In today’s, video, we’re, going to look at five add-ons that have been updated for the end of october. Ipvanish still has their sale on, even though we’re right at the end of october. It does say it’s still the 25th, but checking the website.

They still have this offer going. So you still got some time to get in on. It click the link in the description below to get 75 uh 73 off your savings for ipvanish. Additionally, viper antivirus also has a deal you can get up to 40 off by clicking the link in the description below.

If you’re interested in some software for your computer to protect it from viruses and such and let’s. Not forget to subscribe to both my channels also found in the description below or you can just click subscribe on the screen right now.

That would be helpful, so the biggest update is that kodi uh 19 has come out, and this is intended to fix. All of the issues that everybody’s been having with getting links working from the internet, so hopefully uh.

You have updated your system by the way. Just go ahead and update it. You don’t need to back anything up any add-ons. You have on, there will get uh, they’ll, be fine after you do the update, and perhaps they may even work again.

So i’ve got a few for you that have been updated. Numbers was recently updated and i was just watching the mandalorian season, two episode, one as it just came out today on uh this add-on earlier and other links were working too.

So it’s good for movies and tv shows so check out. Numbers ghost has been updated as well uh. This is a bit of an all-in-one. It does have some real debride for the chains, sinister link, as you can see in the picture there, but there are some free links as well, so you can check out ghost also got lunatics, which has been updated as well.

It’s got some one touch things and movies, and tv shows so check out that one and me tv is also been updated recently again. Good for movies and tv shows so check that one out and lastly, tempest has once again been updated.

It’s been updated a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, so you can check out that for some viewing pleasures this is a picture of chromecast with google tv i will be. I just got one and i’ll, be making some videos introducing this very soon and you will be able to run cody on it and apks.

So uh stay tuned for those videos as well too. I’ll, be making one on the cloner alliance box pro, which is unbelievable for recording anything you want on a screen games tv shows whatever you want to do it’s, essentially a pvr or a vcr.

I’m using air quotes right now. If you’re really old like me and uh, and grew up using one so videos to come as well too. You can find a link in the description if you’d like to purchase one of these um from my amazon store there’s, a link to that and uh yeah.

So there we go. So there is our update for this week. No new add-ons, which is strange but uh there’s, been a lack of new ones. At least we’ve got some updated ones and we have uh 18.9, which should get all of our links working so go ahead and stream

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