You’re playing for at night and all of a sudden, you find yourself in a fight against unknown army. What would you do? Would you try to build, or would you shoot back, no matter what you do. One thing is clear: you would end up dead because right now, unknown army is one of fortnight’s, deadliest controller players in the world at first, though, he was the odd one out, a controller schema and a pro scene dominated by mice and keyboards Peers shunned him and there were doubts if he could ever perform on a big stage regardless he ignored the haters and set out on a mission, a mission to prove them all wrong before we all knew him as a controller legend unknown army was just another, humble Console player on his xbox, he would sweat and always play to improve, but never really had any aspirations of making it big.

Then, one day he was watching some pro players stream and realized his skill level. Wasn’t that far off from theirs and that perhaps he too could become a pro determined he set out to make it happen, but going pro on a console, just wasn’t possible at the time he needed a PC.

Yet his parents were reluctant to buy him one. So what did the 14 year old unknown? Do he spent a lot of time and creative bettered himself every day and eventually, with substantial confidence in his skills? He began grinding, kill wagers for those of you who don’t know, kill wagers are essentially a money bet on who can get the most kills in a game and whoever does wins.

The cash wagers have opened up a lot of controversy lately, as some see it as unregulated gambling. That may be somewhat true, but an unknowns case. The outcome wasn’t random. He would absolutely obliterate opponents he came across and so coming out on top wasn’t a game of chance for him.

It was a game of skill and eventually it got to the point where unknown won so many wagers. He had earned himself enough to buy a brand new PC. Now he could frag out with advantages such as higher framerate and stretched resolution rest in peace.

Finally, he had what he needed to go pro. All he needed was a big break and that break would come in the form of the four night world cup, but going into the qualifiers unknown. Had zero prior scrim experience compared to the hundreds of hours other pros have and while that fact might have held some players back unknown, wouldn’t, let it inhibit his play.

The game plan was to go out there play aggressively and do it as he always does. Slay out 71 doesn’t. Guess he didn’t get the lemon another one on the railers. I know didn’t, get any victory. Royales that day still his calculated WT play style and a ridiculously clutch.

Last game made him become the first controller player in all of fortnight to qualify for the World Cup and when he learned the big news, he and his friends were overwhelmed with joy a few weeks later.

What do you know? He did it again to end up becoming the only controller player on the planet to qualify for the World Cup twice. But the thing is, those games were all just online qualifiers and most of the players.

He went up against weren’t, topped to your pros and come the finals in New York. City unknown would be up against the best of the best. So the question was: could he prove himself when it matters the most, but we’re jumping right into this battle right here unknown army, who has had the time to prove to the world that he is here to bring the heat early take over, Though this is an enemy on our army, one of our first controller players actually was our first controller player to qualify for the fourth World Cup.

Perhaps this is gonna, be the opportunity that he was looking for a monster put himself on this stage. He’s just taken all of these platforms too. He’s gaining control. Slowly, but surely myself, people are very good for me.

The staircase first so clean doing this all with the controller, and I know we have millions of players that play on controller. How many goes in the spy? Why damage one more that’s gonna do it commandment was in third place and unknown army now made him put in the place that he wanted him to.

Although unknown had his moments by the end, he didn’t perform to the standard that he had been holding himself to. Not only did he have problems with his drop spot, but some lousy, loot RNG as well made it a lot more difficult for him to run his usual aggressive play style, either way unknown finished in 69th place, which still netted him 50k, and although he was far Off from his goal of winning the whole thing he didn’t give up, he instead used it as motivation to improve to quote unknown himself.

The times you were playing. The worst are the times you are improving the most and that type of attitude is what winners are built out of, and it’s, that exact attitude that we try to instill at pro guides as well.

If you guys want to get better at fortnight, go to pro guides comm and go play with a pro coach right now, who will help you become as good as unknown army or any other pro that you’re interested in? You just need that improving mentality after the World Cup, a new era of unknown army, would begin the era of the cash cup king.

When epic began running these weekly online tournaments unknown would pop off, like none other finishing first place week after week. It was insane nobody came close to performing as consistently as unknown did and all of those wins helped him blow up.

