So nice i had to do it twice. You call that a beam goku get out here and help. Let’s, go how’s, it going everybody here back with some more dragon, ball fighters rank matches and that’s. Right it looks like today we’ll, be going up against the max rank in the game zeno while using the family, kamehameha team.

Of course, the only thing you really need for the family coming out is goku and and gohan and without you know, goat tanks on your team, so goatson can be there, but bardock is a part of the family. So i thought he’d.

Be a good match for the team, and we are already in the corner. I’m. Looking forward to the dragon. Reflect will do just as good. Oh man, i got baited by super saiyan, vegeta assistant or reflecting. It was too good to pass up.

All right c assist. Oh oh, i could have gotten something off that i’ll. Take that that was nice. I do want to look for a way to switch out here. Um i don’t know when that would be, though uh probably right.

Now let’s. Just do it right now, family coming back get in here, goku, let’s, go everybody, but bardock he can ‘ T participate: do we start with a dragon rush? Oh, it would seem like a good idea at the time, but unfortunately he does get away, but we get we get right out of the corner.

A nice super dash that was so right at the jumping 2h. That is just something you got to hold. He’s back in the corner. Again, i know he doesn’t like that position, but he’s. Gon na have to stay there go down.

I’m just gonna level up once no, i didn’t. Oh, that was fast hey that was a hit exclusive right there. He also got bardock wow. That is tough. He can switch us out here. I don’t think so i’m just gonna raw tag.

Yeah i don’t, go nice dragon rush. He wants bardock in damn it right into the old piccolo. Is this huge mistake man? I am so focused right now. I’m. Having a blast, though gohan’s, gonna cut, you know what i think we have to start playing for limit break gohan a forbidden strategy.

Yes, but can be executed. Pretty well can do a lot of damage. I i did super dash caught my super dash. I thought i was being. I thought i was being careful there that that was pretty random. Two bars here, i think, kills especially in the hand of piccolo who could just dragon rush here.

Yeah piccolo’s gonna. Do it all himself special bee piccolo, just the man of many talents, sit back team. Let me go to work five of seven bars required. He baited me. Oh no, piccolo don’t. We have such a good bond.

All right, seven bars. Do i just do it raw. That would be insane, but i think no the vegeta assist was so nice. I also lost a bit of meter on the vanish to try to get out of the corner. Oh, let’s. Go stay in the corner, then, if you want it so bad, oh wait, wait! Wait! I i don ‘

T want the corner, you can have it, you can have it. No! I’m serious. You could have had it. Oh, that was sick. I’m out of sparking, though nice look at the damage we’re doing in limit break because of the levels.

Unfortunately, we’re, not at level seven, but gohan can make this final standalone. It’s, going to be very difficult, but it’s entirely possible. We just have to play so careful like we can’t afford that stuff happening.

I don’t think there was anything better. I could have done. Maybe i could have overheaded them right there, [, Music, ], nice, nice, i couldn’t. Do much more off of that, though. Oh i set them straight up.

That was sick, [, Music ]. Oh, i was definitely trying to make moves on hit there, but a nice tp from him sends gohan to the great beyond. Oh, that was so sick, though playing with gohan is so much fun and, like those limit breaks with the levels you can just do so much it’s.

Ridiculous see, assist, gets unfortunately, stuffed oh, but a bad reflect. I can. I can go ahead and comb off that. Why not maximize the damage make sure we get all the hits on the way down downtech i’ll, go ahead and take that as well a couple extra lights.

Oh no, i dropped it. I dropped it. Pretty bad stuff to remember for next time, just get back in the corner. Let’s go oh! I could have done so much more with that, but i can take this. We’re, not going to get the corner back, but he’ll, probably just downtick again nice.

Let’s. Go the stagger, was sick, love to see it all right. I don’t know what i was doing there, that was, that was just totally fake, [, Music, ], okay, good tag. I was trying to get another stagger moment there.

If we could have hit vegeta one more time, that would have been it for him. That would have been a great pickup got ta stop super dashing. I’m, just getting uh stuff one of these days. It will work randomly, though, and i have to be ready for that day.

