What does that provides family and welcome back to another esports story? You guys been spam messaging me on instagram to make a story on clicks, and here it is this. Kid is an absolute god, but he wasn’t.

Always that way he actually had to work very very hard in order to become this good. If there’s, anybody who has natural given talent in the game it’s got to be clicks. He is a one-on-one monster that gave him the name the wager king.

This story is inspirational for all of us who want to go pro and in this story, click shows us how to do just that. Only a year ago, a fourteen-year-old fortnight player emerged from relative obscurity and took the world by storm.

His name was clicks at the beginning of his journey. Cliques was just another kid with dreams of making it big, but through persistence and dedication he evolved into a household name and became a fortnight’s superstar.

If there’s, one thing cliques as noted for its his wagers. He’s, an absolute beast in one-on-ones, regardless of who steps up to the plate and with so much unmatched success. He’s, earned the title of the wager king but of course, his opportunities and achievements.

Weren’t presented on a silver platter. They required sacrifice, grueling effort and decisions. Most of us, wouldn’t, have had the guts to make before basking in the glory of fortnight Fame. Kody clicks Konrad was your normal all-american kid growing up in Connecticut.

You could catch him, shooting hoops chillin with friends and doing all the things that teenagers typically do. But after a long day he’d, eventually come home and hop straight onto the computer. To most of us, Gaming is just a hobby, but to clicks it’s more than that ever since he was only five years old.

His older brother was a gigantic fan of first-person shooters and although cliques himself, wasn’t old enough to play, he loved to sit there and watch his brother in awe and as cliques grew older every now.

And then he’d. Hop onto his brother’s computer and sneak in a little session. We all know the heart pounding feeling you get, laying in some headshots or trying to clutch up a match slowly, but surely the feeling that we all loved got him hooked as well.

Fast forward to late 2017 for tonight was all the rage in the gaming world and wall clicks. Didn’t hop on the hype train straightaway. His brother eventually introduced him and after just playing even a little bit.

Clicks immediately saw massive potential in the game, so the grind began, tons and tons of games practicing building Pro scrims, whatever it took hours every day for months on end, all without any sort of recognition or payoff.

The thing is: clicks was a natural at fortnight. He knew the possibility to go pro was there, but there was still something holding him back, and that was his setup. It was scuffed and anyone who had gone pro in anything knows that to play your best, your gear needs to match.

So he went to his dad with the proposal. If he’d pitch in to help clicks, buy one of the top-of-the-line computers, no matter the cost clicks would pay him back, even if that meant working with his dad getting a part-time job or whatever all he wanted was a setup good enough to Max out his potential and help him become the best player that he could be, his father was actually pretty cool and he agreed, and now that clicks was equipped with one of the best gaming setups money could buy.

He began wagering to earn that money back. He also started screaming his jaw-dropping gameplay to an audience now and his computer could handle it better. Then, about two weeks later, he had a surprise for his dad.

So now that he had a top-tier build to frag out on clicks, his skills rapidly improved. He’d, go on to place considerably high in preliminary events like this share the love series and the black heart Cup, the first official event he won prize money in, do I was gonna say if they try and waterfall down, he can utilize.

The impulse to knock him up on the low ground, with the health advantage as the circle is rotating awkwardly over that win netted him a cool 500 bucks which may not seem like a lot, but it was a taste of what would come, and this win must Have meant something because, just a few months prior clicks, couldn’t compete since you had to be at least 16 years old to play in official tournaments unsure of his future.

He even considered quitting at that point halting the grind for around three months because it seemed as if there was no hope for him going pro with the age requirement. But then, in February of 2019, epic lowered the age requirement from 16 to 13.

Even with that, going pro wasn’t a free ride, the competition was brutal. After all, still he made the decision to put his head down and get to work DRO with his outstanding gameplay and results clicks.

His reputation began to rise, and so for the upcoming fortnight World Cup famous misfits player skeptic asked him to partner up for duo’s, since they showed immediate results playing together. Misfits would eventually sign cliques to the team putting him on his first ever professional org and come April.

The fortnight World Cup qualifiers finally kicked off. He’s down on the HP leap, as clicks has the high ground, but is starting to run low on that only has 12 left, but that’s. All it takes the combat shotgun from nearly six tiles up the hard aim-down-sights for AK Lakes.

