So we covered some tips on high outside setting, but now let’s. Look at the fun sets the sets that every setter loves to do and that’s, the first tempo or the quick set. We’re gonna start with a quick set right here at the center or what everybody likes to call.

The one and let’s, talk about some really important tips to making a good one set. The first tip is to know that you ‘ Ve got to keep the ball off than that when you’re setting, the temptation as a setter is to see your hitter to see that ball as a perfect pass and set that ball right here at the net.

When you set the ball right here at the net, it allows the block, on the other side of the net, to put their hands all over it, and you want to give your middle hitter the advantage. So you got to keep her off the net, and the cue that you can think about here is to cut the ball right here on your left, shoulder when you set that ball to your left, shoulder it keeps the ball about two to three feet off the Net and gives your middle hitter a lot of swing space.

So let’s, see what that set would look like she contacts the ball, nice quick high hands, and she lets that ball drift off the net, slightly leaving her hands high after contact again. She’s, pushing the ball to her left, shoulder it’s, a slight movement, but it keeps the ball off the net now.

The next thing that we would look at then, is we’re, keeping the hitter off the net. We want to make sure that we keep the tempo fast right now. These one sets are probably a little too high, so we want to get our one sets pretty small, pretty low out of her hands.

If she keeps her hands high before contact and finishes with her hands high and flat after contact, then she ‘ Ll. Have an easy time controlling a nice small one set, so let’s. Look at a little bit faster.

One set here, good good! You’ll, also notice that not only is the ball coming off to her left shoulder, but she’s, also pushing it slightly away from her body. She wants to feed that hitter, but she needs to know that the hitter won’t jump directly on top of her head, but about a body width away good.

So again the quick set in front or the one it’s really important to keep them off than that setting on your left shoulder and it’s, important to start with high hand and finish with high hands to keep that net.

Nice and small, now let’s. Look at some tips for getting better at a back one or a quick set right behind the center. It’s a difficult set to make, but you can do it. You just have to have confidence.

The only difference between a back one and a front one is that you really have to finish with your hands high behind your head. The ideal set is actually going to make the ball land about three feet behind the setter.

This will allow the ball to travel back in the hitter to have space to swing. You’re still going to set the ball toward your left, shoulder to keep the ball off the net. You’re, still going to start with high hands and finish with high hands, but you want to make sure that your high hands finish drift slightly behind your head at contact.

So let’s, see some of these back ones, notice again about three feet. Behind the center good. She’s, got good ready position. She’s, got good contact position, nice high hands. All ten fingers contacting the ball.

Just her wrists are setting that ball and she finishes with her hands high when it comes to first tempo sets. You don’t need much action on the ball. It’s not going to travel very far. So you want to keep your hands nice and high after contact now.

The other reason that you really have to think about that. You need to push that ball behind your body, is that most hitters are right-handed and when you’re making a back set, and you have a right-handed hitter.

If you set the ball directly behind your head, their right hand and arm is all the way over here, so it’s really hard for them to attack that ball. Well, so you need to make that ball travel about two to three feet.

Behind your head, so they can get it on the right shoulder to attack so really make sure you’re feeding them a good ball all the way out to their hitting shoulder.

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