Dino it’s. Your turn go ahead, handle kid: how’s, it going everybody dot todoy here, and that’s right your eyes. Do not deceive you. They have finally released the original boss battle for dragon ball, fighterz.

As a raid event, so you know what that means. The three idiots are back once again to take on this boss battle and maybe even get a win over the original antagonist of dragon ball fighters. Now i don’t know about you guys, but i definitely am readying up.

First, i’m. I’m ready dude. I’m ready. Let me can i can i toss it out there. I’ve, been reading comments. Uh we don’t have to explain the rules every single time. No, we absolutely have to explain the rules every time, dion get ready to take it away.

These rape battles work is at the beginning. They’re very easy and they progressively get harder like every video game ever but in case you know, this is the first video game. You’ve ever watched on youtube in your life um.

You may not know that so level. One easy level sam hard, so hopefully we can get there. Yes, oh, let’s. Go that was sick. You know who’s, going to tell him that this is level one and he shouldn’t, be this excited somebody ruined my perfect somebody ruined my perfect yeah.

I got hit me and donald personally have green health bro and finish it off kind of you know what it was. You know we appreciate it. I got now when i got tossed i just get hit. This is this is not good.

Why don & # 39? T you hurry up and go skedaddle and grab me some water, water boy, you didn’t. Do anything last match man all right now i’m getting jumped even we need to get blown up by 16 at some point, because that would be high whoa whoa whoa.

Is that our goal, the content? That could be your goal? That gives you yeah go ahead. My goal is to win run up to him. Go ahead, bro make it into the end, speaking of which go ahead, get a win for us.

Don’t worry bro. You got my assist. Why is she blocking there? We go like she only blocked like two boots: [ Music ] don’t get personally. I’ve, never blocked two moves. Personally, i’ve, never been hit in this entire session um.

I personally never got hit, but right now what’s happening? This is [ Music, ] huh! You go ahead, treat yourself gohan come back in here, treat yourself me and my dad don’t. Let him run don’t. Let him run don’t spark don’t, say don’t.

Let him run when you literally ran bro. I was trying to get you hit. Oh no. I’m too good. Please wow! He’s. The only one who doesn’t get hit in this video game. That’s, crazy tag him in not tagging me.

No, i got ta finish. Come here, work on your straight face poker game a little bit. Bro, i knew exactly what the hand that you were dealt with, though you were gonna toss me in there cause. You only had a jack of spades bro.

What are you talking about? I definitely started. I definitely started pressing square. I thought you tagged me. I was trying to leave it perfectly ambiguous dado before we go into this next round. I have a big question: do you think, do you think this video can get 67 000 likes man? I ‘

Ll, go first 67 000.. How about? Instead? We aim for a like: no, no, no, no! No! No! 25. 000.. Are you saying that you’re out? You’re losers and they can’t do sixty seven thousand. Is that the same you’re right? I don’t, say all that, but yeah you’re right.

67. 000. Let’s. Go to show you the confidence that we’re gonna get the six seven thousand likes. Dotto has agreed to delete his youtube channel. If we don’t reach out no wait, let’s go. I can do this alone bro, why don’t, you guys just sit back and let me handle this by myself just so.

I can show you that even round i’m skipping, your intro bro, i’m on a 5h me ron. Just let him listen! You don’t know how to use it come here, obviously that just didn’t. Let him got this stay back. I still haven’t got touched by the way i’m good at this video game.

I don’t, get hit bro i don’t get crazy because i used to main hit yup. I said it snapped outside dotto. Do you think what i think right now? What’s, that what are you guys thinking? [, Music ]: do you think you should go with? Do you think you should do this all over again in the next? You’re kind of right.

He’s. He’s. Acting a little too confident we got ta. Have all the health he has all that i say we run that back dotto i don’t know if you ‘ Ve realized this, but he’s, saying this because it’s, his turn to be first, he’s, frightened he doesn’t want to be first, i’m.

Sorry, are you scared? Are you scared step up to the plate? Ui goku, i can’t tell i can’t tell which one of you dion getting ready to block. I feel like you’re coming flat. I feel like you’re coming flying in hold on hold on hold on.