His stream numbers exploded his social media following did too, and everyone finally started recognizing his skill. Well, mostly, everyone, because there were, of course, doubters people that attributed success to the fact that he was a controller player and claimed that his aim-assist was the only reason he was doing so well.

Yo Jeff. I find somebody if I find somebody I’m done. Oh my god, and while aim assist, was definitely busted in some ways, especially the old l2 legacy style that unknown used. If anyone actually sat down and analyzed unknowns, playstyle it clearly wasn’t, just his aim, assist in fact, unknown is unbelievably gifted.

When it comes to gaming, he’s been playing them, since he was basically a toddler shooters like call of duty, black ops, 2 and counter-strike. Even so, of course, his skills on mouse and keyboard were top-notch as well, and he proved it once and for all when he streamed to Cash Cup using mouse and keyboard with the same hyper, aggressive play style, you just got doll there’s.

No way on that day, he managed to finish in fifth place was his aim as precise as when he used controller not entirely, but the simple fact that he could perform so highly, regardless of the input, means that unknown wasn’t just some l2 Spammer that got lucky, he had the game sense: the box, fighting skills, the piece control know-how and an intuitive understanding of the game that most pros didn’t possess, no matter how good Amos Syst is.

The way that unknown dominates. Lobbies can only be described as an art form overall, since solo cash cups became a thing. Unknown has taken home the first-place prize, a total of seven times with multiple more placements in the money.

This was an unprecedented feat. The level of success is monumental, but still the best was yet to come. You’d, think that, after qualifying for the biggest event ever as well as winning multiple cash cups, unknown would have earned a bit more respect in the scene, but sadly, a lot of pros still disdained him and controller players in general.

Going into the chapter two for tonight champion series that widespread animosity made it extremely difficult for unknown to find a worthy squad. So he took the task upon himself and gathered together a group of misfit players.

Nobody had any real expectations for the squad, yet the results were mind-blowing. I’m. Not I’m, not too good yeah. I’m late all-in-all. They qualified for the finals in the second week and come the big day where it was his squad up against the best players in North America unknown ended up getting a staggering 43 % of his squads final blows.

Everyone watching was absolutely shocked, unknown, annihilated top pros, like it was nothing, but still he couldn’t have done it without his teammates. They always kept faith in his ability to rack up limbs, supporting him in no matter what, whether that meant, giving him the best loadout every game or rushing to his aid any time he got not and it worked wonders they won the chapter to FNC s, finals And took home nearly $ 200,000, no matter what you think of controllers in fortnight, or the aim-assist they’ve got there’s.

No denying unknown worked himself to the bone to get where he’s at today. He qualified for the World Cup when no one even knew his name and even after that he was never given the respect that he deserved, but he stuck with it and grinded hours every single day on his builds edits and aim to become not only one of The best controller players in the world, but one of the best fortnight players in the world period and look at where he’s at now unknown recently just set a record for the most points ever in na winning another cup with kanata, showing that He deserves to hold the title of the cash cup king.

He also joined the roster of one of the premier, eSport orgs NRG, a huge pickup for their already stacked team, and although he’s still getting used to the new controller settings after his precious legacy got vaulted, he’s quickly.

Coming back to his old self, knowing where he came from and what he accomplished unknown is genuinely one of the greatest and deadliest controller players Fortnight has ever seen. I hope that you guys were inspired by this video unknown.

Has the winner’s, mentality and, to be honest, you can apply that mentality to any aspect of your life and continuously improve and get better. I’ve been talking to a lot of you guys recently and you’re.

Asking me how to get better at fortnight, I’m, so proud of all you guys who have adopted this winning mentality just like unknown army and really applying it to your life. Honestly, the sky is the limit when you think that way.

For all of you guys you like valor it, we actually have a new valent channel, consider subscribing channel if you haven’t already. We got some great content coming up for that and for all the guys who want to get better at fortnight.

Make sure to go to pro guides comm and find a pro coach right now we’re. Also doing some live streams on there, which is pretty fun, go check it out once again has been Christoph with you guys. Thank you so much for joining me that’s it for the video.

I hope you guys are all staying safe and you’re enjoying your time inside have a great day and good luck in your next few games. [ Music, ]

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