In this december video we’re, going to look at a few add-ons that are new and a bunch that have been updated. So let’s get to it here, but before we do, ipvanish is still having an excellent sale on right.

Now you can see the yearly subscriptions only 28 dollars and you can even get the extra storage for 35 dollars so sign up for that service click. The link in the description below to take advantage of these excellent deals and don’t forget to subscribe to my channels, okay, so our first one here is called 4k.

It’s, a real debride one and uh. So you’re, paying for the 4k links, but uh it ‘ S got a whole selection here, so movies and tv shows. If you pay for the debris service, then you want to watch stuff in 4k.

This could be a good option for you. We have a christmas one here, christmas, fido, a bunch of christmas movies, and you can watch the fireplace and radio and a whole bunch of different things there at fido christmas me, tv has recently been updated.

It’s, a nice all-in-one, so check out me tv or me tv. I don’t, know next, one sports hd. This one was just updated the other day it’s, got tons of live events and you can search by sports and watch stuff on here too again, the links can be somewhat reliable or somewhat unreliable, but it’s, probably a good Place to start, if you want to watch some sports live, asgard has been around for a bit, and this one was just recently updated and it ‘

S got uh movies and tv shows as well. You can use the debris stuff so check out. Asgard speaking of debrid, the chain sinister has just been updated as well, and this one’s. An excellent reel to bridge source so go ahead and check out that particular add-on.

Tempest updated once again good for movies and tv shows, and there’s. Some live channels on here, so check out the tempest and, lastly, the crew has recently been updated. I put a video the other day explaining how to install the crew, because there is sort of this pop-up tv add-ons that gets in the way of installing this one.

This one’s, probably the best one out there. So uh go ahead and use the crew. This video was recorded with the clone alliance box pro there’s, a link in the description below. If you want to record anything pvr style, viper antivirus has a sale, click the link in the description below to get some big savings on software for your computer and don’t forget to update your kodi to 18.

9 or nothing’s. Gon na work so go ahead and use all these particular add-ons.

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