Parents and family members often have a hard time supporting or understanding their kids obsession with video games. It’s, easy to look at their habit of just sitting in front of a screen for hours on end as a waste of time, but this usually comes from a misunderstanding of the hobby.

Some parents try to understand their kids passion for gaming and to support them to a reasonable extent. No one should be playing video games all day and night, but sometimes they are perfecting their skills and actually working towards a goal of making a living.

Aiden Conrad was one of those kids who knew he had tremendous talent at a young age and that he can make a living by playing video games. He started to make some money from call of duty wager matches and convinced his father to give him one year.

After high school to pursue his dreams, Aiden managed to make it work and found the perfect game for his skill set for tonight. Aiden is now a popular Fortnite player, with the dedicated fan base, who constantly Tunes in to see his streams and watch all of his youtube videos.

He has won several four night tournaments and even qualified for the fortnight World Cup. Aiden is the perfect example of a kid who made their dreams a reality. He managed to capitalize on every opportunity presented to him and his growing and popularity every single day.

This is the story of Aiden, a kid who chased his dreams and proved to his family that he had what it takes. What’s going on guys? This is your motivation. Guy come on that’s right, your friend, the one and only Keith Allen.

I want you to get inspired today. Okay, because you can do this, you could do anything that you put your mindset to the only person that can fail. You is you, so keep going, man keep going, never quit and never surrender, and one day we’re gonna be doing a story on you in gaming was a big part of Aiden childhood.

He was an only child and used video games to keep himself entertained. He also played video games with this family who actually all enjoyed competing against one another in a virtual world. Aiden started off with casual games such as need for speed and Maddon, but eventually moved to more competitive games.

Like Call of Duty Aiden realized that he was pretty good at Call of Duty and decided to start making some money off his skills. He started to do wager, matches online and started to earn a decent amount of money.

He also competed against a higher level of players which made him improve and make his movement with the controller almost second nature, so I started streaming. Wait I don’t, know the exact date, probably a year and a half ago.

Actually, I’m streaming called duty wagers at the time I started with about 10 average viewers. I always had a little bit of yours. I didn’t start at 0. He adopted the cloth style while using the controller which lets his finger always be on the thumb, stick and is a difficult style to master.

At this point, Aiden realized he was better than most players and could actually have a future in gaming. Other aspects of his life did take a hit from his constant gaming. However, at one point his grace started to be impacted by his constant gaming.

He was required to meet with the guidance counselor because of his low grades and his job as the Call of Duty wagers player came up. The counselor obviously did not understand how he could earn money from a video game and suggested that he get a real job.

Like working at a grocery store, Aiden luckily has support from his family, who approved of his gaming and gave him the time to perfect his crime. After graduating high school Aiden’s, father gave him a year to make a career out of the gaming, which was just enough time for Aiden to make his dreams a reality.

The timing also lined up perfectly with the release of for tonight, were Aiden, found his groove and soared in popularity. I just got I got lucky I blew up, I mean a lot of timing. Goes, gets, has to do with like going pro and blowing up stuff.

Like that, so I really enjoy for tonight. I love the building aspect. It’s like a game of chess, but you know like a battle royale it’s. It’s, awesome game, Aiden’s, Call of Duty skills transferred over perfectly before tonight.

He had little problem adjusting to the new mechanics of the game and was dominating other players very quickly. He continued to stream daily on Twitch and started to build a small but dedicated following Aida started to attract the attention of gaming organizations who saw the potential in the young star he eventually caught the attention of the eSports organization.

Go who signed Aiden and the summer of 2018 joining goes gave Aiden’s, twitch channel a slight bump, which was a huge deal for Aiden as it was all or nothing. At this point, Aidan’s. Career looked to be healthy and growing, but even he couldn’t expect the exposure he was about to receive at the fortnight summer.

Skirmish in September September 2018 was a big month for Aiden. He was competing in the fortnight summer, skirmish at PAX West. In Seattle, against some of the biggest names in fortnight at the time he was also one of the few players using a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, which a lot of players believe is the best controller input for fortnight.

Aiden was ready to prove that he could hang with the PC players all while using a controller. Aiden was not the only person using a controller in the tournament either. Another player known for his loud personality and skill on the sticks was also competing in this summer.

Skirmish Nick mercs Aiden a Nick, actually had a lot in common. Both players prefer a controller over mouse and keyboard, and they both love to land at tilted towers, which was a high-risk, high-reward spot.

Their shared interest in the iconic location would actually be a key factor throughout the weekend. Nick was well known at this point, and his fans were not surprised when he landed at tilted Towers. What Nick did not expect, however, was Aiden also landing at tilted and killing him over and over again Title II at the summer.

Skirmish is the aidid verse Nick Murch skirmish, as they just went out of every single game. These guys going back and forth trading shots. Aiden even commented that you felt like you just playing against a PC player.

They get mouse and keyboard at the very beginning. It’s such accuracy from these two patroller players. He loved to see it and inside this staircase every single floor just turned into that was one that was one that all its gonna happen.

Only it looked like he fumbled the swap and then ate it gives him the clap god I loved it. So much that was that was just awesome here. It is again from later on Aiden, who is at near max HP Nick had no shields, but you’d, see that runs right into the double barrel.

