Hey what’s going on YouTube? Today? I’m, going to show you an amazing apk for live television, free movies and TV shows it’s, a complete media center. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but this new update that just came out a few days ago puts this apk on top of some of the other apks that have used.

You know check it out for yourself. I’m gonna show you how it works. I’m, going to show you how to install it works on a fire. Stick fire TV, all devices. So let’s. Get this going free movies, free TV shows and free live TV.

So when your fire stick device, what you want to do you want to go slide over to settings and from settings you want to go to my fire TV right there. Let’s! Click on that once in my fire TV, we need to turn developer options on this will allow us to turn apps from unknown sources.

So let’s, click on developer options and from here we turn on the apps from unknown sources. What that means. It means we can install third-party applications that are not found in the Amazon store on the fire.

Stick store, okay, so let’s. Click on that and let’s, press the turn on button. That’s. All you have to really do to get to start loading application like fire stick, but it’s, not that easy. How do you do it now, so I’m gonna guide.

You step-by-step so hit on that home icon right there on your remote go to search right there. We can either type it in or we can just use the voice remote. It’s, much easier to use the voice. Remote most fire sticks come with the voice remote some don’t, but most people have it.

If you don’t, have it just type in downloader I’m, just gonna, say it downloader downloader. There you go took two tries from you: The Voice remote still type faster and typing it in you can also type it in downloader right.

Just like that. Click on the orange icon, downloader that’s. Gon na take you to this screen. Then you’re gonna click on that you’re gonna download it to it installed. Of course you have to have your Wi-Fi connected and you have to have your Amazon account signed in on your firestick device or Fire TV device.

Okay, so here’s, downloader we’re, just gonna pop it open right now. I’m gonna press the allow one right there. I’m gonna press, the okay button right there. It’s gonna blink right in here. We want to click right into that and we want to type in the following: URL get doc file link, calm; okay, just exactly let you see it on the screen.

Okay, whatever I’m thinking just follow along, I’m gonna also, despite here, for the screen for you. Okay, if you need to pause the video pause, the video to type it in. If it takes you a little bit longer than me, I’m, assuming here pretty fast, as you can see, get doc file link comas what you want to type in once you’re there.

You gonna press that goal button right there. Let’s, press that goal bun get dot; file, links, calm; okay, it’s; gonna pop whip. This up and we’re gonna press, the install button and when it’s finished installing we just press the open one so into URL.

We typed in get file link aam installed file link. Then we’re, going to pop it open by pressing open when file link comes up it’s. Gon na look like this don’t click anywhere else on here, just click, one down to enter code and then put in the following code: 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2. S exactly like you see it here. Once you put into 8 tools, all you have to do is press that next, one right there, okay make sure the green button is highlighted. Like hair, like this don’t click, anything else, press the continue button.

It’s. Gon na take you right here: click into this box and enter 47:54 is my pin number okay. 47:54. Once you enter that in just press that next one right, there ok 47:54 and then press the continue button.

Okay, it’s. Gon na throw us into here press the dismiss button. It’s, gonna throw us into the file link store. This is my store. You can get many many apks here. Ok, the first APK that we’re going to take out of here.

Ok, this mess out of the store we’re gonna download it. What I mean is the ipvanish download one of my favorite apks click on the download to download the ipvanish VPN and, as you can see, when it’s finishing, you have a little play button that’s on all the apks.

Okay, press the install button ipvanish well when it finishes I don’t want you to press open. Yet we’re gonna press. The done button because we’re, not completed yet press that done button right there.

Okay, so see how it I know I like this here, the green part and I press play on ipvanish, install ipvanish. Okay, now you’ll, see a bunch of our apks feel free to load up. They all work great, but today I’m gonna be showing you keep scrolling down.

You can also use the search at the top, but you can just scroll down by pressing Balan it’s. Pretty simple! You ‘ Ll see a bunch of apks and then you’ll, get to this APK. Here it’s, going to say free flicks, HQ 4.

0 version. 4.0 is incredible. If you use any other version of free flicks before you’re gonna enjoy version of 4.0, so it’s highlighted here. You got the download arrow just like ipvanish press on that it’s, going to download free flicks 4.

0. Incredible incredible, update guys! You got to see this okay once it finishes and press that play button to install free flicks. You’re gonna press the install button. Now we’re installing free flicks HQ, so we’ve installed two great apks.

We’ll, get an installed ipvanish VPN, and now we’re. Installing the free flicks HQ okay, these two apks and we’re gonna press the done button when we install it here we are installing it takes a minute or two and a fire.

Stick: it’s, a rather large apk, but it works really great. Okay, when it’s, finished press the down button and, like I said you feel free to get any other apks they all work with ipvanish as well. Okay, I’m gonna hit the home button right here on my fire.

Stick remote! You can take me home, okay, so your absent channels. You can go to see all right there and what I’m gonna. Do I’m gonna go all the way down because all the kids get pushed down. So I got my on my AP case here.

Okay, so I got my ipvanish, so I’m gonna move to the front okay, and I got my file linked. I’m gonna move to front, and I got my free flicks HQ move to front and then they can hit the home button. Okay, to move to front you click on the APK.

You hit lift three little lines and then you can move to the front here. We are ye. Pk ‘ S are nicely at the front, but before I run any of these apks or any other apks from my store, like said, I might became btv there’s, tons of them and they’re great for movies and TV shows.

Okay. Before I run any of these apks on my fire stick device, I make sure that I log into my IP vanish VPN. So I’m gonna click on my IP value VPN and I’m presented with your username and password. You’re gonna get that username and password from this link right here.

I also have it in the pinned comment and the description. This is going to give you more links as Internet service providers like Comcast and other started blocking some movie links, and some TV show links that’s.

