Is your kodi system full of add-on center that you’re, not using? Well, maybe it’s time we clean the system up. I’m gonna show you a method to get rid of old add-ons and get a fresh start. It’s called fresh start.

This is gonna wipe out everything on your kodi system, so you can basically start over. Firstly, let’s. Go to this gear click the gear. Next, I want you to move down to your system settings. Let’s! Click on that option.

Over to the left-hand side, we’re gonna go down. This list that we come to add-ons will slide to the right and up to unknown sources. We’ll click that a few times do we get this boarding and we’ll press.

He has to proceed. Let’s, go back one screen. Next, I need you to move over to your file manager. Let’s. Click on that option. Go down this list. On the left hand, side we come to the very bottom option.

Add source, let’s, double click there. I want you to move over to none, let’s. Double click there and I’d like you to enter this dimitri ology repo address. Once you’ve finished entering that. Let’s! Click! Ok! It’s.

Gon na come up with any repo. Let’s, rename this fresh, because we are getting a fresh start and let’s. Click! Ok! Next, let’s. Go back! One screen! I’d, like you to make your way up to the top here. To add on so let’s, click on add ons and we ‘

Ve got a bunch of options here. I want you to go to install from zip file. Let’s, double click there, and now we just need to look for fresh. There is fresh click on fresh now I ‘ Ve got a whole bunch of options, but we want to find the zip file or sorry the plug-in, marked fresh start.

Let’s. Click on that it’s, gonna start to unzip that file, and we’ll, get a message in the top right corner, and this can take several minutes, so just be patient and we’ll check back on the Status when we see it actually there it is it didn’t.

Take that long at all excellent. So when you see that normally we go to install from repository, we actually want to go up to the top here to my add-on. So let’s click there and we want to go up here to all click all and now we want to scan our list here.

All my add-ons that I’m about to clear away and we’re just looking for fresh start and there it is under the F’s makes sense. So let’s, click on it and go to open. So after loading for about a minute.

I got this message congratulating me on a fresh start. It says I need to reboot my Kodi, so I’m going to click. Ok and I’m, going to click on done, and then I am going to exit out here and I’m going to go all the way back and I’m gonna shut down Cody.

Let’s, go all the way back here, press back press back again and let’s, shut down Cody and then let’s reboot it. So I’ve loaded it up. I’ve loaded Cody up, I should say, and if I move to add-ons it is totally blank, and so I can restart here by the way my advice would be to start with the supremacy add-on, make sure you install Yoda and supremacy those ones Come with files that actually allow other add-ons to properly work, you might see a dependency error and that’s just because you were missing some files there.

So I guess I do need to do an update here on some other things that all of these things sort of come with your Kodi when you first install it. So I’ll. Do my update all these scrapers here and I shall be good to go and I can start installing my brand new add-on said I was talking about a way I go so hopefully this this has worked for everybody.

Hopefully you’ll, enjoy your new fresh Kodi start, go, get those supremacy add-ons and go ahead and check out some other videos that appreciate that

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