almost every kid, goes through a gaming phase. During their childhood, we’re, often exposed the video games by older, siblings or parents or other family or friends. Some kids are immediately hooked to the experience while others grow out of it and move on to other hobbies, but those who stick with gaming often dream of pursuing a career involving their hobby in some form or fashion.

But this is sometimes looked down on by parents who believe it’s just a waste of time. In some cases, the kids are able to convince their parents that they aren’t just wasting time and are actually pursuing a passion with a lucrative future.

One player, who managed to prove the naysayers wrong with Jaden wolfies Ashman, who’s. A talented fortnight player that made it to the fortnight World Cup in 2019 wolfies and his dual partner Rojo managed to come in second place and secure a huge $ 2,250,000 prize which proved to wolfies mother that he was not wasting time all those years.

But instead building himself legacy. This is the story of wolfies who came in second place in one of the biggest eSports tournaments. The world has ever seen at the young age of 15. He changed the life of his family with his winnings and still has a long record of career ahead of him to fully understand the passion and talent behind the young star.

We need to start the source of his gaming career. Wolfie started gaming at a young age. His uncle was the gamer in the family and wolfies, constantly watched and even bothered, and while he played the exposure to gaming at a young age, caused wolfies to become enamored with video games and led to the passion that he has today bogeyman teased him.

He got me into gaming. Wolfies received his first Xbox when he was 6 and immediately dope into any game. He could get his hands on. He continued to hone his skills as he grew up and perfected. The way to use a controller.

The years of experience would eventually pay off. When fortnight came out, wolfies played for tonight the very first day it came out and was immediately hooked. The game was perfect for his skills and he immediately started dominating other players and online matches.

His passion for gaming was not fully supported by his family, however, and wolfies and his mom had several clashes over the amount of time he spent in gaming. I got support Wow for his xbox away, so I think that is your question.

Wolfie spent so much time playing fortnight that his schoolwork took a backseat and his grades started to dry. This was the final straw for wolfies mother, who eventually took his xbox away and even broke one of his headsets.

She believed he was wasting time by playing for tonight all day and didn’t believe he could actually make a career out of gaming. She would eventually support her son once she saw that he was actually an incredible player and not just some kid wasting time.

It’s caused on the way here it’s, caused some tensions. Hasn’t it some arguments with your mother, throwing out an Xbox. She said breaking one of your headsets, definitely yeah. What’s cool me and my mom had like a few tension between like my gaming and stuff like she’s been a bit worried about them hours.

I’ve, been planning it thinking that, like I’m just sitting in my room wasting my time and everything it wasn’t long before wolfies established himself as a strong competitor in for tonight, hit incredible reaction time and Could build faster on a controller than a lot of players on mouse and keyboard wolfies needed another solid player to compete with, however, and eventually found the perfect duo partner Rojo relevant been competing in various fortnight tournaments since mid 2018.

He managed to place fourth in the fall skirmish series EU week four and had competed in various events previously Rolo, eventually teamed up with wolfies and formed a solid chemistry that allowed both players to perform better and place higher in events and tournaments Rojo and wolfies competed In a few fortnight, tournaments in March 2019, but didn’t place very high in any of it, but they didn’t, let that face them and they pushed through the tough month with their eyes still set on glory in April 2019.

They set their sights on achieving a huge goal qualifying for the fortnight world cup. The two talented players competed in each do a weekend for their chance to qualify for the World Cup, but had a tough time securing their spot.

The two players placed 27 in week. Six, which was the closest that came to qualifying at that point, but was still not enough. In week 8, they actually performed worse and couldn’t even break into the top 50.

The duo only had one more chance to make it to the world cup in week 10 and if it failed, all their hard work throughout the last couple months went been for nothing. Both players also tried to qualify for the solo portion of the World Cup, but neither found success in the solo qualifier events either wolfies and Rojo were not willing to give up and blow their chance to make it to the World Cup.

They fought hard through the week 10 qualifying event and managed to secure the first place spot. This marked the first big win for wolfies and the first time that he could show his family that there was real money to be made in for tonight.

The duo won a $ 10,000 cash prize and their spot to compete in the fortnight World Cup in New York City in the final standings, the last four coming out of Europe. It’s, been so absurdly competitive and wet like it’s, going through wolfies and Rojo, taking the top spot before in our World Cup.

Had the world’s attention every player who made it this far was competing. One of the biggest eSports events in history and now had opportunities that they’d. Never even dreamed of one such opportunity was being sponsored by an eSports organization, which is exactly what happened: a wolfies and Rojo, not long after qualifying for the World Cup.

Wolfies and Rojo were signed by Lazarus, a Canadian eSports organization Wolfie signed a $ 50,000 yearly contract, which gave the young star his first taste of consistent income from gaming. This also made his mom see his dedication to fortnight as a true passion with a lucrative future and not just a way to waste time.

Wolfies almost didn’t, get the chance to make it to the World Cup. However, wolfies and his mother had to acquire visas for him to compete in the World Cup which took place in the United States. Wolfies made a mistake on his application, which caused it to be denied.

This was a huge problem as they had to get to the US, or he’d, miss out on a huge opportunity. Thankfully, wolfies mother was able to secure an emergency meeting that allowed his visa to get approved.