Why you won’t, be able to get a lot of content, but if ipvanish, you click on this link right here and also the pin common description you sign up for an account once you get an account, you click on the email to verify Your day account that you created it and then you just simply pop in to login credentials here as a username and password.

So I’m going to log in to mine, grab your username and password from this link right here and log in to yours, okay and I’ll, show you how to use it farther okay. So here I am logged in to the VPN. You’re gonna click, the gear icon.

Once you’re in here, you’re gonna say start ipvanish. I’m gonna start up connection action and then you’re gonna say: connect to faster server, Auto reconnect on as well check that on and if you have Netflix very important, because a VPN with Netflix won’T work, but I hope you vanish thus far about that, so click on split tunneling and select your Netflix application.

So if I have Netflix on here, I would simply just put a checkmark on Netflix and down would make Netflix work. That basically means that you can use Netflix and still use of UPN, because Netflix tries to block the usage of VPNs, but this thing will get you up.

If you have Netflix, if you don’t you don ‘ T need to do anything or split time. If you don’t have Netflix and head back here, and you’re gonna go here to get the most links and go to country.

Make sure you do this and select the United States? Can you select the United States? You can press the connect button right there press the connect button, and this will pop up. You’re gonna present okay button and now the VPNs gonna connect.

You should see some lines moving across here. If you get this error message just like that. Sometimes it happens very rare, but it does just hit the reconnect button and that’s. Gon na reconnect you once again to the VPN okay, so there you go and it should connect me.

My IP address shoot change and I’m, fully fully protected now. Okay, once you see those lines on here now hit home, and I’m gonna show you free flex, h2 and how it works and how bright it is. So let’s, start up free flix HQ safely now or any other apks.

Okay, and here we are with free flex. Hq 4.00 amazing, incredible update. This has been one of my favorite apks, but a developer. Hasn’t updated in such a long time and everybody’s stopped talking about it, but it’s.

Amazing. Look at this fixed movies. Fixed live TV out of Pluto TV, so you got Pluto in here. You got fixed atom in fixed cartoons. Just so many improvements. Okay, press. The allow button very important once this pops up make sure you press down, allow button.

Okay, I prefer Twitter don’t have facebook, facebook don’t have Facebook, just press that – and here you are okay, done hamburger menu and I’ll show you look at this TV shows. Animated cartoons live TV, so you can even click on live TV.

You can say watch now and look at this. You got Pluto TV in here. You got sports kids tons of stuff for live TV, isn’t that great, but not only live TV. Look at this: if I go back and I said, exit live TV, I got movies the best movies, all the movies.

You can imagine and look how great they work. I click on the movie, no need to install extra players, beautiful layout, beautiful interface up and watch the favorite. I can trailer. I can get some IMDB info.

I can see related cast so anyways. Let’s. Click on to watch and boom. Look how fast that scrapes 2 links pop out of nowhere like so quick. This is amazing. It shows you embedded links and direct links.

Embedded links are me pulling it from somewhere. Direct links are linking straight to that file, so I use direct. Embedding works as well. No issues there whatsoever click on any link and look at these links.

They just keep coming and they’re so fast. This apk is great great improvement. Click on the link – all you have to do is hit play you’ll, see this thing kick in it’s. Gon na try to source the subtitles.

If it’s, a foreign movie or anything like that, he’ll play the movie. If this just keeps blinking and it doesn’t play your movie. That means you just hit a bad leg. Very easy fix. The safety case so fast, if you just click the little button, say, stop playback, and then you say you don’t want.

I’m just gonna go with this. This link right here. I’m gonna try that hit that play bar and then, as soon as the movie loads, you’ll start playing the movie and that’s. How easy it is! You might get a bad link here and there, or you might even tell you that there’s, a bad link.

I’ve, seen them do that as well, and there you go. The movie just starts playing that’s. It boy I can stop playback, I can go back and say exit want any other movies. You can go back, then you can choose any other movies.

That’s, how it works very, very simple to use. We also can click on the hamburger menu. We can switch to TV shows and I ‘ Ll show you how the TV shows would work. So let’s, say arrow, and then I can say you know what.

If I need to watch on arrow, it comes up with all the seasons. I’m gonna, say season 2 and select episode pretty much. It start scraping here on this side and here’s, my links direct links, so I can just choose away and try playing some of this content.

Okay, same thing as the movies you click on it. It’s. Gon na say loading video and then our content would play from that point of view. Okay, so there you go, you can select any of these links and say play and boo eventually that will load and will eventually play for us.

Okay, very very easy to use and, like I said, if one link, doesn’t work, you jump on to the next one, so free flicks HQ is a great great little apk a lot of a lot of improvements on it. So far, one more section you have anime as well for an enemy fence.

You got cartoons and you got a live TV section as well. So if you want to watch like TV watch now let’s. Try Pluto! That’s. A new thing right now that they ban it. So there’s, Pluto quit back here and let’s, see if that works.

There you go there’s, Pluto! Okay, look at all this stuff! We got 24/7 stop. We got live channels, lots of stuff, okay, so Pluto animals. You click on that. You’ll, see it loading here and there’s, Pluto right there working very fast okay, so we got tons of tons of content.

You can add it to favorites. I’m. Loving this new, updated IPTV, free movies, live TV. Tv shows, you name it guys it’s. Incredible. Let me know what you think of this free flicks HQ update. Do you like it? Do you hate it drop a comment below? Let me know if you ‘

Ve used them in the past. If you’re, going back to it to try again if you’re totally new on my channel and you’re totally new to streaming drop a comment. Where are you from? Thank you guys, thank you for being here.

Thank you for watching, and I’ll, see you all in the next one. Take care.

Source : Youtube

Please do not forget to use a VPN (to get your account please see details here)

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