I’m. I’m out of here dude. I’m out of here. Just don’t don’t. Mention me just pretend i’m, not here. What which way? Do i blow up? Oh my god, how’s? It going everybody dot today, here back with some more dragon, ball fighters ranked matches this time playing the main team, except now we’re, also including cooler, and we’re.

Going up against the second highest rank of the game too, so if there was ever a time to test this man, it would be now. Oh you know what hold on. Let me see if i can’t nope. That is not how it works, but it still hits that was sick.

I’m just gonna let this fly then all right, we’ll, set it for this. This. This should give me a reset here. If i go for. Oh, no! No! Oh nice! Let me dp that then! Oh, oh, i’m already, having a good time with cooler.

Oh and yamcha makes it so easy for that to connect too oh dude. This is sick. All right! We’re gonna settle for the same reset again all right, not reset, but reflect that. Oh that would have hit. I’m still going for it.

Oh man, okay, we have definitely played a little crazy beam. Beam assist, actually works. Step on this man all right, decent start for cooler. I have not really talked a lot about the character, but yeah cooler is a character that i feel is pretty rare to see online.

Not because i mean he’s, not even that bad. In fact, i don’t think he’s bad at all, but um. He is a little. You know like it is sometimes unsatisfying how some stuff, like it’s kind of a double-edged short all of coolers um.

Some of cooler’s. Moves have so such big range that a lot of the times you won’t, be able to chain into lights, so i think not being able to hit those combos can be unsatisfying to some people. Beam beerus is moving, but an air dragon rush hits that wow.

That was insane um uh yeah. I guess i’ll. Just save the bar, keep him down. Oh, that was sick. That was sick. All right. I think we should be able to kill in two bars. Ah yeah it’s, gonna be two it i wanted to get it a bit cheaper, but cooler’s.

Gon na have to settle for less plant this man in the ground. I really wish you’d, had an animation where they stayed there. That would be top top-notch all right. Do we make a read here? We could just be fishing, oh beautiful spirit bomb, not a level three, so we’re, not absolutely dead, but we came pretty close.

Stop throwing that i did it. I did oh, i did it again. Oh sometimes sometimes doing something. Stupid twice is actually smart. That was the wrong move. Oh, i can’t, believe you let us get away with that.

A nice ex elbow evades the punch comes right back okay, we made a few mistakes there at the end with cooler, but he set up a really good end game for us. If we can’t bring it home that’s on the rest of the boys.

Oh no cooler did his share. Cooler did more than his fair share. I don’t think he has any spear. Oh no! Oh! No! I regret doing that now all right. I think. Okay, due to these circumstances, i’m. Just gonna spend all the bar.

I’m gonna spend all the bar and see if he can take this mix. He’s. Gon na have to block he’s on everybody’s, favorite game show, guess the mix and he couldn’t. Guess it right. Cross up was the correct option and we’re able to walk away with a first game victory.

Will we be able to close the set, though i feel like we got? I don’t know if cooler is going to be able to put in that much work again. Actually, maybe if we clean up the uh clean up cooler, oh that lock down on beerus, was longer than i expected.

Oh goku assist to get me to the corner as well all right, nice yeah. This is already a little bit worse. Oh my god. It wasn’t even that scary of a mix. I think i could have just super dash, but it was.

It was scary looking. I definitely froze up in fear that was sick, oh nice barrier, just in time that he is moving right. He’s hitting yamcha. I didn’t even notice mercy mercy. I didn’t, see you. You were hitting yamcha, oh my god, y’all just ah wow uh.

That was sick. Oh my god wow um. So you guys remember how i said i don’t know if we’d, do as good! Oh, my goodness that was so good. Oh, the beam was nice, though i’m still making this comeback uh. That was fake confidence.

By the way you got to learn to tell the difference between real and fake confidence that’s, mostly. What this channel’s about it’s, a learning experience! Uh! Do i go overhead here? Oh no, oh, no, oh just being just beam it out.

Are you backdash? No back dash it’s. Fine! We were just slightly out of range, but slightly out of range is still out of range. Four bars i’m, so worried about the 17. without base goku assist. It should be a little easier.

Oh just step back. The beam is really coming in handy. He wants to get to me and mix me, so the second i block is when i start losing. Oh, my goodness, we’re. Almost we’re on the road back. I can’t, believe it nothing.

We have we’ll kill here, though rock all right. The second we block, we lose oh get out of the air, the no-fly zone. I saw 17 trying to style. I had to let him know. Oh, that was smart. Oh i didn’t. Think he’d, have the patience there.

