on the 31st of january 2020.. It was called chapter 2 oof and now has over 25 million views with numbers like that.

It might seem ridiculous that fearless hasn’t put any more content out, but that was now over a half a year ago. The question on everyone’s. Mind is simple: what happened to fearless? Why did he stop uploading videos all together when you died? How’d? You die what happened? There have been plenty of fan theories based around this disappearance.

He disappeared right when the world was beginning to feel the effects of colvin 19, and so some have theorized that either he or one of his close family members or friends could have caught the disease instead of uploading videos.

He instead wanted to be by their side. In such a trying time, others have suggested that fearless may just be depressed and that because of that depression, it’s hard for him, just to jump on the mic to create funny content.

Others have wondered if it was just simply like a burnout from making videos for six years, while he has always had a bit of a shaky upload schedule. Making videos that are as well edited as the ones fearless puts out can be quite tough and draining.

Everything was revealed in a live stream, not too long after the release of four night chapter two season: three in this stream. He spoke about a few things. He commented on sea day saying that this guy was cool and that he hoped c day was doing okay, because he too had not uploaded recently.

He complained a whole bunch about how quickly the chat was moving and, of course, he briefly went over why he was no longer uploading to youtube. He said that it was personal and that he didn ‘ T really want to get into the depths of.

Why he was no longer uploading, but it didn’t really matter, because he was actually going to be uploading again soon, of course, that live stream was now around a month ago, and no video has been uploaded to his channel yet.

But the fears of fearless death can clearly be put to rest. We might never know why fearless actually stopped uploading videos to his channel. It’s, clear that he doesn ‘ T really want to get into it himself and we may never actually get another fearless video again.

He said during the live stream that he had actually produced a couple of vr chat videos over the time he had been away and that one of them was really edgy, but for some reason he just never actually clicked the upload button.

Even stranger. Over the past couple of weeks, people have noticed weird messages appearing on fearless second channel, claiming that he is back. Could his return still be right around the corner? One thing’s for sure, though, even though fearless hasn’t uploaded in half a year, his channel is more popular than ever.

During the six month gap, his channel has still been gaining hundreds of thousands of new subscribers, and his videos have still been receiving millions of views every single month, even though he isn’t uploading.

Fearless is still one of the most popular fortnite content creators on the planet and it’s, easy to see that when he eventually does upload a new video, it ‘ Ll have people tuning in from everywhere to see the return of fearless.

Alright guys once again, this is your motivation, guy that’s right, your friend, the one and only keith allen, hope you guys really really enjoyed this man to man. Just stay consistent, you know to keep going.

Consistency is key man and there’s, so much in store for you. If you can really really do that, connect to me on my insta at your motivation guide, thanks for watching this video and if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to leave a like, come on now subscribe and click that all important bell button.

So you can get a notification whenever we upload a new video and keep eating that bunch of crunch, and i’ll, see you soon: peace, [, Music, ], you

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