He was one of the best Diablo and Warcraft players in the world. He climbed his way to the top 250 in overwatch, but that wasn’t all. He also ranked number 1 for most eliminations in pub G. This guy is an eSports legend, and now he’s a fortnight youtuber with over 500,000 subscribers who’s, made a name for himself with his incredibly hilarious, but very angry reactions.

What is up pro guides family? It’s Christoph, and this is the story of Deller. The king of fortnight range Deller has been banned from twitch dropped from pro eSports teams and somehow managed to come back from it all to have a successful YouTube gaming channel.

My question of the day, for you guys are you a fan of Della’s. Overtop fortnight freak outs, I’ll, let you know my thoughts later on the video before diller started, making cash from his hilarious reactions.

He had very humble beginnings. He worked as a residential assistant, taking care of people with mental or physical challenges, but how did he go from a social working job to Smashing objects for views all along Deller played many video games and one day discovered he was actually pretty good at them.

[ Music ]. Not only did he manage to become one of the top 20 World of Warcraft players in the top 10 Diablo 3 players, but Deller also managed to score himself a signing at Toronto eSports playing overwatch as their offensive tank.

While on the team he played three weekly tournaments rival, Cade, weekly, good gaming overwatch and the Academy Gaming overwatch weekly events as part of the team, he came in first place all three times it looked like Della’s.

Career was going to take off to a flying start until disaster struck in April 23rd, Deller found himself in the middle of a massive controversy, one that would put an end to his eSports career forever.

Deller had been playing overwatch on stream in front of multiple people. One of those people was a Widowmaker player called jump, shot, a player that had been taking Deller out multiple times throughout the match.

This would have been fine until the rest of Delos team started to call him out as standing still in the line of sight of the sniper which pretty much broke Deller completely. His reaction was not the reaction of a professional eSports player.

He said some incredibly offensive things offensive things that ultimately forced Toronto eSports to let him go from their company entirely de sports were claimed. They were an organization built on inclusivity and that they had a zero-tolerance policy for actions like Delos, and so they decided to terminate his contract for the company hi guys.

What’s up? I owe you guys and everyone an apology, so that’s. What this is gonna be today teller realized that he had made a massive mistake. He understood that he deserved to be dropped from Toronto eSports and that he wouldn’t.

Try to make any arguments or excuses for his actions, but really there weren’t any that could be made. He went on to say that he’d, had a really bad day and that he’d, gotten to a match, with a Widowmaker player who was believed to be cheating and then snapped over the entire ordeal after being dropped from Toronto.

Esports Deller vowed that he would never return to eSports again, which was probably for the best. If practicing got him so heated, but that didn’t mean he would never return to streaming after the heat had died down from his Toronto eSports firing.

Deller was able to find something else that he genuinely enjoyed doing, and that was streaming his games to a live audience on Twitch Diller grew slowly at first people were probably pretty wary of watching him due to the Toronto eSports incident, but eventually that fell to the Wayside when people realized how entertaining a Deller stream could actually be [ Music ], you guys need to uninstall uninstall Battle.

Royale games were where Deller found himself and once again he found that he was actually very good at them. He became one of the best pub G players on the planet dominating people in h1z1 and quickly became known for his incredible rage out moments.

When things didn’t go quite the way he wanted them to honestly. This reminds me of a lot of my teammates in pub G. It was only a matter of time before she would find Fortnight and his life would change forever.

[ Music ]. Yes, when it comes to content creation on websites like YouTube and twitch, there are certain games that act like spotlights on people they illuminate certain individuals and because of the light shone on them, they get to rise up quicker than everybody else.

Deller was one of those people that fortnight shone a light onto while he had already been building a moderate viewer base. With his rage filled streams, it was his fortnight streams and content that really took his viewership to the next level.

[, Music ] all right, [, Music, ]. There was just something about the mechanics of fortnight and the way that Deller would rage about the game. It acted as the perfect melting pot. It helped that Deller was actually good at the game, constantly dropping 20 bombs and wins in the game.

He even decided to play a bit of the arena mode, despite the fact that he wasn’t going to be playing in competitive games anymore. Deller was riding high, but no good time lasts forever and for Deller.

Another mistake was looming on the horizon. This time it happened while playing a different battle. Royale game apex legends, unlike other battle rails, apex Legends, is a game where teamwork truly is key.

At the time the only mode you could play was trios, and the only way you could win was a combination of good teamwork and communication, linking characters, abilities and gunfire together to bring yourself to the top spot.

The game was already going badly. Deller squad had lost one of their teammates and they had completely left the game, so it was just him and a girl playing as lifeline, but Deller was mad. The Lifeline player had come and stolen some of his items, leaving him with no shields and barely any ammo for his assault rifle.