When it comes bardock the poor man just getting destroyed, i try to go for another beam. Maybe that would have worked if i actually did the input better, but pickle is about to get a bar, and you know a hellzone’s.

Coming, stop super nice see that was it. It finally worked randomly, but i really shouldn ‘ T. Stop doing that, we do get quarterback from the level three, though, so. This is a great opportunity.

If we hit him here, we can get it to happen. Do it twice? Oh doing it twice was not the move. There unfortunately hits the assist made. Sure of that i don’t want to be back in the quarter, but it looks like that’s exactly where we’re, going to be hell’s own hell zone, no more damage is on its Way, i think we spark here save goku, oh, what a mean counter just absolutely unnecessary brutal, oh air movement as well nice, i wasn’t.

Even i wasn’t mentally ready to detect that two bars can pick a little get a kill here. It’s. Looking like three with that assist yeah, i think piccolo kills here. Well, any character could now yep he’s, going to do the standard round as well.

Big bang into hate yeah that’s. Goku gone, we didn’t make the most out of that spark. I still feel like we can do this. Maybe we do the gohan strat again i wouldn’t. Put it past myself. Oh regret regret.

I always think. Maybe he’ll test like something with the the orbs there. Oh, i hit a button with vegeta too okay. If we get to six bars, at least if, while he beating us, we get the six bars close enough, we’ll, get a free one here which will put us at just almost seven.

I think we know what i’m going for lads piccolo. Why dude? Here it comes full level. Seven. I did it raw, so we could punish that. But whatever we needed the level wait, he doesn’t have a kill combo. Does he? This is a lot of damage? I regret it.

I regret it now. Oh big big regret. I’m, not going to have a lot of health to play with here. I’m dead. I can’t believe no wait. Wait, wait! Nothing! Unless vegeta’s just put some good work, it did no level 7 go on.

I took a chance doing it raw, but the sparking still being up was huge. I didn’t even think about it. This time around db fighter, zero makes a huge splash takes me out 2-0 great games. Maybe we get a rematch in the next one, but i don’t know it might not happen great games, though all right.

We are back for game two after that, beat down this time and up against an ultra instinct rank. So actually there’s more points on the line now going up against the max rank. The game will give you some uh uh.

Some you know forgiveness. It won’t, take away as many points as losing to someone of your rank. Whoo try to give me with the cross up huh, but instead bardock is just gonna. Take the two for one offer: oh beautiful, oh man.

Unfortunately, i didn’t get goku there, so that could have been a lot better. Actually, overhead is gonna. Do it, though hold on? Do we go for goku or just take out vegeta? I guess vegeta at this point right.

Oh, the damage is good. Why not family coming me out right? Oh because i dropped it, that’s. Why that would be the reason why cake? Oh, no, we let both of them get away now getting one or the other would have been fine, but letting them both get away.

Is one two one too much for me all right. We’re, just gonna get vegeta. We’ll settle for vegeta, we’ll, pretend it never happened. Goku we’ll call it even that would have been sick to land into the beam assist.

Oh no. Ah goku’s, full health – i can’t, believe we let him get away with that. Maybe we should have sparked. Maybe sparky would have been enough to get up. Oh huge mistake: why gohan? What did he do? Oh dp yeah! You wanted to call in gohan huh yeah gohan was ready for it.

He might not have looked it. That was quick. The dp on the other side never saw it coming. I need to land more family coming in as that’s. What i need, i need to up the tempo okay. He went into the key blast.

The reason i started key charging was because that does reflect key blast, but the key blast – didn’t hit me. So it kind of just looks like i was boasting, but i promise you they were. That was strategic.

It just didn’t end up looking like it. I’m, not level one. Oh, that’s still combos, oh nice. I should have combed after the first hit. Oh no beautiful, 2h gohan might be getting a oh dead. We could have finished them off right there too, if we would have matched, but instead we might be.

We’re, not dead. Here, a level 3 won’t, kill from goku it. It’ll, also get us out of the corner so that at least we get a benefit from it. Yeah we are out of the corner. Okay, i thought. Maybe it turned us around: do we spark, i think so yeah? Oh, that was sick.

