Controller players catch a lot of hate these days. A lot of people complain that they only have their skill because of aim assist and that people who play with controller shouldn’t even be allowed to compete in tournaments.

But some controller players are truly exceptional. Scoped has managed to build himself up from nothing. He dropped everything that he had in his life, including playing for one of the best travel baseball teams in his area.

His parents doubted his decisions and the only people who supported him were his youtuber brothers, but over the course of a year and a half, he has mastered his skills and honed his mechanics. He proves that being a controller player is much more than just relying on aim assist what’s going on guys.

This is your motivation, guy that’s. What i’m supposed to do. I’m supposed to motivate you, your friend, the one and only keith allen, and this is the story of how scope became one of chapter – two’s fastest rising fortnite talents, all right bunch of crunch army.

Here we go it’s, time to sit back, relax and grab some of my favorite candy. What is that y’all a stab punchy crunch and let’s. Get this going yeah! You wan na land like right here like right here.

Are we in our game uh? We have rpg rpg. We have you guys right here: scope knew he was good from the start and on his youtube channel made videos trying to get into an esports team called fear, chronic, a team that was based around console at the time and even created a five minute long montage.

In 2018, as part of the faze clan hashtag, phase 5 recruitment challenge that year, neither of those attempts paid off. He was an unknown rookie who had barely got his foothold in the fortnite community.

Oh my kid now, my canal, you just have to make it go. Let’s. Go instead, scope started his fortnight career toward the same way. Many up-and-coming fortnite pros did through scrim servers. He was a member of the fortnite player league, a discord server that ran scrim matches for fortnite players that wanted to prove they had.

What it took to play alongside the best players in the world if he was able to prove himself here, it would grant him access to the fortnite pro league, an exclusive imitation, only server that only the best of the best were allowed to join it.

Wasn’t long before scope was playing in tournaments as well as scrims. He tried to make his way through the 2018 winter royale qualifiers under his brother’s, name chucky, and although he played well it wasn’t.

Quite enough for the console amateur to break through into the mainstream, but that didn’t keep scope down for long and he decided to take part in other third-party tournaments, like the pure esports tourney in february, [, Music, ] 2019.

. What [ Music ]! I think he does having, but i think he has wall suit because he knew i was there and i didn’t, do anything it wouldn’t, be until the gauntlet north america east tournament. That scope would finally be able to take part in an official four night tournament like any online fortnite tournament.

The gauntlet solo event was an open tournament that anyone could join in on, but this was the first time that scope had managed to push through into the top five percent of players across the globe that would be eligible to play in the finals, scope, didn’t manage to win this tournament, but he did get enough points to place 36 in the north america region, but that wasn’t all.

He played so well in some situations that the people he was playing against actually thought he was using aimbot and wallhacks after the gauntlet. The next tournament that scoped had his eyes on was none other than the fortnite world cup itself.

The world cup was the ultimate representation of skill and ability in fortnite, and he wanted to be one of those rare controller players that made it through the finals scope competed in three weeks of the tournament once in solos and twice in duos, with the player called Fijex in week 3, the solos event he came 21st and in weeks 4 and 8 he came 70th and 44th respectively god dammit.

None of these placements were even close enough to get scoped into the world cup finals, but scope never stopped. He knew what he wanted and he knew that all he had to do was just train harder and play better if he wanted to grow any further as a fortnite pro in the two month, long gap between the week 8 qualifier tournament and his next tournament appearance.

He practiced as much as he could while streaming on his youtube channel, but when the world cup was over and fortnite began, its new wave of tournaments sculpt was everywhere three hp. Was he high that’s bs? That was that guy was literally three scoped has taken part in almost every single official fortnite tournament since the world cup.

His dedication got him noticed by the oceanic base team a1, who he played with during the champion solo cash cup and fncs warm-up semi-finals. It was with a1 that scott was able to score his first big success, while he had been improving in every tournament that he had entered scott had yet to score a top three placement in the champion: solo cash cub week, 7 tournament scope was finally able to Finish in second place for the very first time it’s uncertain why scope decided to play alongside a team from the oceanic region, considering he was located in north america, but one thing is for sure he wasn’t with the team.

Very long after the fncs warm-up, semi-final scope had already dropped his ties with a1 returning once more to being a free agent. Anyway, 74., the cash cups were where scope finally started to make his presence truly known throughout the fortnite community.

Scope was absolutely crushing. The opposition propelling himself into more and more top 10 finishes, who knows if it was scope, finally being able to just show off the heights of his mechanical ability or if the buffs that epic games had given controller players were helping him out.

But scope was finally on the map and that pulled the attention of one of fortnite’s biggest superstars [ Music ] as the 2019 winner royale rolled around the biggest tournament since the world cup itself, scope was approached by none other than t foo.

