Before the fame before the audience and the name face way, was just an ordinary video game, loving teenager after a long day of school, he had hopped straight onto fortnight, just like so many of us did, and he might have not known it at the time.

But with every day that passed, he was slowly building an everlasting legacy. Anyone could record themselves playing video games seriously. All it takes is a click of a button still against all odds, sway managed to set himself apart from the competition.

His reputation as a top-tier controller player helped grows, fan base like wildfire from the og days of season 3. All the way to the world of chapter 2 sway managed to evolve into one of the most famous Fortnite youtubers of all time.

Welcome guys, my name is Christoph, and this is the video on the evolution of sway, but before we get into the video, if you guys want to improve at fortnight – and you want to get better, this season make sure to go to pro guides comm and find Yourself, a pro player right now, probably as good as sway to play with in your games.

Right now, they’re waiting online 24/7. You won’t regret it all right guys. Let’s get into the video. So if you were to go to sways channel click on videos and sort by the oldest, you’d, expect to find some ancient fortnight clips at the top, but no sways first videos will put out about a month before fortnight was even released and His first one was called easy D atomizer that’s right sway, started his content career with some Call of Duty gameplay that showed his absolutely incredible.

Skills. Nukes were no easy feat to achieve in Call of Duty, but here’s. Young’s way, getting 25 kills in only 3 minutes, and although he didn’t have much of an audience to see it even back, then his skill was just undeniable sways.

Real journey. Didn’t start until October 2017. That’s when he uploaded his first ever fortnight, video titled 1 vs. 3. Now I know you’re, probably thinking this isn’t that crazy, I mean come on all those guys.

He killed her BOTS, but this was the first month. The game was out pretty much. Nobody knew how to build, especially on a controller so seeing sway utilized. The mechanic that had most players baffled paints a perfect picture of his future success by the way that word art.

The end was a pretty nice touch, but after uploading, this video sway noticed a steady rise in views. The new fortnight content craze helped give his channel to kick-start that it needed, so he made the decision to start prioritizing fortnight content entirely over anything else.

His decision proved to be fruitful and his channel began rising in popularity almost instantly a few months later sway. Finally, passed the 1000 subscriber milestone and to celebrate he put out a good old gameplay montage Wow, Oh bro, I swear bro, you forget this Wayne, you’re nasty.

Not one thing clear in this. Video was just how nuts sway had gotten his building aim and movement were just miles ahead of the average player Wow going back and watching these early fortnight vids sure brings back some memories.

Well, the good old tilted towers sway would drop tilted almost every game and go from fight to fight improving his aim. Building an overall skill too bad tilts it’s gone to be honest, drop, an F in the comments.

If you guys miss it fast forwarding into the future, we see sways first-ever, hit video for some reason, its ominously titled period. Still it was the most significant boost his channel had ever seen, though surprisingly sway received a lot of backlash from viewers for this video.

Just look at that over 1000 dislikes comments were criticizing him at every turn, calling his aim horrible and his builds panicky, but from pressure and hate comes motivation and success. So after this sway kept creating fortnight videos this time getting more creative with his titles titles that expressed his confidence and showed that he had what it took to be one of the best in the world.

Within no time his talents were noticed, and he was picked up by the small fort night team vicious after joining vicious sway started becoming more and more noticed. Heads returning and vicious Josue was the name being recognized in the console community by the way, if he couldn’t tell his real name.

Josue is how he eventually got the name sway. At this point, though, sway was grinding hard to pump out content while at the same time improving his gameplay drastically. So what allowed sway to blow up and gain traction well, to put it simply, it was due to his insane skill, but how did he get so talented? There were hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people grinding the daily to get better.

How was zwei able to beat them all out? Well, starting on April 23rd 2018. He uploaded his first ever build battle, video, a new series on his channel where he took on high-level builders in head-on fights in these videos.

We’d, see zwei, initiate every build battle. He could by rushing at opponents and remember this was the period before playground or creative were even in the game. All you could do was grind your way through pub matches.

Zwei did this, but he had his own style, while most players prioritized getting the victory RAL. Zwei was focused on engaging in as many built battles as he could to him. Wins meant nothing. Improving was the only thing that he valued.

This crucial factor in sways early days is what mainly is responsible for his incredible skill. Well, you look at footage from over a year ago and he’s still better than almost most players today. That’s because in the good old days, if you weren’t W keying and getting into fights, there was no other way for you to improve your mechanics.

What go 20 kills so by continuously forcing engagements waste started becoming the fortnight. God at this time he was pulling off high, kill solo squad games, dropping 20 bombs left and right at a time when it was unheard of for controller players.

