Some people struggle for years and years to become a master at their craft. Most athletes have to train to become one of the best, but when it comes to fortnight, there’s. A brand new breed of young superstars that are preparing to go and claim their piece of the competitive pie.

Kids, with insane skills have been popping up all over the world from a nine-year-old kid who dominated so hard, he was banned by epic to preteens, who have already been picked up by major eSports brands.

One of those kids is hi sky. My name is Patrick also known as face hi sky, and I’m, a streamer or content creator for faceplant, and I love playing video games. What’s going on guys? Listen! This is not your ordinary guy.

This is your motivation, guy that’s right. I’m here to motivate you to be the best that you can be not only in this game, but also in life, the one and only Keith Allen. I’m in your corner guys. I, like I, love to remind you because you know I know a lot of times.

We go through so much negative things, but I want you to know you have someone that is rooting for you. That wishes you the very very best all right guys it’s about that time. Ladies and gentlemen, around the world, it’s.

Time to scream this out, come on, let’s, get high bunch of crunch army. It’s time to sit back, relax and grab some of my favorite candy, who’s the loudest here we go it’s that bunch of crunch and let’s.

Get this going today. We’re gonna be taking a look at the career of one of the youngest professional Fortnight players on the planet, hi sky. He’s, been banned from Twitter and twitch for being too young to stream and tweet on their platforms.

He was signed a faze clan before he was even legally allowed to play in four night tournaments and he ‘ S already become one of the most well-known and talked-about players on the planet. Could this kid be the ninja or tee foo of the next generation? This is the story of high sky and it’s, a story that’s only just the beginning.

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So it’s 20/20. It’s, pretty much every kid’s dream to become a famous youtuber, eSports, professional or streamer when they grow up. The sad truth is not. Everyone is going to be able to take hold of that dream, but for some people, climbing the ladder to success is as easy as breathing and high sky is one of those rare few.

When his career truly began, he was only 11 years old, though none of us actually knew that at the time at this early point in high skies for nine career, he was fooling basically everybody. He was already partnered on Twitch, which is something you need to be over the age of 13 to do and have become notorious in the Pro four-night community for being one of the best young players on the circuit.

His mechanical skills were polished and had a flair for eliminating his enemies with an out of nowhere. Trickshot faze clan had a strong roster. Already, the acquisition of hi sky to the team was set to make it even stronger.

Hi sky had already played in a couple of World Cup qualifier matches and bye week for the tournament it looked like he was going to make history as one of the youngest players to qualify. Considering he had come in 12 alongside is dual partner kite Rex, but the middle of May 20 19 would bring hi skies early evolving career to a show during stop, because just two months after he was signed by face T Fuu ripped everything.

The young player had built down. People are higher feeling how you’re doing he doesn’t, really care that much okay. He’s, just happy. He’s awesome, but it pissed me off right. If you’re a fan of the fortnight pro scene, then you probably already know that in 2019 there was a massive fight between T foo and his former friends in faze clan.

The erupted legal dispute revealed many potential troops about-face, but one of them that was for sure real was the fact. Hi sky had been lying about his age to everybody. Hi sky had not been 13 years old before he was signed, a faze clan.

In fact, he had only been 11, but worse than that, the documents T foo release actually alleged that people from faze themselves had pressured both hi sky and his parents to lie about his age. No one could really just take T foo at his word regarding these accusations.

It was a pretty big deal, one that threatened to remove hi sky from streaming on Twitch and competing in four night tournaments that were hosted by epic. But supporting evidence was quickly found when tweets by hai Skye’s mom from back in 2012 or uncovered.

These tweets were wishing hi sky a happy 5th birthday, but if hi sky had turned 5 and 2012, that meant he could have only been 11 when he was recruited and signed by face. Now, for those of you who somehow don’t know being under the age of 13, is a pretty big deal when you’re, an up-and-coming four-night star, who has just been signed to a major eSports team? If you’re under that crucial teenage barrier, then you can’t stream on Twitch at all.

You can’t participate in events that are run by Epic Games and, as of June 2019, you are unable to stream on YouTube without an adult in attendance. In other words, when high sky was outed, he was suddenly put into a very precarious situation when he would have to work hard to get out of this issues started to make themselves known thick and fast.

On June 4, 2019 high skies twitch account was banned because of his age. Fans of the preteen player were unable to access the channel at all and were instead faced with an error message. Twitch never came out and said that high skies channel had been removed from broadcasting because he was under the age of 13 and it is against the Terms of Service for a creator to be on the site under that age, but seemed to be okay with the Idea of high sky returning when he had gotten older shortly after high skies Twitter account was removed for the exact same reasons.

