Hey everybody dr. Julia here with another Dragonball Fighters, themed video and this time it’s, going to be a short but very important. Video. Now, a lot of you in my comments section have asked me about manual combos and how to perform them.

Thankfully, bandai namco scammed those ps4 players by giving them the online matches only losers. Us Xbox players get to play around with these box. So I thought I’d. Take this opportunity to teach you the first manual combo.

You should attempt to learn during your time with Dragonball fighters, so you’ll see. While I’m loading in here, because I don’t get to pick the characters I play with. I got pretty lucky and got beerus vegeta and goku.

Now the combo I’m, going to teach. You is so important because it relies on universal fundamentals that every character in this game has so basically what that means is that if you learn this combo, you’ll, be able to perform a decent combo with any character in the game, regardless of Who they are? And yes, these combos do more damage than Auto combos and they also serve the purpose of teaching you the fundamentals so that you’ll, be able to build your own combos in the future.

So now that we’re all loaded in keep in mind that I’ve, never played beerus before and watch the combo. I’m able to perform using only basic fundamentals: [ Music, ], okay. So now that you’ve seen the combo in one piece: let’s, talk about what these fundamentals are and how you can employ them in your game.

So let’s start at the beginning. You ‘ Ll see me start with a light and then transition into a Down medium into a standing medium, which you can jump, cancel out of light medium. Another jump cancel another light and medium a smash attack which I can follow up with a homing dash or super dash and then a light, a medium and then a heavy attack to bring him back to the ground.

Okay, so you see it’s, a very simple combo, it doesn’t. Do that much damage, but it also doesn’t take any bar and it does more than an auto combo. But why is it so important that you learn this combo in particular? Well, it’s like I said earlier.

The fundamentals that you learn in this combo can be used when tackling bigger and harder combos jump cancels, for instance, when to smash and when to follow when to use your dash, you can even throw in some assists here to get really optimal.

Think of this as your gateway to real combos. By doing this, you’ll, be able to recognize parts of combos without looking them up, and you’ll, be able to visually tell what the person is doing here’s.

Beer says auto combo and how much damage it does to compare. But, like I said this come is also pretty universal. So now I’m gonna show me you doing it as Vegeta again same principles here doing exactly what I did is beerus, but this time adding a vanish and a snapback.

So you can use it to get in a character that they might have swapped out with here is me adding on a super to the combo [ Music ], so, basically guys just mess around with us see what you can perform with this combo.

A lot of the fun of fighting games is seeing, but you can figure out for yourself so when the full game comes out, pretty soon go into training mode and try this out for yourself and play around with it see what your favorite character is capable of.

If you discovered any manual combos that you really enjoyed performing during the open beta, I would love to hear about them, so please feel free to share them in the comments below I’ll be down there as always, and while you’Re down there, if you liked the video and enjoy the channel, make sure to press the like button and subscribe.

I’m dotto Doya and i ‘ Ll, see you in the next one

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Manual combos in dragonball fighterZ are important to learn. Auto combos are supposed to be a tool used together with real combos, but relying on them will only hurt you in the long run. Thats why I decided that it was important to teach you all the fundamentals of real manual combos.

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