he’s, a mechanical monster who runs rings around the competition and he’s come out of nowhere to the top of the rankings and he’s. Managing to do this on a controller. What’s, going on pro guys, family bunch of crunch army? Today we’re, going to be talking about the story of a controller player who’s, been tearing it up in the fortnite competitive scene over the course of 2020.

reed. Really hasn’t been a member of the competitive fortnite community for a long time. He first started competing in tournaments back in august 2019 right after the fortnite world cup. His first official event was a part of the fncs season x event where he and his trio partners, brandon zanik, tried to make a grand entry into the world of fortnite competitive.

It didn’t really go very well when you think of big fortnite competitors. You know a lot of them were good from the very beginning and that’s, usually because they entered the scene. So early reit, wasn’t like that, and his first showings were incredibly shaky throughout the first five weeks of the season x.

Fncs he played with numerous different trio squads, but the highest he ever plays was 79, not really that impressive, reit’s first, big tournament, showing wouldn’t happen for another three months when he took part in the contender solo cash cup.

In chapter 2 season 1., it was the fifth week of the season and reit had spent the first four weeks. Getting the grips with the new fortnite controller aim assist settings in the fncs, all that training paid off, and while he only came in 15th on day one, he managed to score an outright victory in day two.

It was his very first win beating out players like luminosity’s, gunfly or team kungarna’s jay there weren’t like a whole ton of big names in this tournament, but reit has still managed to prove that he Was on his way to becoming the next big thing and he walked away with over 2500.

His next big tournament believe it or not. Wouldn’t take place on pc, but instead would be a ps4 exclusive tournament. In this tournament, only ps4 players were allowed to take part, meaning they weren’t really many big pro players in attendance due to this reit was able to take second place, narrowly beating out ghost gaming’s aiden at the time reed Wasn’t making content on any platform, but his performance in the solo cash cup, followed up by the ps4 exclusive tournament, was enough to get him noticed by a smaller team called outcast as part of outcast reed took part in dreamhack anaheim 2020.

His very first lan event: he was still a complete unknown. Someone most of the pro scene had never heard of, and someone who had never taken part in a land before just showing up probably would have been enough for reed.

He probably didn’t, expect to take home any of dreamhack’s 250 000 prize pool. Yet, despite all of that, he managed to come 50th and took home just over a grand it doesn’t sound like much, but for pretty much an unproven player who had only been part of the fortnite scene for a short while it was definitely A huge achievement: do you want a shot at taking home prizes from tournaments like dreamhack? Well, guys, every journey has to start somewhere, and if he can do it, you can do it.

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Fortnite trust me this 50th place position at dreamhack was exactly the kind of encouragement that reed needed to start really taking things seriously. He dropped out of outcast because, after his incredible showing at dreamhack, he had received a new offer from a different team extra gaming.

As part of extra reece started to improve at an incredibly rapid pace, he took part in more and more tournaments and started a place higher and higher. He won in another solo platform cash cup and then finally managed to find a teammate that could actually make him shine during duel tournaments.

This was also around the time that reed decided that he should probably start posting content on youtube. Posting videos of tournaments and scrims has always been a great way for pro players to get their names out there and for reit.

That would be no exception. His first video was posted on the 6th of april 2020 and would chart his progress through the chapter 2 season, 2 fncs alongside his dual partner dog. This was the very first time that fortnight viewers around the world would have gotten a good glimpse of what reit had to offer to the pro scene, and he started by knocking it out of the park.

There is an exception when it comes to pro players who use a controller in fortnite. They’ll, have a lot of less mechanical skill in general and will instead rely on things like amos says. To get the job done.

Is that the case for reed as well, not exactly in fact, reit has been described by many as one of the best mechanically gifted controller fortnite players in the world, and this first video was one of the things that got people thinking that way sure his play.

Might not always be the cleanest, but there’s, something distinctly impressive about reid, managing the box, fight and outbuilt players that would have been using a mouse and keyboard. His aim is sharp at any distance and he’s, always able to stay on top of the position, with an aggressive play style based on reacting and predicting his opponent’s.

