So welcome to my channel there’s, a few things that i recommend when buying your fire stick 4k or the fire stick tv or the fire stick cube or any amazon device. That is a fire stick or as a cube or is a fire tv.

I’ll recommend two things that you would purchase, and this is going to allow you to use some apks that will not work with just your regular fire stick remote. So here’s. What i recommend i recommend the usb dongle, which looks like this and i’ll link that in the description where you can pick that on on amazon and this one works.

Okay, it doesn’t matter. What brand, but i’m, going to recommend a brand that really works good and this basically connects to the fire stick power, and then you can put up to three usb. So you can, for one extend your storage for two.

You can add an air mouse or mouse control to your fire stick, and why is mouse control important for your fire stick? Well, because you can enjoy some great amazing apps that don’t work well with the fire.

Stick remote with this setup. You’ll, be able to enjoy them all okay. Another thing i pick up for the fire stick and i’ll link it below, for you guys as well. Is the air mouse w-2 this one works really well.

I purchased. It works very well. I’m, going to show you how to use it, and this connects very easily. As you can see, you plug in the 2.4 gigahertz dongle and you’re ready to go so these two things are going to save you a lot of headache when you buy this, make sure it’s, an otg mode, okay, not Charge mode to make it work that’s.

One thing i’d like to mention, and then you just connect the power to the fire. Stick just like that. I’ll. Try to get closer just like that. You connect that plug that in and then it plugged into the power source this one, the small little micro usb and then you plug in the dongle for the air mouse here and this air mouse is good.

I highly highly recommend this one. The we chip works really well on a fire stick and i’ll, show you how why would you need it and why it works great okay? So let me plug this in and let me power the power stick up and show you a little bit about the air mouse [ Music ].

So you might ask me: what is the big deal about this air mouse new tech? So let me show you, i’m, going to show you one application called sign hub, but there’s. Many other applications that might have issues when running on a fire stick or fire tv.

So here i am inside hub. It does work to some extent, as i will show you with a fire stick remote, but it’s a little bit more difficult to use. So i can go home. I can go scroll, my titles, but i really don ‘

T know what i’m selecting here and i don’t even know. How can i jump to movies or tv shows well with this air mouse? It makes things a little bit easier. Don’t. Get me wrong. You can still use it with the remote, but it’s kind of like i click on this, and then i see my comedies.

So i’m kind of like blindly selecting things and i can hit watch and, as you can see, i’m blindly, still selecting that and it’s, not working very well, okay, so with the air mouse. What i can do is, i can have a little mouse come up and then i can utilize that, and i can also utilize the d-pad controls as well here.

So you can see the d-pads controls are here and then i have the air mouse which i can rotate my air mouse like this, and i can simply use the air most controls. So let’s say insecure. I click on that and i can say, watch and that will play for me much easier to do with an air mouse, and this is a great apk uh for movies and tv shows.

Uh works very well, so i’m going to just actually see i can even exit the player very easily using their mouse. Very, very easy. If i want movies, i can go to movies. I can now access tv shows with my air mouse and i can even search okay and that’s.

The great great great thing about the air, mouse, okay and then also i can flip the air most and then i can scroll up and down with the titles as well. You can see here i can hold down push the air mouse down and then i can hold up push the air mops up works very well.

Okay, so i’ll link the air most w-2, the new w-2 chipset, very good. I’ll link the dongle, which you can expand, your storage, which you can add a mouse and then i’ll, provide those links there, okay.

So this is why i recommend highly recommend these two items for your fire. Stick. It’s, going to make things easier. There’s, a lot of applications. I’m, going to be showing on my channel that are going to require the use of the mouse and you can use the software mouse, which is called mouse toggle or you can get one of these, which makes things much much easier.

This charges very quickly as well. I’ll link that up on amazon, for you guys, so you can take a look at that and thank you guys for being on my channel there’s, going to be a lot of fire. Stick: videos and things like that.

I welcome you to my channel and hopefully soon we’re, going to see a lot of stuff on my channel thanks guys for watching hit the subscribe button and hit the like button on this video share. This video and i’ll, see you all in the next one.

Take care

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