When you compare scope to some of tifu’s, former fortnight teammates, then it’s. Pretty easy to see that scope was one of the least well-known fortnite pros that he had ever teamed up with. In the comments of tifu’s, announcement post, it was clear that no one had any idea who scoped even was that all changed during the winter royale scope and tifu didn’t do enough to get an incredibly good placement on day.

One they came in ninth and on day three. They came in 16., but they did more than just enough that tifu wanted to continue playing alongside scope after the winner royale tournament. They played together in 17 tournaments together and it’s, pretty clear that tifu has taken scoped on as his main dual partner, [ Music ].

It was only a matter of time before tfu and scope really started to work well, together. Their communication and chemistry have been building and building as time progressed and at the fncs chapter 2 season, 2 heat 1 event.

It finally happened: scoped and tifu scored their very first win together. Something between tifu and scope had clicked in this tournament like never before they were bouncing off one another perfectly and making plays as if they were reading one another’s minds.

All their training had paid off and a brand new deadly duo had finally showed off its potential to the rest of the fortnite competitive world. Playing with one of the world’s biggest fortnite stars is bound to bring you some attention, and that was definitely the case for scope.

His youtube channel had never really been able to draw large amounts of viewers or subscribers before teaming up with t food. The most amount of subscribers that scope’s channel had managed to bring in was a slowly 2200, which isn’t really impressive.

At all the moment, he teamed up with tifu that began to change after they played together. For the first time in december, scope’s channel started to blow up, but it wasn’t just down to tifu’s influence.

No, i choked sorry. I actually went for the kill. I’m, so dark. So i’m, so dark. While tifu may have kickstarted the growth of scope’s channel. It was the controller player’s, own skill and ability with the sticks that really powered his growth.

Hope’s. Channel pulled in a colossal 118 000 subs in a single month that’s. Basically, a quarter of the subscribers that scope has today. Scope was finally getting the recognition that he had been fighting for, and that was only the beginning.

Yo, if you guys didn’t know, i’m still free agent at the moment, but i joined chronic a few months ago. Chronic is a team not an org or anything. So there’s, no contracts involved with it. Just to help us grow when scope first started his fortnight career, he was desperately trying to get accepted to the team.

Fear chronic chronic is a team that’s different, while most organizations make their players sign contracts, chronic doesn’t. Do any of that they’re just about increasing the visibility of their players and just bringing together incredible fortnite pros the history of chronic is a messy one, but scope had wanted to be a part of it from the very beginning.

Technically, because there are no contracts involved, scope is still a free agent and can join a true organization whenever he really wants to without any issues. But for now the dream that he had when he started his fortnight.

Career in 2019 has been achieved. Just because scope has achieved one of the goals that he’s set out to achieve in 2019. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to stop there. Scoped is still grinding just as hard as ever taking part in as many tournaments as he possibly can, while he may have gotten most of his clout from playing alongside tifu scope, skills shine just as much when he plays in solo events.

Long before scope won a tournament with tifu, he was already taking cash cup victories alone. His first was in the platform cash cup solo pc event. In chapter 2 season 2.. He was able to come out on top in the na east region after blowing the rest of the competition away and scoring 95 points in total.

Just a week later, he was able to take his second cash cup victory, this time scoring even more and ending, with 96 points to pull ahead of the competition. These days, a lot of pros complain about console amos’s and scoped has been caught right in the center of that controversy.

When it was at its peak when scope, isn’t dominating in tournaments, he’s, playing his scrim matches and during one pro scrimmage a few months ago, scope was able to destroy the world cup champion himself.

Booga bro dude controller man like please just get nerfed, please i do. I will do anything like it’s, not fair, that’s, not fair, no keyboard and mouse for your hits. Booga is destroyed by scope when he quickly edits a wall and then deletes booga in just a few shots.

It causes booger to absolutely pop off calling for a controller aim, assist to be nerfed so that controller players will be brought back down to the level of keyboard and mouse players. But the fact of the matter is this: scoped isn’t really relying on aim assist to be as good as he is aim.

Assist on controllers has been nerfed multiple times over the past few months, and scope is playing just as good as ever. He’s, a mechanical genius able to build opponents on keyboard and mouse just as easily as he outshoots them.

The story of scope is a simple one: it’s, the story of a guy who rebelled against his parents, wishes and just stuck it out on his own, abandoning the pro baseball career and instead, following the passion of gaming, it’s.

The story of a guy, who spent well over a year grinding, non-stop, to become as good as humanely possible competing in tournaments every single week and competing in pro scrims. When tournaments aren’t happening it’s, a story that proves that you can do anything.

If you put your mind to it, and you never give up and if scope has anything to say about it, it’s, a story that is only just getting started, and yours is starting right. Now too, so don’t. Give up don’t surrender and keep going alright guys.

Once again, this is your motivation, guy that’s right, your friend, the one and only keith allen, the one who is constantly inspiring you to be great. Make me proud: do your thing man keep going, never stop thanks for watching this pro guys, video.

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Ll, see you soon: peace, [, Music ]. So you

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