He claimed that he would leave if the lifeline didn’t give him the shield, but she refused and told him to leave. Delery got angrier and angrier at the situation, even though he was trying to stay calm until eventually, just like the Widowmaker in overwatch, he snapped and told the girl player to cook him a sandwich.

This comment came at a time when Deller had managed to build up 350 thousand followers on Twitch. Any mistake he made would be picked up by his many viewers and spread around the internet like wildfire and guess what happened.

Well. Twitch suspended him for his language. They claimed it asking the girl playing lifeline to cook him. A sandwich was based on their gender, and so they issued a 30-day long suspension like what what is what is this? What is this man? How can I not get any response at all? Are they inspecting me? Like? I’m a [, __, ] animal or something like after a month had passed.

Diller was ready to get back to the grind and start streaming again, but the bad news kept on coming upon returning to the streaming platform. Deller learned that his twitch partnership had disappeared into thin air Deller had almost 2,000 subs at the time, meaning that he had a $ 5,000 monthly paycheck taken away from him.

While he was in his suspension his only contact at which said that he could no longer help teller and there was nothing he could do to get the partnership back there and then in his first stream. Back viewers were greeted by an incredibly emotional Deller.

He claimed that twitch had never given him a warning about losing his partnership and that now he had a lot less confidence about streaming on Twitch because he could no longer make money after his subs had been taken away after emailing twitch over and over again.

He eventually got a positive response. They said they would give Deller back his affiliate status and his partnership if he was respectful and not offensive for six months. A length of time that was shortened to 60 days following good behavior Deller, was once again riding high.

The date was October 1st 2019. The date he was scheduled to get his partnership back. But once again, fate was not on della side, and this time he was banned for an indefinite amount of time. The reason he broke a keyboard over his head in act that twitch claimed could be viewed as self harm and thus against the rules of the site.

This once again happened in a game of apex, one that he thought he was being stream. Sniped against Deller claimed that he had bought the type of keyboard he smashed against his head, specifically because they’re, cheap and fragile, and he had broken hundreds of them on his head in the past and twitch hadn’t cared those Dreams had even been washed by twitch staff, but he’d, never been banned for it.

This action bite which led to della receiving a ton of support from the streaming and twitch communities, all of them saying that twitches reaction had been unfair and disproportionate to what had occurred.

This took Deller to a very, very dark place. He revealed that he had been depressed for months and that his band from twitch and even having his partnership taken away from him was a form of mental torture.

He did everything he could to be more respectful and it felt like twitch had just thrown it all back in his face and removed him from the platform. For no reason, people became worried that della was going to do something stupid.

Luckily, that display of concern and compassion from the twitch community was enough to get the disillusioned streamer checked into a psychiatric hospital. Once again, this would be a pivotal point for della, because it would help explain everything della continued therapy for months, and it was at this time that he learned something about his mental health, something that could go a long way to explain, not just the actions that Caused him to be banned from twitch, but his rage reactions in general della had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

He announced this on Twitter and told people not to feel bad for him or think less of him, because the revelation had made him happy and had allowed him to understand himself better, each and every one of you month, each and every you.

Yes, you and you and that guy over there all you mother, bears dude. I can love you guys, man, I love you guys. Man, eyes, dude della! You’ve, already made over $ 400 WTF. I don’t. I’m. Not I can’t even see.

Don’t, know scoot. They’re everywhere. Man, there’s too much. Gladly bye, love! You dude! Let’s. Eat go man. Let’s. Go dude. A new era had begun the era of Deller on YouTube gaming. He quickly became one of the most watched streams on the platform, doing exactly what he had always done raging out having fun and enjoying himself.

Maybe twitch wasn’t the right place for him tellers life was never easy. There was a time when he was addicted to drugs and in debt living off of welfare and Section eight only streaming to 20 people, but in 2019 he went from being a nobody to being one of the top streamers on Twitch and then later on, YouTube Deller Doesn’t know what the future will bring for him, but if his success on YouTube gaming is anything to go by, Deller story is only just getting started.

My personal take on Deller story is that he’s, an exceptionally talented individual. Not only is he fun to watch because of how rayji he is, but to get in the top point, one percent of all those games that he played it just goes to show what an absolute marvel he is.

Nobody is perfect. He made mistakes in the past and luckily he’s, able to find some success with YouTube and I think that he’s learned his lesson. I think we can all agree that we want to make gaming more inclusive for everybody, and I think the Deller knows that now and I wish him the absolute best of luck.

If you guys want to become a content. Creator like Deller, then go check out this video that I made up here. This detail is my personal story about how to become a content creator and also how to become a pro player, which you know could be very helpful for you guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and that you found some inspiration with it. If you guys want to start playing like a pro, but a pro guides calm and go find a pro coach right now they’ll help. You become a lot better at pretty much any esports game that you’re interested in that’s it for the video guys.

Thank you so much for watching. Once again, it’s been Christophe, have a great day and good luck in your next few games. [ Music, ]

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