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All with me. Okay, so guys in today’s, video, we’re, showing you guys the story of youtuber laser beam and how he went from a high school dropout to an international internet, superstar, alright guys so far, our question of the day.

What’s? Your favorite laser beam, video? I’ll, let you know my opinion later on in this video, but before we get into this all right, we got to talk about you for a second everybody say it’s time to talk about me.

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So what are you waiting for all right? Guys? It’s about that time. Ladies and gentlemen, around the world, you better scream this out. It’s, time to sit back, come on, relax and grab some of my favorite candy.

What is that guys come on stay with me? It’s that bunch of crunch – and you know we better get this going when fortnight took the world by storm. It raised a whole new generation of content creators to the peak of YouTube.

There were pro players able to finally get their chance to shine streamers that have managed to find their niche and youtubers. That has something fresh to make videos on laser beam. Didn’t rely on fortnight to change his life, but it definitely helped.

I’m. Sorry bad! Sometimes you know. People think that school simply isn’t for them, even if they don’t have something like YouTube to fall back on when laser beam was just 15 years old. He didn’t have anything close to an online entertainment career, but he already knew that his future didn’t lie in books and exams by dropping out of school.

You know it. Isn’t an easy choice and it came with his own set of hardships and challenges. Laser beam had to find work and fast. The work he ended up finding was a construction job. It wasn’t something that he enjoyed physical labor.

You know constructing buildings, no matter the weather, but it paid the bills right and served as the gateway into something he actually did enjoy. When laser beam started making YouTube videos, there was nothing to do with gaming in the slightest and in fact he didn’t even really appear in them.

Instead of just making gaming content, he worked with what he had at the time and decided to make content while he was at work. How do you make entertaining videos on a construction site? You focus on the destruction.

The videos are all private now, but laser beams. First channel was called crush, slash and was focused around things being crushed and destroyed by various construction vehicles. [ Music ]. There was a wide variety of destruction involved from computers being run over by bulldozers to Christmas baubles being decimated by wood.

Chippers. Laser beam has described his antics on the crush, slash channel as being an Australian knockoff version of the slow mo guys, and that really was just him and his brother doing illegal things with construction machinery.

It was clearly something that laser beam enjoyed, though, because he also said that he probably would still be doing it today. If his camera gear didn’t, he stole it. But the fact of the matter is this: his camera gear did get stolen and all of a sudden laser beam had no way to express his new passion, making YouTube content with no camera gear to record the destruction he had become so used to laser beam was Finally, introduced to the world of gaming content and his journey could truly begin, while it might not be so obvious in his videos anymore.

Laser beam has always been a fan of American football, most football fans of the game first and the Madden series of the video games. Second, but in laser beams case it was the total opposite way around when he was growing up.

Laser beam saw in an episode of Family Guy featuring Tom Brady and by the time he started playing Madden Brady was the only character he knew so he started to use the Patriots and over time became the massive fan.

Why are we talking football and Madden? Because this is where laser beams gaming YouTube career really got started. This is where laser beam really got started and you can see the influence these earlier.

Videos have had on his channel even in his most recent videos. Laser beam has always loved, you know, doing challenges, and these early Madden videos were no different. He, through tiny characters against giant characters.

He tried to assimilate major, plays from real-life and info games and he even tried to get quarterback Aaron Rodgers to catch a hare Mary. When it comes to growth on platform like YouTube, everyone knows that you have to be playing the right kind of game to really get noticed by the masses of content watches out there.

Madden was not the right kind of game. There is a definite ceiling in the amount of people that watch Madden content on YouTube and twitch, probably much lower than the amount of people that watch actual American football laser-beam had a new choice to make.

He could continue only to make Madden videos and watch his growth on YouTube stagnate or he could play games that would guarantee him a wider viewership base. As you can tell by the fact, we’re even making this video laser beam dish, Madden for bigger and better things, not all of his original fans were happy with this choice with many claiming that he was just selling out just to get more Views, though, eventually that just became a mean surrounding his channel, why was laser beam Acela? Because one of the games he chose to play was the game that was quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

Fortnight battle royale his first fortnight, video was made when the game was in its first season back when we were all BOTS and had no idea what was really going on. The video was called number one battle: royale strategy for night battle royale and has since managed to rack up 1.

5 million views, as with all of laser beams, most influential videos. It started with the challenge, though, this time, one that was simple. He would play for a night for as long as it took for him to get a win, and, with a few days of playing under his belt, that wasn’t going to be especially easy.

The first game looked like it was going to go. Well, laser beam got a sniper early and enough shield portions to put him up to max health, but then another player managed to hunt him down in a basement and eliminate him without even taking a single shot of damage.