The bad news for high sky kept coming that month. Epic games have a minimum age for their competitors in four night tournaments, and you guessed it it’s. Also, thirteen years old, all of the money that he had earned from the tournaments that he had competed in, was to be revoked as if he had never played in a tournament to begin with, all the money that he had earned in the fortnight World Cup qualifiers.

The black heart cut and the 2018 Winter Royale would never end up being paid out to high sky all because of his age. He was young, but he was already flying higher than almost any other fortnight creator.

It had seemed like his quickly developing career had taken the air, but we all know that this is now a high sky’s. Career came to its end. High skies story, isn’t a story of a young kid who got slapped down from breaking the rules.

Instead, this is the story of an incredibly talented kid who was able to shrug off all that adversity and still managed to continue growing his career. To be me me being underage, and yes, I am 12. I only lied so that I can fulfill my dream from games like this jamming my dream for a long time, and I worked from like for a year and a half for it.

The day after hi sky was banned from twitch due to his age, hi sky was already striking out through a different platform, while YouTube had changed the rules to force younger streamers and content. Creators that have parents present in their streams and videos, hi Sky’s.

Parents had always been incredibly supportive, and so he started streaming their instead in his first stream. Hi sky admitted that, yes, he was only 12 years old and yes, he had lied to basically everybody about his actual age, but he had only done all of that because he was chasing his four-night dream.

He apologized for this deception revealed that he had been using his brother’s, twitch account to stream and said that he just couldn’t wait another two years to begin working on his gaming career. Clearly, his apologies were accepted because within mere minutes his dream had pulled in 3000 viewers and solidified the future that he had started to grow for himself.

Hi sky may have only been a 12 year old kid at the time, but he had a smart head on his shoulders. He knew that he would no longer be able to compete in foreign events and that streaming on Twitch again was a long way off.

Instead, he dedicated himself to the life of a YouTube content creator. He was still a member of faze clan, and so he used that to his full advantage. His twitter account was reinstated with the member of phase at the helm and he started making YouTube videos based not just around his skill and an incredibly young age, but also his faze clan teammates.

Some of his most popular videos are either videos that include faze clan members or are just giving his viewers a look into his life amongst the faze clan. It’s like really like cool like knowing like and once they I have like the real family and then another say I have like a the face family like the face family.

It’s like super like awesome. They all like they’ll help each other and they all go together. Super cool hi sky can no longer take part in the four night World Cup, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t head on over to New York with his faze clan friends.

Here, hi sky took part in his very first fan meetup and was able to see just how far he had already come for the first time he was in the middle of fans screaming his name, even if he wasn’t even allowed to compete In the Fortnight World Cup that was happening just a few blocks away.

He couldn’t play in tournaments that were being run by Epic Games anymore, but there were plenty of opportunities over the past year for high sky to prove that he still had what it took to play with some of the very best players on The planet, one of those opportunities, was King Stars Friday.

Fortnight competitions, though he was never able to actually rank high enough to walk away with a cash prize before King stars shut them down for good. He also still took part in professional scrimmages and played in the arena playlist to keep his skills sharp.

I greased jump on me. I have large feet. You got this grace, I believe in you hit this clip go for it grace. You got this [ Music ] in 2020. The time had finally come while he may have only been 11 at the start of the story.

This year, hi sky finally turned 13 for real this time. This meant that he was finally able to retake control of his Twitter account and open up a brand new Twitter account to stream own within his first couple of days after return it at which he was able to reach 20,000 followers and over 200 twitch subscribers.

He might not be back at the levels his Twitter followers, the subscribers were at before his account was banned for being underage, but it’s, a pretty solid start at regaining his former streaming notoriety.

At this point, in time, phase doesn’t officially have high sky down as a competitive player. He simply listed as a content creator. This makes a lot of sense when you consider he couldn’t actually play in any epic official events, but now that he has the ability to actually compete again, you can bet it won.

‘t, be long before we see high sky battling it out with the top players on the world’s biggest stage ever since he regained control of his Twitter account. Hi sky has almost only ever tweeted about competitive scrim matches that he’s, taking part in showing that he’s already back to grinding and getting back any of the skill that he might have lost after being cut off from the Biggest events that have been happening in the pro scene, it’s only a matter of time before hi sky starts playing an epic tournament once again, and this time who knows how far he’ll manage to climb once again guys.

This is your motivation, guy that’s right, your friend, the one and only keep Alan. I hope you’re, inspired, no matter how old you are to go after your dreams. You can do it guys, I believe in you, don’t, give up don ‘

T surrender connect to me on my insta at your motivation: guy [, Music, ]

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