G4 tv was a television network that focused on nerd culture and video games. The network was on air for 12 years until it was rebranded and many of the shows were cancelled. More recently, g4 has started to tease a return or reboot of some form in 2021.

So let’s, break down everything we know about the return of g4, including what the original hosts have said about the return who owns the g4 ip and so much more. As always, all the original sources will be linked in the description below so make sure to check those out and support those original writers, and with that out of the way, let’s, get into everything we know about the return of g4.

Let’s, touch on some quick history, g4 launched in 2002 and spawned many fan. Favorite tv shows like x-play, which debuted in 2003, an attack of the show which debuted in 2005 and the network went through a variety of changes.

Throughout its 12-year run. It merged with tech tv in 2004 it lost directv as a distributor in 2010. After that, it was a gradual decline for the network and then in 2012, many of the original employees gradually left the shows and network until the shows were just a shell of their former selves.

It was in that same year 2012 that both x-play and attack of the show were canceled and g4 was rebranded, as the esquire network and fans thought. That would be the end of that and we would never see the return of g4 x-play or attack of the show.

On the x-play side. Morgan webb went on to work for activision blizzard and is now at bonfire studios, adam sessler, announced in 2014 that he wanted to pursue a career outside of video game journalism.

Jessica, chilbot went on to work for nerdist and now works for her own youtube channel. On the attack of the show side, they had way more hosts, so we’re just going to touch on a few, but kevin pereira worked on a spiritual successor to attack of the show called the attack.

Candace bailey went on to have a family and kind of step away from the spotlight. Olivia munn went on to be a very big movie star, so overall, all of their careers progressed into something different and all of them are busy not really asking or wanting to come back, which i think will get important later on, as we continue this story.

But for the most part, fans were content, all their hosts went on to do other things. They could follow them if they wanted and they could stay involved and see what they were doing. That was until g4 had released a trailer titled.

We never stopped playing at comic-con at home and in the trailer itself it gave the date 2021. It even used pong as a theme throughout the trailer, which was the original visual that g4 used when they first launched and fans got very excited with the new age of streaming and streaming services, plus the rise of youtube and twitch.

There were a lot of possibilities for how this network could return and be profitable and kind of make it everything it couldn’t when it was still on tv and that gets into who owns the g4 ip currently now g4 is still owned by Comcast, slash nbc universal and variety was able to confirm that g4 is being brought back by comcast spectacor, which is their sport and esport division, which i guess makes sense.

They already have gaming under that division. So it’s easier. Just to have g4 continue throughout that, along with that, there have been some very interesting hires lately from that division itself, which led fans further into believing that yes, g4 will be coming back and is hopefully in the right hands.

One of the important hires is brian terwilliger, who is the vice president of programming and creative strategy at comcast spectacore, and he had previously worked on attack of the show from 2008 to 2011 as a supervising producer, and the other important hire is blair herder, who works As the vice president of content, partnerships and brand development at comcast spectacore, and also he worked at g4 first as a host for x-play and attack of the show and then as a news producer.

So it’s very interesting that two former attack of the show and x-play alumni are working for comcast spectacore and they’re in high roles where they could hopefully have a lot of influence and know what fans want and how they Want this brand to be brought back, gaming journalists also received this email from geforce marketing team.

The subject said game on, but with a4 instead of an a in game, but the email said quote esteemed journalist this is phil respected corporate marketing professional. I’m checking in with a courtesy note, as you may have come across a smattering of unconfirmed rumors surrounding this video.

Please check it out, as well as the below fun facts. Fun fact. The g4 tv twitter account hasn’t tweeted since 2013. Well i mean it tweeted today, but before that, not since 2013., fun fact, g4 attack of the show x-play code monkeys, adam sessler and morgan webb – have all trended in the top 10 on twitter.

Today, that’s, good right fun fact, g4 tv is back on line two fun fact. I really enjoyed your last article blog vlog tweet rant. Please keep up the good work. Yours filled, so obviously they’re kind of tongue-in-cheek.

They’re playing around with this idea. They’re. Just trying to get people excited, they’re, going super heavy on the real marketing side and they’re, keeping all the details vague, which i think works in their favor.

With an announcement like this, then some of the previous hosts responded to the g4 announcement on twitter olivia. Munn said: oh hey. Now, with the gif of her dancing, morgan webb said i’m just impressed.

Someone remembered the password to the twitter, adam sessler said whoa, that’s, a twitter account. I did not expect to see again as well as so many other people, kevin pereira, sarah underwood jessica, chobot.

Chris gore all responded as well. I’ll link their responses down below. If you want to check out everyone’s and there’s, so many more. There were a lot of people attached to these shows, and it seems like almost all of them, who are still active on social media responded, but from what i gather from these tweets it doesn’t sound, like the original team, is being brought back As of now, i could potentially see jessica chilbot coming back because she is married to blair herder and he is the vice president.

Also jessica was in the same realm for a long time. She carried nerdist news for many years, so it would make sense, and i think that would be one person who i could see, potentially coming back in a smaller role or potentially being a host that could ease in some of the new hires as well.

Obviously, that’s, just my speculation, but for now i would say it’s, not too likely that a lot of these hosts would want to come back or need to come back either. Their careers are doing very well and i think they’re, all happy kind of getting away from this side of the industry.

Another important note is that g4 is a complete network and we aren’t sure, which shows will be included in this reboot or relaunch it’s, probably safe to assume that x-play and attack of the show will return in some fashion.

But as for any of the other ones, we just aren’t too sure and we aren’t sure. If they’re going to be testing out. Maybe one or two shows at a time, and if they do well, then they’ll broaden out to bigger catalogs.

Also, the platform it will launch on is up in the air. A safe bet could be that nbc’s. New streaming platform peacock could host the return of g4. I doubt that comcast would bring back g4 for free through youtube or twitch, so it makes sense that g4 could potentially bring a lot of excitement to the peacock streaming service.

Considering the streaming platform launched with little to no excitement or news just a few weeks ago, and for the most part that is everything we know about the return of g4. The name has been dormant for quite a while, but comcast has been slowly hiring individuals who had previously worked on g4 properties into their spectacor branch of the company and it’s safe to assume that most of the old hosts will probably not be Involved in any major sense of the word, if at all, we are still waiting for more details as to which shows will be returning, and if this will indeed be a peacock exclusive, but we don’t have to wait too long.

Considering the date said 2021 and i assume we’ll, get more information leading up to an actual release, but that’s. Where i’m going to end this video make sure to like and share subscribe for, weekly gaming videos – and i will see you guys in the next one – [ Music ] – you

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