Team in this video we’re going to install url resolver. There have been a lot of requests for this one, seeing as you guys have had issues. Well, i’m, going to give you a 2021 update, see complaining does work all right.

Let’s, get right into it! Team. In this video, like i said, we’re gonna install url resolver. Okay, a lot of people having issues i’m sick of hearing the comments that i don’t help you guys out. So i’m gonna help you ungrateful anyway, before i get started on this, you guys should connect your vpn.

I do it all the time i use vpn when i use kodi whether you have a vpn or not. That is your choice. I suggest you use a vpn whenever you’re doing anything on internet. You’re streaming. You’re playing games, you’re shopping, et cetera, et cetera.

I use a vpn and mine is on right now. If you’re interested link is in the description below ipvanish, you can put it on as many accounts as you want and yeah, whatever you put in as many accounts as you want now, no limits anyway.

That being out the way, what you guys should do, is you’re, going to be on your kodi build? If you are more advanced you don’t need to go back to the main kodi screen. However, i’m. Going to go to the main cody screen, because not everyone is that advanced.

So what i need you to do on your build menu. I need you to find your settings. I’m using the xenon build mine is xenon free once i click on xenon free. I get the settings go to your skin settings. My um yeah, whatever i’m.

Sorry, take that back. Go to your interface settings as well. Click on interface from that you’ll, see skin click on skin change that to astari okay. So if you have any issues, you find your main kodi build.

You go to settings interface, skin and choose a story. Okay, once that’s done hit yes, so it’ll save the changes and you’ll, be right here when you go back, this is the main default kodi build. I will get you right back to your build when we’re done here.

So what i want you guys to do, is you’re, going to go to settings little gear icon here at the top? Okay, so click on that from there. I want you to go to file manager, click on file manager, and then i want you to go to add source.

You’re, probably somewhere at the top scroll down to add source. Okay, click on add source got it. So once you’re in add source, you need to click. You need to type in a few things here hold on one. Second, i’m.

Just getting my notes up. Sorry, don’t, mind me, okay, so what you’re going to want to do. Is i’m going to want you to type in none from here click on none and type. This in exactly as i do, as always, it will be on the screen.

So you don’t have to like pause, my video for too long, so we’re, going to type in fuse9 dot tech, slash! Oh, that’s, not that slash scripts. Okay, this is what you’re, going to type in, as always it’ll, be on the screen for you guys.

So once you’re done there hit okay and right here we’re gonna name it it pops up pops up automatically as scripts. So you can just use scripts. It’s. Okay, i already have it installed, so it may go to two, but once you have it just like this hit.

Okay good! If you did something wrong, you will receive an error. Something will pop up saying: hey it. Didn’t work type it in again or it’s, not going to work out for you. Okay, if you received an error that is anyway once you have that in hit the back button once you’ll be back to the settings screen here.

I want you to go over one to add-ons click on add-ons. Go back! You don’t need that when you click on add-ons, you’ll, be right here. Okay, so once you’re here on this screen, we’re, going to go to install from zip file.

So click on install from zip file give it a second got it. So double click on install from zip file scroll down until we find scripts. I already installed it before to test it out, because i already had the working one, but i want to find out the one, the guys don’t or you guys, don’t so go to scripts.

Now, inside of here, there are a lot of really good scripts, so i’m gonna i’m, definitely exploring this later, and if i find something cool, i will let you guys know, but we’re here for One thing i want you to scroll down and find url resolver version 5 checked and is clean click on that, once you’re there there’s, one option: click on the module for url; resolver click on that right there.

Now you have to wait. This part takes some time. I’m, not going to lie to you it took about. I want to say 10 minutes. It took like 10 minutes for this to install and you have to be very patient. I apologize, but it is what it is usually after you go to like recently updated, i believe, and then you go back one.

You’ll, see currently downloading add-ons, okay, that doesn’t pop up for me, unless i did that. So remember i went to recently updated. Then i hit the little two dots at the top here and currently downloading add-ons pops up.

If you click on that, you can see that it’s installing just in case you get discouraged. I don’t want you getting discouraged, click on that and you’ll, see it’s installing. So i’m gonna kind of fast forward.

This video here, you guys, can pause it at this point but, like i said, give it some time and it’ll install okay, so once it has installed for you, you’ll, be good to go. What you need to do is we’re gonna go back one and after that we’re gonna get back to this kodi settings here.

What i need you to do scroll down and go to system it’s, the bottom right hand. Side of the screen. Click on system from there we’re gonna go to add-ons from add-ons go over to the right and click on, manage dependencies, click on manage dependencies and then scroll down to the bottom.

This is just to check to make sure it’s all installed the way it should be at the bottom. You should see url resolver, okay, so click on url is over. Now it’s on it’s, running uh. It’s been updated, auto update is on as well, and you actually should be good to go.

This is just the installation of it um, you really should have it going and you shouldn’t, have any more issues with certain add-ons. So if you’re still having issues with add-ons, it could be your build, it could be the certain add-on you’re using and if you need help on that, i got new videos so check them out.

Also consider joining and subscribing to be a patreon, because that’s. Where i’ll put videos i can’t show on youtube, such as how to get live, tv sports channels, um best, apks and apps, for it. For your fire stick and for your android phone, like it’s crazy.

But anyway, if you subscribe to my patreon, you’ll. Get those videos also subscribe to my channel, like the video and also um yeah drop a comment below. If you have any questions, just let me know, i would greatly like to help you guys out.

Also this right here. I’m still getting ratioed help me out subscribe to my channel. Let’s, beat that let ‘ S beat this ratio, because this is embarrassing at this point. This is embarrassing. We can’t do this.

This is embarrassing, but thank you all for stopping by. I greatly do appreciate it. I really do appreciate it, and i will see you in the next one if you have any requests drop them in the comment below and who knows, if you bother me enough, i might just make a video on it.

Maybe i’ll, see you in the next one

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