I really got baited by that orb. Oh, no and reset as well. Are we dead? No, we got very lucky the beam again saved my life. Like five times, but i want to see six at least beam, so stay out, make sure you’re still around.

Oh, no, oh, no back there. Oh no, we still got lucky. Can somebody get this orb off the screen? It’s? Scaring me wow that range. Ah, i tried to super dash. I i didn’t want to jump into the orb and die.

Oh, that was good. That was good. That was really good. I, the the ore pressure at the end, was very scary. Actually, that was a very scary game yeah. That was like the haunted house of dbfz games. I’m going to 2m here.

Oh, i look like an idiot now android 17 mix. I like it a lot of damage. I think i just don’t. I should i should spark, while i’m still alive, okay, never mind to the corner coast to coast, i’ll. Take that not bad! I’m switching out just to preserve a bit of blue life.

He’s, probably gonna super dash. Here, oh no, we were correct, but it’s, also wrong all right to the corner. We need to get some pressure going. Pressure would be really good right now: okay, oh no, the barrier was so nice.

It bought goku plenty of time. I panicked uh. We should still be able to that drop. That drop changed things oh and the bad angle. Really bad angle means android. 17 is gonna escape death. Again all right.

We ‘ Ve dropped a kill on 17 twice [ Applause ]. I i couldn’t, see dude, i no not cooler. Again i got ta. I got ta. Stop calling assist with 17 around okay cooler’s, going to come in with bad blue light, but at least he’s, not dead man.

I got ta okay dropping those kills on 17 was really bad. 17 man going crazy. Oh, it didn’t hit. Okay, please that was risky, but i got desperate. I saw 17 was healing the blue life. I was like i got to make my move.

Now. It’s, going to come down to just yamcha against the world. This is never. This is never the comeback. I wanted oh base goku. This covers the options we spark here. For sure i mean oh, the dp pierce’s.

Dp is really good. It’s snapped even oh wow that comboed, i am learning a lot. I have learned a lot about what combos, okay, we got away with a pretty incredible thing there i think we level three. The thing is i don’t want to kill my own sparking timer, but at this point i have to force these mix-ups.

What are the oddsy dps? Okay, okay, we got, we got lucky, no dp. Once again, i do believe this one’s, real confidence. I need to believe in myself here. Oh no season 3.5 almost killed me. Oh barry are so good.

Oh nice extension as well. Micro dash up lets me go barrier for sure. I wanted the dragon rest there. I thought i’d, be able to time it are we dead. He wouldn’t spark unless he was sure, but maybe a drop.

I’m. I’m out of here. Dude i’m out of here. Just don’t don’t. Mention me just pretend i’m. Not here what happened? I think i don ‘ T know what happened. I think i should have just okay. No, i should have just blocked down back right.

I got mixed. I got mixed out of my shoe bro. That has to be the fakest thing he has in his bag, but i just have never seen dude. That scared me to my core – oh my god, what a great first set all right.

We are back with the next set here. Uh i’m, hoping we can get a whole. I don’t know why i’m, starting like this at least we get attacked. At least we get attacked come here. I’m, getting desperate again all right a bit of this key blast there to maximize damage all right.

I’ll. Take that oh come on. I didn’t know i was going to reset him there. What does it matter? We are moving right now can ‘ T really do much, though, so i’ll. Just take the safe stuff, i’ll. Take the safe stuff.

I’m okay with not killing him. This round, especially if he wants to spark, i got mixed there, though frieza versus cooler, let’s go. This is a cannon match-up. Now this is a cannon match-up. I’ll. Take it dude, nice beautiful love to see it could have done a better combo, but why why i’m dp here right, no couldn’t get the dp go step on this bit one two: i just do it again right yeah? Why not? No, no! I was doing it to be plus.

I regret it all right. If we switch out, we can sense, you beat them up to full health watch. This look at the blue life boom. It’s. Gone baby sensu beat is so good and i i see a little bit of blue life on uh cooler’s younger brother.

There interesting. Let me go ahead and entertain that a little bit all right, that’s freezing dead wow. We also got a side switch off that that was cheap. Why not? Let cooler come in to finish off his brother, though go ahead, cooler ugh that’s, my ship.

In the background, i’m, taking control of that ship all right. We have the screw neutral button neutral. I don’t believe in it. Oh bardock decided he believes in it. Oh nice dragon rush. I didn’t, see it coming.