Any less help Aiden managed to kill the poplar stream of four times in a row and separate matches. Nick mercs had a couple of tough breaks by not finding shield portions or solid weapons and even switched to the wrong weapon at one point which made him an easy kill target for Aiden Aiden had little trouble, countering the poplar controller user and proved to the world That there was a new king of tilted towers, Aiden stunned the world with his performance and immediately started to get a huge amount of followers on social media.

Aiden checked his phone throughout the tournament and cannot believe the amount of people who were following him. Now he started off with roughly 2500 followers on Twitter at the beginning of the tournament, but by the next morning he had accumulated 40,000 followers blew up like I blew up insane like I had 40,000 followers.

The next day was it was nuts Aiden ended up placing 11 in the 49 summer skirmish, but his increase in popularity made. It seem like he took home the first prize. He also gained a new friend and mentor and Nick Mertz to exchange information with Aiden.

After the tournament, this led the duel to playing together competitively and casually after the tournament, and the two players remain on good terms. Today, after the amazing performance at the fort night summer, skirmish Hayden tried to capitalize on his new popularity.

He now had the eyes. The fortnight competitive scene on him and he did not want to waste a new opportunity. Aiden averaged 50 to 100 viewers before the 4/9 summer skirmish and had a healthy small following after the tournament, Aiden started with 2 to 3 thousand viewers per stream, which was a huge jump and showed just how much excitement surrounded the player after the tournament.

He also uploaded his first youtube video around this time, which put even more eyes on his content and amazing skills. Each video gets thousands of views and his channel has steadily grown over the past two years.

Ok, let’s, go to let’s, go to the vortex. Aiden continued to participate in various for nine competitive tournaments and even place first in the ung Legion Sunday showdown over the next few months. In late 2018 and early 2019, Aiden competed in several tournaments with various duel partners and by himself he managed to finish in the top 10 and a few of his events, but did not consistently perform well.

He eventually teamed up with ghost Shawn another player, part of ghost gaming. The two players played well together and set their sights on the next big four night event: the fortnight World Cup, the two players played in each duel, qualifier event, ended very well in week.

Six and eight they placed second in week, six and finally secured the first place spot in the gate. The duel had their spot in the World Cup and we’re, hoping to bring home a decent cash prize. They were unable to win against the other best players in the world, however, and placed 37th in the duel portion of the world cup.

This was not a huge setback for either player, though, and they continued to play together and several more tournaments and events over the next few months. Aiden has continued to compete in various competitive events and has maintained a healthy following on twitch and YouTube.

He might not be finishing, you know in 1st place in every single tournament, but fans still enjoy watching him compete with the controller and his chill laid-back demeanor. His high skill level actually became a problem at one point: Aiden had trouble finding public matches because of his skills and 4/9, so he created a second account, so he could just find matches easily.

Epic Games is not a fan of this tactic, so they actually banned his second for 24 hours live on stream. Aiden did not receive any type of long-term punishment for the situation and he turned it into a funny event.

His followers enjoy. Oh look at that. Let’s. Go chat. Aiden has maintained a spot as one of the best four night players with a controller and has continued to grow up throughout the past two years. He has made some recent changes, however, and his future might be uncertain.

Aiden recently loved Ghost gaming and is currently an independent content, creator and player and Twitter. You are seeing it there first, but I’ve, officially parted ways. With ghost gaming, I’m, no longer a part of ghost, so my name is not ghost Aiden anymore.

My name is just Aiden. I know it’s. Gon na be hard for you guys to say and remember I don’t want to see anymore. It goes to Aiden in the Colin sir. He explained how ghosts signed him when he was just a small creator and that the organization took a gamble by signing him at that time.

He explained that after he blew up after the famous Nick mercs situation at the for another summer skirmish, he felt that he was growing the organization more than they were growing him as a player. This is not like an uncommon thing in he sports, sometimes player become the face of an orc and simply just outgrow them.

Aiden did confirm that he left on good terms with ghost gaming, which is not something other 49 players can say he has not joined any other organization at the time of making this video, but you know, Aiden did state he’s open to other Offers the current state of the world may have put a hold on his plans for joining another org, but fans will likely see Aiden take his skills elsewhere in the near future.

Hayden has also recently returned. It was Call of Duty roots and recently competed in a Call of Duty, warzone tournament. He placed third in the trios portion of the tournament, alongside two professional Call of Duty players.

He also placed eighth in the solo portion of the tournament, which was enough for him to finish first overall and allowed him to secure 7800 and prize winnings [ Music ]. He also uploaded a few videos of him playing the new battle royale and seems to be enjoying his time playing the game.

He has continued to stream and play for night and recently played in the four night cash Cup and early May. Hayden has become a very poplar fortnight player and has proven to his family that he can make a living off gaming.

He has never forgotten his roots and is always willing to help his family who supported him when he was just starting. Well, I mean I mean it’s too late mom, your your all of your school loans are already paid for already.

I already talked to Lina it’s already done. [ Music ] school loans are all paid paid for you. Don’t have to worry about them, because, because I do [ Music ], he might not have an organization lined up right.

Now, but he still has a bright future. I had a ham alright guys once again, this is your guy, that’s right, your motivation, guy your friend, the one and only Keith Allen. I hope you enjoyed this video today be inspired that you can do anything.

You set your mind to and never give up, never surrender, I believe in you keep going [ Music, ]

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