Moves in seconds after his outstanding performance in the na wes nafncs reet’s. Next big showing would be alongside a player who had started making waves in the fortnite competitive community. He would play alongside someone who had been part of the fortnite cop scene since it had begun.

Riverson, like reit, have been noticed by some of the best players in the world and have been deemed like skillful enough to be his dual partner for the contender cash cup in may. Once again, reet was out to prove that he could play alongside the best fortnite players in the world, even if he was just some newcomer on a controller, even though he was just playing alongside a pro player like riverson, who had previously, you know placed ninth in The world cup solo finals, he went as hard as he could.

It would have been so easy to just step back and allow riverside to do all the heavy lifting in the tournament, but instead he played just as aggressive as ever showcasing his absurd mixture of skill and aim reit and riverside made a good team and continued to Play with each other for a while after their first tournament, but his connection in riverside served to be something much more important.

It was a direct line to some of the biggest names in the community and before long it wasn’t just riverside that he was playing alongside in the championship. Catch cup of chapter 2 season 3 reid played alongside another veteran of the fortnite world cup falconer who had gained his fame when he managed to come in first place in two separate, qualifier tournaments and fit in the finals of the world cup itself.

They took first in week, one of the tournament before ultimately coming in second, at the end of it all, with falconer and riverson, having both played with reit. All of a sudden, his career had gone into hyperdrive.

It was like a switch had been just flipped on and out of, nowhere restarted to win again and again and again it didn’t matter that the controller settings were being returned and aim assist was being nerfed because that had nothing to do with Reek being so good, he was just a genuinely skilled player and it was really showing, as he started, to rack, up more and more victories and played against more and more pro players resubscriber and view count on youtube started to balloon out of control guys over the Course of june his youtube channel only received 370 new subscribers, but the impact of playing with river sun and falconer, and then even epic.

Well in the aqua and nyrux throwback cup, was immense in july. He gained over 8 000 subscribers and then in august he gained over triple that with almost 26 000 subscribers reit had made it into the big leagues in record time.

It had been a year and a half, and he already made it to the point where he was just like winning major tournaments, alongside some of the biggest names in fortnite, while also destroying people like booga and faze high sky in tournaments.

Like dreamhack, it was unprecedented for someone just to come up as fast as reid has and it doesn’t seem like he’s, going to be slowing down anytime soon. You know in fortnite. You have to adapt all the time.

You know new weapons get put in and out of the rotation. You know new game, mechanics and areas of the map get changed and twisted great has proven time and time again that he could be a master of evolution and adaptation and he’s.

Only getting better over time since his big team up with riversaan reed, has taken part in a grand total of 38 separate tournaments of those 38 tournaments. He’s, come in third place twice second place six times and in his first 10 times this means he’s, placed in a top three position 19 times, which is almost like half of the tournaments that he ‘

S played in for any pro to have come in the top three and that many tournaments would be like impressive for it to have been someone that only started playing fortnite competitively like just over a year and a half ago.

Oh, my goodness wow i’m lost for words that’s. How special it is it’s almost like a shame that reach started playing fortnite competitively when he did 2020 has been a bit of a weird year when it comes to four night comp there’s, really been no real lan events.

The world cup has been cancelled and, and all we’ve had to keep us going, are the various online events that epic and other companies have thrown together? Sure there’s been a lot of them, but none of them have managed to bring together the entire community.

You know in competition like the world cup, and because of that we don’t just yet know like how far we might be able to climb. So that was the story of extra reed. He’s, a controller player that only started playing fortnite competitively a year and a half ago he’s, rising up through the ranks of professional fortnite players faster than almost anyone before and he’s done it with the Mechanical style and aggression that really shouldn’t be possible in a controller over the past year.

His career has truly taken off his youtube. Subscribers and views are climbing at an incredible rate, and he’s being noticed by more and more pros, usually because he’s, eliminating them and stealing tournaments right from under their noses.

Where will reach story go from here? Only time would tell, but if the past year and a half is anything to go by it i mean i’m sure it’s, going to be incredible, bro guys family bunch of crunch on me man.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Hey, listen like the video subscribe to the channel, because we got so much more great stuff coming out and once again i’m. Your motivation guy i’ll, see you soon: [ Music ]! You

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