Hey what’s going on YouTube? Today? I’m, going to be showing you how to watch absolutely 100 % free sports on your fire stick device. You can actually do something. Any Android device, doesn’t have to be a fire.

Stick could be a Nvidia shield, could be an Android box, could be a phone, could be any any device? Okay. So what you want to do to get free sports absolutely and to also get live sports channels. I know I’ve done a video in sports back in a week or so, and I showed some sights as well.

You can look for that video as well, but some people complain there’s a lot of ads and this one is just excellent. So follow me along all. You have to do in your fire. Stick go to settings, go to my fire TV and go to the ball upper options.

Make sure apps from unknown sources are turned on always always helps press the turn on press the home button, and I go to the search icon on your fire. Stick right here and you’re gonna search for an application called SIL, which is the silk browser, because doesn’t work that well Firefox.

I’ve tried it with other browsers: Google Chrome, you! You have issues on the Amazon fire stick device, so silk is the best on the fire stick device on your other device. You can use. Whichever browser you want could be Chrome could be anything else.

It will work good if you’re, an Android phone and video shield or any other Android box. Okay search for a silk it’s. Gon na come up with this thing: called internet click on it, which is the silk browser Amazon.

So what browser should say, click the download button. It’s, gonna queue it and it’s going to download the silk browser once the sub browser, downloads and installs. All you have to do is press the Open button.

Okay, so here we are, I’m, going to show you the browser a little bit and now I’m gonna give you the site and show you how easy is to watch sports on our okay press, the Open button timeis On silk will start up you’ll, see I haven’t like a little cursor.

I can do some settings report issues and then I have two basic URLs: okay, great hit the home icon. Now to make sure this works properly. I recommend getting protected when you should go into these sites and streaming sports or whatever you may stream, or even use another PK’s, search for a VPN called ipvanish hit that search icon right here and search for IP vanished, so just type in Ip vanish and if just like that, ipvanish and if you’re on the first generation fire stick device, it may not work.

I think we’re now on the third or fourth generation of fire sticks, so ipvanish will work for all. Fire sticks in the newer generation. Doesn’t work just for the first fire. Stick ever release, which I don ‘

T think many people still have those but anyways you can search for ipvanish in the google play store as well. It’s, a great VPN. It’s. Gon na keep you protected here’s. The link to get your own username and password your own account I’ll, show you how to use it.

It’s. Also, in the description and pinned comments, we’re going to search for IP vanish. This will come up. I P managed VPN hid that I caught and hit the little download button. It’s, going to queue it and download it.

Ip managed does a great DPN for firestick devices, okay, so downloaded the browser, which is the silk browser. Download an ipvanish VPN once it installs the IP vanish. I’m just gonna pop it open just like that.

It’s. Gon na come up. I pee vanish VPNs and ask for a username and password so grab your username and password from this link. Right here also pin comma and description once you have the link you’re gonna get a confirmation, email from ipvanish click on that confirmation, email in your email that you provided when you signed up for an account very important because it won’t work without confirming it now, once you confirm it log in with your username and password.

Ok, once you’re logged in you’re, going to go to the gear icon; click on that star, AP value! Select that start up connection action, connect to fastest server, always and Auto, reconnect click, the back arrow and it’s very similar Android devices to all the menus will be there on any other devices, follow along make sure you go to a country, and You select United States because that’s.

Gon na give you the most channels and the most sports. If you select United States as some channels are regionally blocked geo block. Ok with a VPN, you’re, going to be able to get all those sport and all that content in your a region.

Ok, the United States and press the connect button. This is gonna come up press the ok button. Now we’re connected to a VPN and see were connected to the United States, IP address in Ashburn the United States great.

What we’re gonna do now. We’re gonna hit that home icon. We’re gonna go back to our internet icon, which is right here in the recent we just installed. It’s also in apps and games. You can also see all and you’ll, see it’s right here, Internet as well.

Our browser I knee other browser using one. I need of us. Okay start that up and then you’ll, see a menu like here and you’ll, see maybe Bing or Cielo browser no problem so hit. Let’s stay here, one thing, but I’m, not gon.

Na search on Bank, I’m, going to stay in silk browser and I want to get actually to home. Okay. So how did I get to there? You’re gonna hit on fire. Stick the three little lines right here once you hit the three little lines and go back to the main browser on the fire.

Stick remote three lines right there. Okay, you can see the search icon is highlighted here by default search the web to enter URL click on that and put in the following URL http/2 put it on the screen as well, and you can put this in any browser.

Call it forward forward slash sports [ Applause, ] bein on arc; okay, so just sports bay.org; okay, all our G sports bay.org. Once you put that in you’re gonna press the Go button. Okay, it’s. Gon na go to sports Bay Don orgs website it’s, going to look like Pirate Bay.

You’re gonna be presented with a lot of options here. Sports life, TV football – you can click the three little lines on your stick again: hate see on with sports bait on target right in there. Don’t worry about it.

Go right here to the start and add bookmark click on that. Now, Sports Bay is added as a bookmark. I can go back to it any time. Okay, sports babe! I’m here again and I’ll. Show you how to use it select, live TV, football, basketball, NFL hockey, baseball whatever you want to select.

It has everything here: every single game, the time of the game it’s all here. If you even want live TV, it’s. So simple to do you can just click on live TV and you can watch these sports channels. Absolutely free live, ok, very easy to navigate.

You got your mouse cursor moving around with a d-pad and you got all the sports channels here. All you want to do to watch it. Click on that sport channel it’s, going to take you to another menu, and then you can hit the watch button right.

There see highlight the watch button right here. Ok, so once you’ve got watch bottom. This will come up and they’ll say: do you want to watch an HD? You can say, cancel stay here, always press the stay here.

If the ads come up and just press cancel a few times stay here a few times and then you get and get to enjoy all this content, ok very easy to use. So if the ads come up, just always hit stay here and cancel to watch in HD, therefore it’s, not going to take you to any signup page and it’s not going to ask you to purchase any subscription.

Everything is here hockey NFL, so the website sports Bay org. Hopefully you guys enjoy that very easy to do on a fire. Stick absolutely free sports, but always stay protected with the VP, and when accessing this content, you can grab your own account right here.

From this link also pink and description, and always make sure that your VPN is odd, if I get home and then you’ll see that my IP vanish is always connected. When I’m watching these sports, these games and using the sports Bay org website for sports, I think this is one of the best ones.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here hit the subscribe button hit the thumbs up button and let me know how sports bay.org worked out, for you can do this on any device. Not even a fire stick, but I’m showing on a fire.

Stick and ipvanish is available on any device as well. If you have an account for fu vanish on your fire, stick, you can use up to 10 devices your iPhone, your Android phone, whatever device you have, you can use one account up to 10 devices in your household.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. Let me know this work. Let me know if you like it, if you have other sites to recommend drop the comments below and let me know see you guys all in the next one.

Thank you.

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Watch Free Sports firestick #1 Way or any other device.

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