We got yamcha in here yeah i’m. Just about to get jumped. I’ve, actually never seen a level as low as 25.. Why did they disrespect both of them? Bro really like heavy? I don’t think the previous rounds.

Well, i don’t. Think round. One’s. Teammate was level 25 hard. I’m ready for 45.. Stop stretching bro, i can see your hand, i can see you the cards in your hand. I could see the cards in your hand from a mile away.

Super dash go ahead. I think the data was present square already. Well, once again, i’m, not gonna get hit by a mix-up. Just because i’m, not paying attention. So you swear. Look at the damage, adding up wait a minute.

Let me go ahead and stop. Let me introduce my head: go ahead, you know what it’s, not a coward. If anybody’s going to take out the earthlings, it should be me, go ahead, go ahead! Why you? Because he plays them and they came in with the smoke right when you said that bro, you’re doing a lot of damage.

It’s, just so sad to watch dude they don’t. Even they don’t even have as much health as a normal player. 7 000 yep get them out of here. I’m. So sorry, what did android 21 do to you dotto? All i’m. Saying is, if you don’t t-o-d tn, you got to delete your channel.

I didn ‘ T only have seven thousand health. This is the tier that you know what, if that doesn’t count, you have to have full health, it was a reset dod round start level. Three, it’ll. It’ll work, 100 percent of the time i was thinking of the same thing i didn’t, think that would clash [ Laughter ].

She’s like honestly. She’s. Lucky i couldn’t call my dad out here. He would have a nice name. Wait just die! Please. Raid goku literally has his chest out all the time, so bring your chest out and go first in the next round.

Bro i was trying to humble your stupid. Ass. Look, hey dion! All i’m saying is rhyme talked a lot of trash at the end of that one. I think this could go bad. He’s, talking a lot of trash and then hiding.

I would like to see him back it up. Oh, do you know this is your turn. It’s. Your turn, frieza’s. There frieza’s there. What is frieza going to do? What’s? Freezing going to do all i’m saying, is dotto handled dotto handled his mane with yamcha.

You got to handle your main with frieza bro, so they’re. You’re still level much higher don ‘ T worry don’t worry. I’mma, shoot myself to 5h 5h. She’s. Definitely looking at you with a little more hostility that you look like.

Go ahead. Fine, it’s; fine, it’s. Fine! I’m right here. Guys you, don ‘ T have to worry about a thing. Why am i getting jumped now? I’ll leave just because you wanted one, you know what you guys have both tried bro.

If i’m being honest, you’ve tried and failed. Let me go ahead and handle this business. Real quick. Can you please handle it without tagging me in for a little bit until my blue health is back hey you see what he did.

Okay, i’m about to give you props for using my subscribers. I missed. Okay, look you guys both clearly can’t handle 21. Let me go ahead and step in intervene. Go ahead. [ Applause ] hold vanish, so i can get a little extension off of it.

Why not don’t? Try that don’t try that don’t do that. I just turned into gandalf the gray when you did that [ __ ] dp and why they call them gandalf the grey his whole government name god. I could have just said.

Gando another level, three just for hard knockdown. This stage is terriga’s part, nobody can block it now. All i need to do is perfectly space. Ui’s, assist into a dragon rush and that still won’t. Be enough that was a little scary, a bit scared, but no problem.

You guys got torn up that game. Hey look! I was just you know. I was due for one little ass beating, but that’s, just the only one that i’m gonna encounter in this entire world. We all got ta get humbled eventually right side.

At least we haven’t died. Yet true, none of us have, i guess, that’s, a bonus that’ll. I noticed you didn’t ready up yet dotto. You have a whole bar of green health. Why are you not readied up scared? All right? I’ll, go in there.

I’m, not actually scared. I can see um. I can see myself over there yeah. I think you guys are actually lined up perfectly yeah yeah. Bring me out when he shows up, you can take 21.. Are you wait? Are you saying that, because of the identical thing or because he’s level 35, i’m, just saying that, because the identical thing he could have been a level 100 bro, i don’t, know the best combos, but I can go ahead, come up with something here, a little creative.