It’s here that we realized why laser beams said this would be a challenge he’s, not particularly good at 4/9 Battle Royale after a quick, listen of his pump up song. Laser beam was right back into it.

After finding a scar, laser beam remarks that there must be no way he could possibly mess things up at first, it looked like he might have been right and even managed to get a couple of eliminations, but it was only a matter of time before he came Up against someone who actually knew how to build, and they managed to take him out with these with a shotgun and a scoped rifle and his inventory and looked like the tide was finally going to change for laser beam.

He even managed to get himself to a supply. Crate time went on laser beam, had a ton of materials and made it into the top five. He built himself a base, and then this was the result. What the best laser beam managed to do in that video was the second place spot a position he only managed to achieve by hiding out in bushes and abusing the fact that people couldn’t see him at the time he may not have managed To get the first place spot in his first fortnight Battle Royale video, but it started off a journey for him to evolve from being a player with zero wins to being a player with well one win.

It finally happened on laser beams. Third, video and a video named 15 hours. One challenge it finally happened. Laser beam managed to score his very first solo win. He did pretty much nothing for the entirety of the game right up until the final circle, where he managed to take out two people and finally get the win.

Why was the video called 15 hours of one challenge if the video wasn’t 15 hours long, that’s? How long laser beam had to play to finally get a solo win? It may seem strange that a youtuber who was so obviously bad a fortnight would decide to take that game as their focus for a YouTube channel, but laser beam just went from success to success.

Unlike Madden fortnight didn’t have a viewership ceiling. Almost everyone in the world watch and play for a night Battle, Royale, and so his channel was able to balloon in size. In April 2000, nineteen his YouTube channel finally reached the 10 million subscriber mark marking him as the second ever Australian gaming related content creator to reach the milestone by July 20 19.

He was the third most subscribed for Knight centric streamer, with over ten point, eight million subscribers and over three billion views, but some things never change and the comedy centric challenge style.

Videos were we’re laser being felt most comfortable from spawning over a thousand box and creative mode to the climate change challenge. We’re laser being had to traverse the chapter to season to map, while only sticking to the areas that were still covered in snow.

His channel has been able to boon to over 12 million subscribers, with every video played over 4 million views in the last three months to say he’s become a success, will probably be a bit of an understatement by the end of 2019.

It had been announced that laser beam would be appearing as himself in the movie free guy, a movie that takes inspiration from both Grand Theft Auto and fortnight, following an npc in a video game world who discovers that his world is in fact just an open world.

Video game, he was also acknowledged in the 2019 end of year, random video YouTube /, 1 2019 as being the 8th, most viewed console crater on the planet, but the total of 2 billion views in 2019 and 2020 alone.

Laser beam has already had some extreme successes. It was announced that he, along with a couple other youtubers, has signed an exclusivity deal to only stream on YouTube, making him immediately one of the biggest dedicated strangers on the site and reacted to the announcement.

Laser beam decided to do a 12 hour long charity stream. Alongside some of other Australian youtubers, in order to raise money to fight the terrible Australian bushfires that were occurring at the time, they managed to raise $ 100,000’alien dollars for cause.

There have been some wobbles along the way, especially in late 2019, when Epic Games added items like the brute, the giant mechanical monster of mayhem, then many of the four-night community despised in season X, laser beam was incredibly critical.

He claimed, alongside many other streamers, that the brute was an overpowered and unbalanced addition to the game and that it should probably be removed. Then, when chapter 2 finally launched in October 2019, lazar beam seemed to have ditched for a night battery out almost entirely.

He claims that, since chapter 2 has arrived, epic games simply haven’t, been updating the game as much as they should and as such his interests, and it has fallen off slightly. Instead, laser beam has posted roblox videos, tik-tok videos and minecraft up until the latest update were four-night added helicopters to the game.

New content updates like this is what keeps fortnight fresh and replayable, so it’s. No surprise that the biggest change of four nights chapter 2 would bring him back how long with his renewed new interest in for night last, there’s, no real way to say, but considering laser beam has cold laser tattooed on his arm.

It’s, likely who never been a four night battle, royale forever from being a kid who dropped out of school at a construction job, making videos on slow-motion destruction to a Madden challenge, content creator, it’s, one of the biggest Australian Gaming youtubers this was the untold story of laser beams rise 2 for knifing, hey.

I hope you enjoy the video make sure you like and subscribe, and you know share with your friends man. This is the special channel we got so much going on. We just want to make sure that you are the best version of me and you fulfill everything that you’re supposed to many believing you guys, man keep going and we ‘

Ll, see you next time.

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