If this failed, they were going to have to go to Belgium to secure visas, which would have been a huge hassle having with the visa. Basically, what happened was Jaden took the wrong box, the wrong box.

My one got accepted here’s. One is checked the wrong box, so for that reason it got denied wolfies made it to New York in time for the competition and was so overwhelmed by the city he explored with his new teammates and enjoyed himself before buckling down for the intense tournament ahead.

I’m being a new right now for the for now. Walcott feels amazing, like looking at all the different streets and like the long avenues of just like high-rise buildings. It’s, just crazy. The duo had a rough time during the first three matches.

They were unable to find their footing and couldn’t, really secure a victory, but they did achieve eight eliminations which kept them in the top 10 teams. They developed a strategy of at least hitting the placement bonus to continue to earn points.

Even if it wasn’t directly from winning or eliminating players, they just had one great pop off. Suddenly they’re in the running here. It is anyone’s game in the top ten, because you have to be consistent and again there’s, always those Bob Clark, those Popoff moments and the duo secured two more eliminations in Game, four, which move them up to seventh place.

But we’re determined to keep climbing the ranks in the last two matches, wolfies put on a phenomenal performance in Game five and secured four kills, which brought the duo to fourth place with one match to go.

They continued their strategy of trying to make it to the final circle for the placement points and picking up kills on unsuspecting players. Wolfies went down first, the Bravo managed to avoid flares and pick up a final kill before being eliminated.

The duo did not win any of the six matches, but their eliminations and consistent placing allow them to finish with 47 points and secure the second place spot. The two players took home two million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in prize money and held the title of the second best duo in the world.

Wolfies, coming in second place in the world cup finally proved to his mother that he was not wasting his time and was actually one of the best players in the world. Wolfies also bought his mother house with his winnings to ease some of the financial pressure on his family, which also, I’m sure, definitely helped change her opinion datem.

What are you gonna do with the money nine hundred thousand pounds? I think what are you gonna spend it on? I’m, so probably bottle on the house, so we can just like just check. You share a room. Don’t you with you, brother, yeah me and my brother.

I have a bunk bed, so my subs here my beds just right next to it so yeah definitely buy a house. So I can like separate my game in yeah what Wolfie celebrated his victory with his teammates and family.

Some members of the Fortinet community questioned his victory because he had used the controller. Well, you’re. A cultural or player ya know that you literally got like eight kills on in the air yesterday.

Well, you’re on controller yeah. It was, I got flying he just like 200, that’s, crazy. The controller versus keyboard and mouse debate has been around for years. Keyboard and mouse players insists that Amos system controllers gives an unfair advantage.

Controller players claim it. Doesn’t, make a huge difference and that keyboard and mouse players still have more precise, aiming regardless of where you stand on this debate. Wolf, he’s. Using a controller in the World Cup did attract some criticism.

There were a couple players using controllers in the World Cup, which caused keyboard and mouse diehards to complain. Wolfies took this in stride, though, and believed that if it was a problem, the option would not be allowed by Epic wolfies.

Using a controller also proved that it was a viable option for players and a keyboard and mouse was not needed to compete at a high level. I guess the big sort of what controversy about the thought I woke up as it would allow an assist for controller players.

What’s? Your thoughts on that? Yes, it’s, just it’s in the games. No, there’s, no point in complaining about it. Oh, like skilken choppers, like me and myself and like other players, I know yeah, they take advantage of it, but it’s in the game for reasons yeah better, be okay, regardless of the naysayers.

Wolfie has continued to compete in fortnight and is still one of the best controller players in the world. Since the World Cup wolfies is computed in various tournaments and events. You want another 30 grand at for tonight’s.

Championship series chapter 2 season; 1. Eu grand finals and as one other smaller amounts he most recently competed in the fortnight champion series chapter 2 season, 2 grand finals and secured another $ 1,500 in prize money in March of 2020.

Wolfies confirmed that he is no longer part of Lazarus gaming and is looking for a new organisation. He’s, a master solid following over the last two years and is still a solid competitive player who any organization would be super lucky to have wolfies.

Also confirmed that he plans on turning gaming and content creation into a career. Even after he’s done competing, ok but career-wise. I know it’s, a long way off. Do you, you see yourself first stayin in gaming.

You think you can make well you’ve already made a living out of it. Do you think you can make even more money out of it, yeah yeah yeah? Definitely I’m. I’m really like focused on like my gaming, so I’m.

Definitely gonna try and make a career out of it like streaming and content Crean, so I hopefully can make a decent living out of it. He consistently uploads highlights to his YouTube channel and streams.

Almost every day on, Twitch wolfies did not seem to be playing on quitting fortnight anytime soon, so fans will be able to enjoy the talented controller players content for the foreseeable future. Epic Games also recently announced the fortnight Championship.

Series Invitational, which wolfies will likely be invited to and can come for. A huge two million dollar prize pool at the games does not seem to be slowing their eSports team down in any way. So wolfies will have plenty of opportunities to prove that he’s still a great player and he can continue to earn money for his family.

Wolfies is an inspiration for aspiring players with dreams of making it to the big leagues, but remember there should always be a balance in gaming and other essential parts of life such as schoolwork, but hey still a good reminder.

Don’t. Let your dreams die the first sign of trouble or doubt [, Music ]. You

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