I’ll. Give it up. What do you do? You spend half a bar here. Oh that was not the half a bar. I thought you’d, spend all right. We’re out. Guard cancel trying to keep spark alive, woolfang fist, didn’t.

Get me much. I’m out. I’m out. Oh hold him down rock assist coming through in a big way. I did not get. I didn’t i for some reason i did 2l. It said oh bardock, but i can’t. I can’t capitalize on that i get an extra sliding, though i’ll.

Take that piccolo in the corner. How do you block – oh, my god, so you’d? Ah, he’s, not blocking he’s decided against blocking. I think i got sensei being on that one, that’s. Fine. I had a bit of blue life.

I wanted to recover anyway. Okay, we got lucky there. I was trying to bait out a counter, but i definitely hit two buttons that i didn’t want to, and if you would have countered, i would have been dead, [, Music, ], okay, why not level one he he barely has any health.

We’re, looking for a chip, kill here, neutral neutral that autocorrected by the way. I definitely didn’t. Do that in that direction, but cooler go ahead. Pick up this camera man. Are you going? He was the last one alive other than my team.

We had to turn our attention towards the camera, all right, big first game, but we got that last set. Can we actually finish strong here? The fun is okay. I’m sweating. He did a stamp an aggressive one at that i’m gonna expect he bar rocks us.

He didn’t [ Applause, ] bro neutral on my on my watch. I don’t, think so wow that was slow. All right, i’m gonna try it again that is plus, but he didn’t block it. We’ll. Do it again we got pretty lucky there.

I can’t believe that didn’t hit us blue combo, but if it hits it’s, real ah get off me. Oh, he’s playing aggressive now, just jumping and lyriting. I’ll. Take that i’ll. Take that every day of the week.

Why do i keep doing medium? That is not. I am not thinking. Oh, i couldn’t, beat out the piccolo or block block block freeze up, freeze the rocks. We got a switch if we live, we switch, but he is almost at three bars.

I think our health saves us here. Oh he missed. Oh, he didn’t miss. I thought that was way too high. We should still live. I think just based off health yeah, but barely all right. We’re out bardock. How about you? How about i treat you to some blue life all right as long as we don’t miss this.

We’re good to go. That is another kill. We’re gonna. Let cooler stay on the back uh though, in fact oh that was so expensive. I regret doing that. I always think i’ll, just throw a few destructiveness, but those things scale – man they do not let you get away with uh extremely cheap kills.

There all right see beam assist. I’ll. Take that every day of the week. Why not frieza, i’m, worried about frieza doing a wake-up level. Three i don ‘ T know why i don ‘ T know why it’s not like he’s done that in this match, but he’s.

Getting close to him, oh, never mind. As long as we win here, frieza won’t, get the chance. Nice cooler’s in the back. We definitely got to bring him in. We definitely got to bring cooler in. Oh, i’m scared.

Oh no yamcha beam assist all right. There. We go big first hit. We got ta force that sparking and this might be just the hit to do that. Come on piccolo. What’s? What’s? The move, i’m beating it. I’m just going for it.

I’m too slow. Oh, i tried to get too fancy. Piccolo orb didn’t mess it up. Oh downtech, maybe nope. I’m, getting combo dragon rush. Oh he’s. Trying to take out all of my limit break up, i can’t. Let him do this.

I got ta leave. I got ta go yamcha. Leave man leave yo, oh no! No! I couldn’t, get knocked out of there all right. Now i’m, really stressed now. I am really stressed. Oh piccolo does so much damage piccolo y, oh a chance, an opportunity counter level three hit me.

Yes, yes, i don’t know if that kills, it probably won’t supernova. I have nothing but faith in supernova. Then i’m gonna have to make my read low low. Are you tripping? I know he says trembling, but i still like tripping better.

Oh my goodness, that was a good game. Hopefully you enjoyed this. I definitely got ta run this team again because, mostly because let’s be honest. This was an android 17 video wasn’t. It i mean it has to be.

I got destroyed by that 17., but if you did enjoy it, let me know down below in the comment section also you feel free to. Let me know any other teams. You’d, like to see me play or characters, and while you’re down there make sure to like button and subscribe to the channel.

If you like these videos and want to see them, keep coming out other than that, there should be some videos on your screen that you can also check out if they catch your eye. But i have been dr doya and i will see you in the next one:

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DID THIS COMBO NEED A SPIRIT BOMB!! This time in our high rank online matches for dragonball fighterz we are once again back to playing cooler! Will he be able to handle one of the best android 17 combos ive ever seen? not only did it t.o.d my assist… he also added a spirit bomb.

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