That was so sick, oh no! Oh! That was too good. I’ll. Take that oh no, oh, no goku putting in work beautiful hit, though maybe if we maybe this is actually better – that we’re, not leaving um too much health on a limit break character.

I’m just gonna level. Three here save three bars. We might end up having to read a sparking here. Do i do another level three to read sparking? That would be insane, but i’m. A insane player spark. No.

He’s, saving it for gohan. I can’t believe it. I really thought i had to read on that level. One to two won’t kill, like you think, so we’re gonna have another chance here with bardock beautiful dp. The recovery time is too long.

Bardock gets to make the most out of it. Can we kill in the air? Oh? No. No, we can still kill in the air hey level. One did all the work, never mind. I shouldn ‘ T have even been worried. All we have to deal with is one goku now and we got a goku backing us up as well.

Yeah, okay, early spark. I agree. If nothing else, you got to make sure you do use it. We’re safe. After this, a little reflects reflect watching me cross very fast. He just disappeared. My brain was like that’s weird.

Where did he go? No get off me? Oh no. I tried to hit him with his own special move. Don’t. Do h keep last keep last also vanish. Keep last nice beautiful challenge. There got really lucky with the height and goku’s gonna seal up game one.

Can we replicate that in game? Two though i i feel like i feel like we got pretty lucky, there were some spots there where we were doing really okay and then we slipped up, but game two could go either way.

I think game two is gonna spell out the rest of the set. Oh just take the c assist nice. I will take a c assist any day of the week. This is going to get us beautiful corner. I am moving into the corner.

Welcome to your new apartment, stay there just stay in the corner. Nowhere to go the rent here is so cheap. The wildlife is well. There is none, because we’re in space, but other than that i mean just an overall beautiful place.

Oh, that doesn’t work like that good challenge, see it’s just to hold him down, and we’re gonna get vegeta out. Just like that. Let’s. Go you know we got ta switch into gohan right next hit. We’re switching into gohan.

I’m gonna make a read for it. Oh well, we got hit with a beam that’s honestly, not too bad. I’m. Taking the family coming man, i can’t. He’s, not going to get sliding. Oh beautiful challenge. Oh no looks like i’m renting out this sweet corner apartment.

Oh man, there wasn’t anything i could do. I just do it raw. Why not do it wrong get every all the families here it’s, oh god, goku is actually using the alternate color. I never noticed that. I guess it makes sense.

I just thought he spawned an orange ghee wow. That was a nice touch. Okay, um! Do we avoid that? I was gonna say. I think we avoid that bardock get out here build some bar. This has been a very dominant game.

Spark i don’t disagree, baddie explainer, losing this now would mean he did an amazing comeback. We could have punished right there, beautiful, oh yeah. We avoid that oh whoa whoa. I felt like a brick.

I fell so fast that’s. Fine um uh, i don’t, think we spark here. I think we just take it. We just try to defend beautiful moves. Okay, i think i know how to finish this, though i called this. The family, kamehameha team and i intend to go out like we always wanted to.

Oh man, i’m sweating. Do i do it raw not again right, it would never work again. It was so nice. I had to do it twice. You call that a beam goku get out here and help let’s, go no way no way. I actually i’m.

I’m actually going to say i don’t think that was a rage quit. I really don’t. There was a bit of lag beforehand and there’s. No way he quit that fast. That would have been afraid like he could have tried out for regionals.

If that was a rage quit that was insanely fast. I think that was just unfortunate timing, but you can, let me know your thoughts on that down below in the comments and, of course, if you enjoyed this video, let me know your favorite moment.

While you’re down there other than that, you could also make sure that the like button and subscribe while you’re down there as well. If you like these videos and the channel as a whole and check out even more videos, that should be on your screen right now.

Once again, though, thank you so much for watching this video all the way to the end. My name is dr doya, and i will see you in the next one.

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IS THIS A RAGE QUIT!? This time in our high rank online matches for dragonball fighterz we are playing the family kamehameha team with adult gohan, ssj goku, and Bardock! Will we be able to come out of these sets with points when facing against the max rank zen-oh and an unfortunate disconnect?

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