Hey what’s going on youtube? Today? I’m, going to be showing you how to install the watched apk now working as rocker r-o-k-k-r anyways it doesn’t matter. The application looks exactly the same. There’s, only a color change on it, but now you get the live.

Television movies tv shows all that i’m, going to show you how to get it going. Okay, so on your fire stick device! All you want to do is go to settings once you’re in settings, just go to my fire tv or my device click.

There click on developer options and make sure your apps from unknown sources is turned on: okay, press the turn button and that’s, going to turn it on. When we press the turn on button press, the home button now go to the search icon and we’re, going to search for an application called downloader downloader.

You can either type it in or you can say it. I like to use the voice remote. We’re, going to click on the downloader click on the little download icon. It’s, going to cue it. It’s, going to download it and we’re, going to be ready to go okay once it installs that all we have to do now.

We’re, going to press that open button press the allow button press, the ok button, click one up here and type in the following url. So we’re, going to type in h, ttp call in forward forward slash, get dot file, link dot com to install the file link application file linked dot com is what you’re, going to put in exactly how you see it Here on the screen: okay, once you’ve done that you’re, going to press that go button right there.

Once you have get.filelink.com press the go button, you’ll, see a connecting status, and then you ‘ Ll see the download status once it’s finished downloading it’s, going to ask us to install it, which we’re, going to say, install okay click on install once it’s finished installing we’re just going to open it up, press the open button, and i’m going to give you a code and a pin number okay, so pay attention here.

It’s, going to say preparing application once the application runs. Let’s, say enter code click into enter code. Put in one two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight eight twos, once you put in the eight twos you wan na press, the next button and press the continue button.

I’m gonna give you the pin number right now, but if the pin ever changes, if it doesn’t work, if the pin number is not working make sure you read all this here on your phone or computer to get The pin open the youtube, app and search for a new tech pin, i’ll, always do a video on a new pin.

Today i’m, giving you the pin, but if it doesn’t work follow this text right here. Okay, click on to enter pin and we’re, going to put in 98 98.98 press the next button and press the continue button. What’s that going to do it’s, going to throw you into my store, dismiss any pop-ups or any subsequent pop-ups that come up and you’ll, see the store you can get all updated apks from my store.

Always updated dismiss this pop-up now the first thing to run our watched, rocker application. We are going to get the ipvanish and i’ll, explain why we need this, and if you in, in the later part of the video you’ll, see that when we click on the download it downloads, the application when it’s finished, this is going to turn into a play button.

All we have to do is hit the play button and that will install the files from the file link store. So let’s. Do that let’s. Hit that play button and press the install button, you’ll, install the ipvanish vpn.

Once it’s finished i don’t want you to open it up yet just press the done button. You can scroll down and you’ll, see a kodi section. You’ll, see movie, show app section. Just keep scrolling down feel free to download any of these apks there’s.

Many many apps here feel free to download anything. You wish. Okay, so we’re gonna keep scrolling down okay, and we’re gonna find watched, apk working and it’s. Gon na have the newest date right now, showing february 1st rocker new name.

Okay, click on that little download button. You’ll, see it it’s, downloading the watched apk when it’s finished downloading. This turns into a play button and we’re ready to install that okay, so it does take a minute to download it, and then it turns into a play button feel free to get any other applications from my store.

My store is always available for you filled with many many applications. Okay, so we’ve, downloaded ipvanish. We’ve installed it. Now. We’re gonna install the watched, rocker apk. Okay, when this is finished, this turns into a play button and then we have the opportunity to install it.

So let’s, press that play button right now when it’s finished right here: okay, we’re, going to press on that and we’re going to press the install button. Now remember, if you have an old version of watched, you must uninstall it.

So i don’t have any watched version. I’m going to install and if it doesn’t install for you make sure you uninstalled all old version of watched apk it’s, going to say app installed. It’s going to give us the notification.

We’re, going to press the down button feel free to get any other apks. Okay from my store now press the home button and before i run our rocker application, it’s under your apps and games, go there or applications depending which fire stick.

You’re on. If you scroll down you can see, i got the file linked, i got the ipvanish and i got rocker okay before i run any of these apks like cinema, hd, rocker or anything else, to get more links to get more content.

I make sure i run ipvanish. So let’s start it up. Ipvanish is going to keep you completely anonymous and in some applications going to give you more content, more links and just a lot of content. You’re, going to keep you protected to get your own username and password for ipvanish.

You’re, going to see it right in the description and in a pinned comment. Click on that link sign up for your package. Then you’re, going to get your username and password, which you’ll, be able to log in with okay make sure you click the confirmation email that you received from ipvanish after you create your account, your username and password log in I’ll.