Maybe i that wasn’t super creative. Oh, that’s; a go! Go i wasn’t ready. I got to respect bro don’t, get hit by level 35.. He’s, a level 35.. You got this yeah. This is ready. Normally. I have to ask this like way earlier, because we’ll die soon, but, like we haven’t asked who’s going to die first at this point yeah, where’s? No one’s.

Going to die predictive now. Does anyone have the bold prediction of no one dying? That would oh sounds bad at a contest now come here come here. I’m gonna let her step on me in a second step on me. Right now.

Wait we’re doing it. I’m liking. This confidence that’s. All you were lacking before dino. All you need is that confidence and now yeah. Now you’re good bro yeah. You know what i’m gonna go ahead and bring it home there’s.

Only one way to get him out of there. I’m. Sorry, i got scared. Why did you do this? You got ian, you could get saved. I’m gone. Oh no! Welcome to the club donna! Why’d? You do that. We had an agreement, you handled 21.

. I ain’t no badge of that yeah! You got nothing to say now. You little [, __, ] command, grab into a vegeta mix insane [ Laughter, ] you don’t got these bro stop lying to the crowd, but i can beat this guys that’s, no problem.

Let’s. Go yeah! You already did the one on your team low, five level. Five, let’s, go plus a little more on top. How is he not dead? All right finish, the job next time block off block all right. Let’s, go how to mix them up a little bit.

You got this all right. I don’t want to get level three there’s literally no way you can lose this. You got that advantage. I can lose this nah. You can’t lose this like literally, please, please, please, please, no good two ways: oh no don’t drop that combo dragon rush.

Nice, oh and i wasn’t even scared. To be honest with you, bro keep that same fearless energy. When you go first in the next round, go ahead, you have to go first next round. Yeah yeah yeah use my assist after what you did to me.

Look at my cracked, ass armor. I just got this armor bro goddess: relax bomb will get you a new one. Why is kid boo here and why is he level 70? It’s a whole majin team. She is tear-horned. I would like to build an excuse.

We’re, not using items. Stop looking at us. Everyone we’re, not like you. We see your partial drain. I didn’t, feel a judge for glare right there as well to beat these raids could be exactly broke. Could not be uh.

I wish it was us i said, could be us. I didn’t. Think enough. Oh, i got this guys. Just don’t even worry about it. It shouldn’t even be [ Laughter ]. There. You go look at that. She can’t block that that’s.

All about you, i goku i’m, going to throw team gohan. Oh somebody had to come out to finish that beautiful we got this. We got ta go ahead. Why would you do this? Go? Go? Go, go, go! Go ahead! No! No! No! Not! Now don’t you bring me come here.

Come here. I’ll handle the big guy, basically a green square. You got this come here. Just don’t know. Don’t. Put that unnecessary pressure on don’t use. My assist don’t use. My assist don’t. Do not use my assist.

Go ahead. Attack there you go there, you go, you go there, you go easy, go drop it! Let’s. Go i’m good at the game. See i handled the whole character. Go ahead, handle kid boom. Oh my god. I think we know who’s, going to be going through at this rate.

Did you say i have also seen stars you’re, just a trickster. I am a warrior. I can’t, tell which one’s going to be the intro me, your daughter. I think i i think i could. Oh, my god that was so funny.

Let’s, go bring it home. Oh, my goodness, after that i took care of it. I’m gonna handle the big one i’m gonna handle the main event. The final boss. I don’t, know about that. I wouldn’t. Let that happen to me, though, editor put on fire music donald watch, this fight for your friend.

Did you see the mix and i broke it? Can i get a little bit of credentials? Go ahead, stop it! There you go there. You go that was sick. That was it. I’m too good at the game level, rising power level, rising power, level, maximizing level five.

Just to let her know let’s. Go i fight for my friends, hit it with the meanest mix. She will not block me. Oh no [, Music, ]! You too, you don’t, look very tasty!

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THIS IS THE ORIGINAL BOSS FIGHT IN FIGHTERZ! Today on the channel we are joined by Rhymestyle and Seereax, aka the three idiots!!, as we take on the new raid battle in dbfz: Android 21! These boss battles can go up to seven stages with damage and difficulty increasing through out. Can we beat it with limited power ups?!

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