cloaks he has one of the most impressive runs in all of battle. Royale history, like so many pros, he started with h1z1 joined an organization and then made the jump to the iconic fortnight that we all know and love and his life changed forever.

Wait a minute did he compete and win nearly half a million dollars with his lovable goofy attitude and thrilling gameplay. He built a massive fan base that kept us entertained along the way: [ Music, ], [, Music, ] and as far as iconic duos go cloaks ent.

Foo were about as memorable as they can get with cloaks brilliant in game leading and T Fu’s. All-Star capabilities. This dynamic duo showed us what made competitive, Fortnite great, however, fame comes at a price and along his journey, French ships would fall apart.

His org would turn their back on him and, on top of all that, his passion for the game would slowly fade away. This is the story of cloak see the pro who rose to fame faster than anybody else. The pro who would live in the shadows of his teammate T foo and the pro who would get sucked into all the drama it would eventually cause his love for the game to decline.

It keeps getting worse and worse how how how did the game get worse? Every update, how did it all happen? Where’s cloak see now and what is in store for cloak sees future find out in the story of cloak see cloak sees history and competitive.

Gaming goes all the way back before fortnight, beginning with the Halo series on Xbox. Eventually, when halo 3 got released, he began to take gaming very seriously even travelling to compete in MLG land vents and although he was just an amateur, it gave him a taste of what competitive gaming was all about.

After his stint playing halo cloak moved on to PC gaming and began playing the title, every pro gamer touches at one point or another csgo by playing CS. He’d, be proving his shooter skills more and more as time went on and in his crime.

He’d, reached the game’s, highest ranked global elite, something only a small percentage of players have done, but in 2016 a new genre and game spread like wildfire h1z1 battle, royale cloaks he swiftly transitioned to h1, mastering it in no Time it’s as if he had a natural instinct when it came to be ours intuitively, knowing things like how to properly rotate third party fights taking high ground and so on, closest committed, grind along with plenty of online tournament, wins led him to Being signed to play for DJ Steve Aoki’s, eSport organization, rogue cloak accomplished a lot in his h1z1 days, but the highlight of his career would be in 2017 when he played in the nationally televised h1z1 fight, for the crown cloaks face was featured On TVs all across America that day and although rogue didn’t end up winning cloaks, he would use this opportunity to propel his career into even greater heights.

Once fortnight got released and took the throne as the top battle royale game on the market. Cloak didn’t hesitate to switch on over at first. He was like most of us and he had no idea how to build, but his aim and battle royale intuition gave him the edge to dominate and make a name for himself in the early days of fortnight.

One of those guys – I literally – oh my god. Oh, my god, with how quickly for tonight was blowing up every eSports or was scouting talent, including the industry, giant faze clan, and, as luck would have it, they noticed cloak through some of the nutty highlight plays.

He’d, been posting on Twitter. His gameplay was beyond impressive and, with his background in competitive battle Royales, it was a no brainer that he was going to be one of the best players in the world and faze reach out to me back in February, and they’re like hey.

We’re extremely interested. We want you to build a team, and I was like this is like top of the line like faze clan. Like came to me and wanted me to go the team, so they brought cloaks he on board and even made him team captain, but faze wasn’t done just yet.

They wanted an all-star on their roster, someone who could propel faze clan to that definitive number one spot cloaks. He was in charge of finding that someone and with the recommendation of Banks, it didn’t, take long for them to decide on tee foo, who had not only played h1 around the same time as cloak, but was now also tearing it up.

In fortnight faze reached out to me, it was like hey, we’re, really interested. We want you to build a team and he foo was shining at that point and I hit him up and we tried a couple: do a couple duo tournaments together and we ended up winning like a bunch.

Sorry, just like let’s, just keep the ball rolling in let’s, go with Keith, who I decide cloak felt more confident than ever. Their synergy was flawless and with how well they played off each other. The two paired up as a permanent do-over future events.

It was safe to say that tee foo was the peanut butter took cloak C’s jelly and soon after the pair teamed up their conquest would begin before the breathtaking land Vince and multi-million dollar prize pools.

There was community run tournaments, most notably team stars Friday fortnight, a 2v2 kill race to see which duo could rack up the most eliminations in a public squad, match cloak and teeth. Who would be invited to nine weeks of Friday fortnight and over that period? It was nothing but pure and utter dominance, of course cloaks.

He contributed more than his fair share, including an unforgettable clutch that kept them in the tournament. They ultimately ended up winning situation as though, if de Quantico Mills just continued to play it safe.

Oh no, they’re gonna, be just fine, but you’re gonna see dropping down here to get this kill. But what’s gonna happen, if you close 22, knocks now officially tying it if they do get. These drops and 1/3 goes down as well.

If they get this kill, they might in fact take the lead by one and it looks like Mills is gonna, be that’s crazy! Oh my got it. They over took the lead and take one helios sees that he is no longer in the building.

Yes to send it to heaven, they will not be prepared, not be pooping on. In the winner’s, bracket phase all-in-all cloaking teeth who smashed the competition to win four out of the nine weeks they participated in each earning a total of $ 25,000 that’s, a lot of cash, but things were about to ramp Up very quickly later, on the era of community run, events came to an end.

Once epic kicked off the summer skirmish as expected, cloak received an invite to play, and it wouldn’t, take long for him to reach his pivotal moment. Okay, so now he knew it. The last player is this player.

I would assume, is a good player yeah, oh yeah, this is my oh, I might ruin it off. You might’ve thought Hurley. Let’s. Go that week. He came in second place and earned $ 48,000, a single wind that trumped all of his earnings from his time playing Halo h1z1 and even the Friday fortnight events and over the remainder of the skirmishes.