To do that. Yes, later on, legends like Nick mercs and gronke would get them all the time, but sway was doing it before them being one of the first also fueled his momentum and justified him being on the top of the console player list as well watching his gameplay.

We do realize one thing, and that is that his building is well. It’s kind of slow, and we don’t mean this in a bad way when compared to pro gameplay today it does seem a bit primitive still. You have to keep two things in mind number one back.

Then there was no builder Pro option only combat pro meaning that you’d, have to circle through your different building pieces. Every time you wanted to place something those tedious controls made complex building techniques nearly impossible on controller, it was awful.

Thankfully, the better options were added and the skill potential of players like SAS Way skyrocketed at this time and number two. This was all the way back in seasons, three and four, so techniques weren’t, as developed as they are today.

Nowadays we find players, cranking, 90s and bursting out those building moves, but back then they were practically impossible on controller. Let’s fast forward a bit and take a look at a critical point in fortnight history.

The introduction of the playground playground became a permanent addition to the game on July 25th and finally, it gave all players from noob to pro an environment to test and develop their talents and with its release, sway was taking off.

He was already a fanatic for pushing his building skills to the limit, so playgrounds was pretty much his dream come true. Speaking of building, you guys know 90s right. They’re, probably the most well known building technique, but you want to know who helped popularize them.

Well, that’s right, none other than phase sway. Everyone else was still using the old myth build-up strategy, but it ended up being so outdated. It used more materials and it wasn’t very quick at gaining height, but given sways expertise in building, he quickly started, preferring another faster and much more efficient method.

If it wasn’t for sway, a ton of players, wouldn’t even know how to make the best 90s at this point, sway was growing at an unbelievable pace, so much so that he outgrew team Vicious and decided to join and Co-Lead cronic, alongside a few other well-known names, one being his friend Luis, who he still plays with today for a while chronic was one of the most popular teams out there.

Their recruitment challenges allowed anybody to potentially join and feel if they were part of this big thing, and it really helped boost the org from nothing all the way to the top. That is until they disband, unfortunately, without much structure or an end goal.

Teams like chronic can’t sustain themselves for very long, so the majority of the members moved on to other things and on March 12th, 2019, our dear friend sway, was picked up by one of the most well known orgs in the world.

Faze clan, like with most people that join faze, sway exploded in popularity. He wasn’t. Just some kid uploading build battle montages from his ps4. He was now phase sway with almost 1 million subscribers.

The news of him joining pretty much broke the internet for a couple of days. Anyone could talk about was phase sway, the guy’s. Talents had reached levels, never thought to be possible. Unfortunately, though, increased popularity has its downsides because of a mishap with creator.

Codes sway missed out on tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. Simply because there’s, another youtuber called sway. You see, phase sways code is yo sway. He had to set it to that because the other guys code was sway and he had that first fans eager to supports wait for God about the yo and, as you can see, it led to thousands of dollars being funneled to the wrong creator.

Since the magical moment of joining phase sways growth had been incredible, his subscriber count more than doubled to now over two million subscribers, and he also got invited to big-money competitions like fortnight Friday, where he made an absolutely dominant, showing clutching up solo squads and serving up Evidence why he deserves the title of best controller player in the world.

These players, one still remains, he’s, got plenty of mats to make it work from the backside. Still three players left that would be 28 eliminations double trap for good measure enjoy. Now it’s, the bush man vs.

zwei curry. Why’d? You leave everybody left. Besides. All of these astounding, life-changing developments sway also became known in the community. As the quintessential creative warrior, his retakes were top-notch.

His builds were as smooth as they could be, and he even took the mongrel at a course. World record beat it and then surpassed his own record. Once again. The majority of sways content nowadays consists of 1v1 s against well-known players, exciting match highlights, and clips of him cranking out on inspiring free builds.

There’s, a ton to watch in his channel and if you aren’t already subscribed to him. You absolutely should be he’s. An incredible wonder and fortnight face way has had a truly remarkable career, one with a lot of meaning and a lot of hard work behind it.

It’s, really easy to look at him and say wow. He’s so lucky, but when you look back at the past two years, you see the sweat and bloody sacrifice. Do you realise that he definitely deserves the success that’s? Our video concluding the evolution of face sway? What an interesting guy, an amazing story he has and he’s still building his legacy as we speak once again, my name is Christoph and if you enjoyed this video, please leave a like or consider subscribing to the channel.

If you guys want to get better at fortnight, this season make sure to click the description link below and go find your pro player right now to play within your games. That’s. The video guys! Thank you so much for watching and good luck in your next few games.

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