3. All in all, after maintaining an absolutely monstrous performance throughout the online qualifiers clicks hit that qualifying threshold, a total of five times twice with skeptic and three by himself, but it was all said and done.

Clicks was known as one of the most dominating players on the planet for a spot and clicks. I remember originally watching him in the lux Cup and thinking wow, this kid clicks on YouTube. He’s pretty good.

I hope we get to see more of him while we’re going to be seeing more, particularly if he’s. Closing out games like that, so with the finals in New York City, soon approaching eSports enthusiasts all over had cliques as a sure favorite to win everyone, except for the naysayers, that is, they attributed clicks as success to his low in-game ping, because the wall taking meta Was massive at the time and the lower your ping was the easier wants to steal your opponent’s structures and grab a limbs with ease, so the question on everyone’s, mind was: will cliques his qualifier gameplay transfer on to the Big stage, or will he crumble from the pressure of a LAN environment? The answer wasn’t clear, but either way cliques was feeling confident as a duo.

I think we’re really powerful. As a solo. I feel really good, please. At least top three cuz, I’m, really confident in my booty. As long as I just clap up mongrel and Tilton, and you should begin first up, it was the duo finals.

Unfortunately, luck was not on their side that day and with only one good game under their belt. They only managed to finish 35th place out of 50 duo’s. That day still clicks wasn’t going to let himself go home disappointed.

So for solos the next day he gave it his all and by putting his incredible box fighting skills to the test he placed considerably better, as his solo while qualifying for the World Cup is a massive achievement.

In itself, our duo was still understandably upset with their lackluster performance, so the inevitable happened, clicks and skeptic split up and how they parted ways actually shocked the community. It was pretty much immediately after the World Cup ended.

They were still in New York and hadn’t even gone home, yet shade got thrown around sceptic ended up tweeting as if the result was clicks. His fault. I split up with cliques looking for a new duo that believes in teamwork and chemistry, and apparently he even blocked clicks on social media.

But a thing was this: whole split up was almost inevitable, although they played exceptionally well leading into the World Cup skeptic and cliques constantly butted heads against each other. Thank you.

Oh, like I, don’t understand you’re. Calm. Dude left right, left right, left right, left right, left right up down like what explain hold up hello, hello. I’m talking to game chat. Yes, I hear you fine, that’s.

All you got. You got ta turn your headphones off! Bro, what I hear you? No, no! I heard him you, you heard them lamby, you heard them land behind you. No! I didn’t. I don’t know. I think I’m like step your headphones are on backwards.

They’re, not backwards, then something I want to understand what your comms aren’t when I fly through the section, although clicks and skeptics split up it, wasn’t all bad news for clicks in the past month.

His stream exploded in popularity and along with it so did the wagers. He hosts it in case you’re, still wondering what wagers are exactly. Other players sent click some money, usually around five to twenty dollars.

For a head-to-head fight. If cliques wins, he keeps the money, but if he loses, he sends them back double it’s, essentially a bet on who the better player is and cliques came out on top nearly every time.

In fact, in an astonishing series of events. At one point, cliques managed to win 100, yes, 100 straight in a row and that wasn’t just against fans from his stream dying to go against their favorite pro.

It included pros and other top wager warriors like NV buck and team liquids. Fiber and if that wasn’t enough proof to suggest that cliques as the wager King last year, he took on 15 other top creative warriors like sway stretch.

An epic whale in a two week. Event called Wednesday wagers in and not just one, but both weeks he took home the first-place prize. That’s it for the story on cliques guys. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you were inspired to get better because of cliques, although he is a natural at the game.

He really really worked hard for this, and for all of you, guys who want to be like cliques just make sure to really put in the time really focus on your craft, and you will get there as well. For all of you guys who are interested in getting better at before tonight, you can go find your procoach on pro guides comm and for all of you guys who are interested in becoming content creators like myself, please message me on Instagram.

I will be happy to help you guys out with some tips and some tricks to help you guys get started. I’m so happy to have you guys part of the pro gods family. We’re gonna, be releasing a lot of Valor — nt content pretty soon.

So, if you guys want to check that game out as well, we have a channel for that. You can go check it out. Things are just so exciting this year. Even though we are all quarantined, we are all playing games and really enjoying the most we can.

I hope you guys were inspired by this story. Please let me know what Pro you want us to cover next, that’s it for the video guys. Thank you so much for watching and good luck in your next few games. [ Music ].


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