He’d, go on to total his winnings to over $ 100,000. His success was incredible, to say the least, but all these skirmish weeks were only a build-up to what would be the greatest Fortnight event at the time twitchcon when they game day Cain.

Cloaks he performed exceedingly well picking up a crazy number of limbs and somehow surviving to the end game every single match and when the time came to clutch up, he was not going to let anybody down, but flames got everything get ever need to close.

He’s, trying to shoot down this top side, so they can’t heal. Can they do it? There’s? Three players left. They’re. Dropping him on down. Will they be able to out survive this zone? There floating t fus nail knocked: he can’t use his heels cloak seat ticking on down just 20 help remaining gets London who, out of winning it cloaks he’s down the wolf ground as well.

I believe they did. One thing is fellow faze, clan member, Nate Hill and funk bomb were performing just as well throughout the tournament. So when it came time to crown the winners everyone was holding on to the edge of their seats, it turned out the event was a total blowout.

40, fou and cloak see, and for just that weekend of gaming, they ‘ Ve won an astonishing half a million dollars which would have never been possible without cloak. With such a momentous win, cloak seat was on top of the world, but, as the saying goes, all good things eventually come to an end.

Sometime after cloaks, he began a silent battle against faze clan over a contract dispute, reason being that cloak was earning a ton from both his stream and prize winnings, and he felt at faze clan was taking far more than their fair share.

He wanted a better deal and once the infamous T, foo lawsuit made headlines cloak came out and pretty much said, yup I’m on the same contract with the same percentages and the same issues. T foo is going through his problem.

Wasn’t, the entire org, but more with the guys in suits running things from behind the scenes phase, did nothing wrong right, face a lot of people on face phrase that treat us great management. You sports chord stuff, like that banks Tommy all of them, love them to death, nothing against them all, because someone is the face of the org doesn’t mean they run the whole thing, but there’s a whole internal there’s like a whole council, if you like, CEO, CEO, is stuff like that, eventually people that want the best for you to the other people in the org, their hands are tied.

You know it means face and cloak never came to an agreement, and since then he’s been inactive on their roster waiting for the contract to come to its end, the contract drama had an unrelenting effect on cloaks reputation with diehard faze fans, but It wouldn’t, be the only thing taking a toll on him because, while that was going on, he and teeth who were struggling to qualify for the World Cup and it’s, not necessarily because they weren’t good Enough, it may have had more to do with the fact that teeth who live stream their qualifier games to over 200,000 people without a delay.

So I’m sure you can imagine just how many stream snipers there were everyone. They managed to get somewhat close together, but unfortunately they always missed the mark and in the end cloaks he didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

I didn’t stream for a week, so I want to focus on grinding off stream. I play better off stream and stuff like that, and to have me not qualify. Not only does that affect my job mentally and stuff like that, that’s, my fans down, while the World Cup was massive, it wasn’t the be-all end-all.

So when the season ten champion series got announced, cloak pulled himself together and started grinding, so he could win again. This time, t foo and cloak would team up with 72 hours. And what do you know more drama happened? It all started with T foo getting a sponsorship offer from EA Games to stream the new Madden game, the amount one hundred and forty thousand dollars.

That’s. A large amount of money, but rather than take it teef who wanted to practice trios and get ready for the FNC s finals, so he turned it down, but last minute cloak and Tom both got the same deal for me a and they accepted t foo was Absolutely livid he couldn’t believe that cloak a longtime, teammate and friend of his would go behind his back and take the deal after he declined it missing out on an opportunity to practice and better themselves in fortnight.

So he left the team and began looking for a new trio at first. It seemed as if cloak and Tom snake T foo, but things were a bit more complicated than that. I did not know about the brand deal and the fact that it was Brooke.

I didn’t. I didn’t cost him 150 K Lincoln, I the one that was like hey. You need to come up on me by the way. Don’t. Take this Fran deal. I didn’t. Even know about the brand deal, second of all, what kind of idiot are you to decline? A hundred and forty K, the entire situation, ended up being a case of severe miscommunication and for a while teeth.

Who and cloak were no longer on speaking terms, but eventually they would go on to realize just how foolish they had acted and how silly the whole situation was. So they made up and there were no hard feelings going forward.

Chapter two season two would be the last time the teeth when cloak would play together competitively just like the good old days they had their ups and downs, but managed to seventh place in the region, proving both players still had what it took to compete and as Of this moment, cloak is mostly done with competitive.

For tonight he’s, another in the long list of players ready to move on to new things and who can blame him burnout from intense non-stop gaming, coupled with incredible drama between him and his organization.

As well as him and his best friends, a true competitor like cloak si won’t be done with gaming. When he moves away from fortnight, he will just be playing another game. Recently. He’s, been grinding, the most hyped game of the year, valor — nt.

Is he gonna go pro in that? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: he’s got the skill to do it and, along the way, all his fans will be rooting for him. That’s, a pretty video guys. Thank you so much for watching.

I’m personally, a massive fan of cloaks see he’s, so professional and during the first year of fortnight competitive it was incredible to watch him and T foo. They were truly my idols at the time. I think that he’s been a little bit burnt out by fortnight.

Recently, let’s. Be honest. Fortnight is an incredible game, but sometimes it’s hard to stick to the same game over and over every single year. I wish them the best of luck and valor n’t. We do have our own valor in channel if you guys are interested in following that to get better at that game when it comes out, go sub to our channel right now and once again, if you guys want to get better at fortnight, go to pro guides.

Comm and find your challenge you’re coach right now. We’ll, also be streaming on pro guides, with some of the best players in the world so make sure to go. There get a lesson and become a better player once again, guys it’s, been Christophe with you.

Thank you so much for watching and good luck in your next few games. [ Music, ], [, Music, ]. You

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