Show you quickly how to set this up, how to get it going it’ll, keep you protected, it’ll, keep you anonymous and it’ll, get you geo block content and also get you content that’S being blocked by your internet service provider.

This is why i recommend using a vpn. You’re, completely anonymous completely uh. You know protected with a vpn this they just upgraded. The servers works great and it works on unlimited devices. You can use this on many devices in your household okay, so i’m going to log in i’m, going to show you how i set my app.

How would you set it up and then we’ll continue starting rocker, okay? Okay, once you log into your vpn account click the gear icon, say: start ipvanish, startup connection action connect too fast to server now split tunneling.

If you have netflix hulu disney, plus click on split tunneling and put that application split tunneling, that means the vpn will not be on when using that. So, for example, you could do. Prime you don’t need a vpn or actually vpn doesn’t work great with netflix netflix recognizes that there is a vpn, so you can put that on your split tunneling list like prime.

I put a check mark. It means the split tunneling means that the vpn will not be turned on when using those applications, so netflix hoola disney, plus we don’t want the vpn on for those, but for any other applications.

We want it on so split tongue. Takes care of that. Okay, make sure scramble mode is on click back here and make sure you go to country now and go to united states. So we’re gonna go to united states click on it and press that connect button right there.

When you press it, you’ll, get this pop-up press the okay button. Here it’s. Gon na connect to the vpn you’ll, see like mountains. Mall hills means we’re, fully protected and ready to use. Rocker okay hit the home button.

I’m, going to show you how to set up rocker. Now we’re, fully anonymous, fully protected. That discount for a vpn is in the pin comment and in the description a little link. You click on and get your package okay.

So now let’s. Go see rocker here that we installed it big little r. Here we’re gonna click on that it’s. Gon na start up rocker, but it’s. Gon na look empty and i’ll show you how to set it up when it’s completely empty okay.

So start it up. It’s going to spin up here and it’s. Going to look like this okay live tv is not going to show up anything. Nothing in the dashboard but live tv is working uh, so go into manager and click on enter url and you’re going to put in hu, hu dot t o once you put that in h? U h: u dot t o! You’re gonna press that next button it’s; gonna analyze, the url it’s; gonna resolve it and it’s gonna pop up all our content.

Okay, it’s, gonna take a minute, and then you’re gonna see all our content populate. We’re gonna have live tv. We’re gonna have movies. We’re gonna have everything: okay, you’re gonna have trending tv channels and you can click on any channels that you want trending.

I’m gonna blur some of this out and you can click on an actual movie trending series, and you can pick your movie or pick your series and watch that see there’s, trending movies, all that stuff is here and If i wanted to watch a movie, i’d click on it and then i would select the server.

You got some german servers and for some other movies you’ll. Have english italian servers mexican servers? So you got a lot of servers: okay, click on a server. What happens this starts up, connects to the resolver and it will start playing the movie for you right away.

This is great. A lot of people loved watch love the way it worked uh. So when it connects to that server, timer will kick in and, as you can see, my movie is already playing. Okay works really really excellent.

This is absolutely better than kodi live tv section i’m going to blur it out. I’m, going to show you how to get in there. So live tv. You can go in live tv section and open up the who scrapers and then you can see all the live tv channels here and you can click on the group and you can sort it by name trending tv channels.

You can go by name or you can click that little arrow right here and choose your category. So if i wanted canada, i choose canada. Unfortunately, it’s all blurred out, and then i would just click on the channel.

I want to watch in canada. This will start up and, as you can see it’s already instantly playing the channel for me. I just stopped it and got out of the channel great great apk. You’re, going to be really happy.

This is basically watched. It’s called rocker. Now it’s back it’s working very well, and if you wanted to watch movies that you know are not in the trending categories. Here are not in the popular movies category.

You would just do a global search right here. You could hit search and you could search for any movie that you’d, like to search using the search option right. You can also filter by genre original language, or you can just hit that search icon right here and search for exactly the movie.

That you want to find that easy. Okay, so that is watched. Apk works very well tons of movies. Tons of servers will show you many sources, and then you can select your source and the movie would start playing.

Thank you guys for being here. I hope you enjoy watch the apk. I hope it works really well, for you give it a try. I really like it. I really enjoy it, and now we’re. Finally, back we’ve watched apk with rocker now working.

I felt like i did a video a few days ago, but i felt like you needed an update. This is a little bit different works beautifully. Well, not much options, not many things to change works out of the box.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll see you all in the next one make sure you hit the subscribe button and hit the thumbs up button and comment below if it’s working for you, because it wasn’t working on all devices, so people with different devices Drop a comment: if it’s working and what device.

Thank you guys. Thank you for being here, see you in the next one

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