Hey what’s going on youtube? Today? I’m, going to show you my number one apk from movies and tv show. This update is amazing. This is the fastest by far and the smallest apk to use for free movies and free tv shows super quick.

I highly enjoy it, it was around for one time, then it got scrapped and now it came back and the developer is putting a lot of effort into it and i’ll. Show you how good this is. Okay, so let’s. Get that on here so before we start let’s, go to settings works on all android devices.

Go to my fire tv once there developer options and make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on. So we’re, going to turn that on press the turn on button now, press the home button hit the search button and we are going to search for an application called downloader, downloader.

Okay, that will come up orange icon click on that icon. Downloader click the download button, it’s, going to cue it and it’s going to download the downloader application. Okay, it’s, going to install it and once it installs, we’re, going to get the newest file link application.

So let’s, press the open button and press the allow button here and press the ok button. We’re, going to click one up into here into this box; click into it and pull in the following url get dot file linked dot com once you put in get.

filelink.com, all you have to do. Is you’re, going to press that go button? Okay, it’s going to connect and it’s, going to get our filemaker application. With this filelink application. You’re, not only going to be able to get this apk, but you’re, going to be able to get many.

Many other apks for live television, free movies and tv shows. Okay and press the install button on the file link. Application and we’re going to pop it open, and i’ll. Show you how to set this up. Okay, let’s! Press that open button on the file link application.

Okay, once it prepares stuff it’s going to say enter code click into it. I’m, going to give you a code, one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight twos! Okay, once you put in the eight twos press, the next button and press the continue button.

Okay, once you get to the pin number click into enter, pin and put in 47 54 for the pin, number and press the next button. Okay, let’s. Press the continue button right there that’s, going to take you into my store from here.

You can get any apk. You can come back anytime into my store to get any apk press the dismiss button. Now the first thing you’re going to land on is the ipvanishvpn and let’s download and i’ll, explain everything.

Why and i’ll show you why so we’re gonna download the ipvanishvpn and dismiss any pop-ups that may pop up once this download is finished. This will turn into a play button and it will mean that we can install this application.

Okay, let’s. Press the play play button on ipvanish press the install button on the ipvanish vpn when it’s finished installing all we have to do is press the done button. Okay, now scroll down and the apk that we’re going to be getting here.

Let’s. Scroll down, you’re, going to hit movies and show apps feel free to get any apks any other ones from here that you wish. Okay, these are all great cinema, apk, btv, okay, all great ttv, strix tv, uk turks, but the one we want to get is the morpheus tv and i’ll.

Show you why it’s, my number one, and why i love it. So much look how small it is it’s, the smallest and fastest? Okay, when it finishes downloading, hit the play button and press the install button on morpheus tv application after it’s finished.

Let’s, press the done button. Morpheus tv is installed. Let’s press the home button. Now before i run any apks from my store you can see. I have a lot feel free to load any of these apks from my store or anything else you wish.

But today we’re. Looking at morpheus apk before i run morpheus apk to get more content and more links as seminar service providers are blocking links and to stay fully anonymous. I utilize the vpn, so click on the vpn that we downloaded or get it from the amazon store.

It works on all android devices. It’s, going to ask you for a username and password. In my description and ping comment, i have a link that’s, going to give you a big discount. Choose your package sign up it’s, a few bucks a month.

It’s, going to keep you protected. It works with all the other apks from my store and it works great with morpheus and i’ll. Show you why and why you should get it okay, so once you click that link to get that discount and sign up for your package for the vpn, you have your own username and password to log in you’ll, get an email confirmation from Ipvanish click on that confirmation and then activate your account.

Let me log into mine. Let me show you how to set this up quickly and then we’ll, get more fields going okay, once we log into the vpn, and you have your own account, hit the gear icon and say start ipvanish, startup connection action go to connect to Fastest server then go to split tunneling and if you have netflix prime put in the splint tunneling, that means the vpn will not be turned on when using those apps.

So for me it’s netflix and prime. So i’m, going to go here and i’m, going to search for prime, let’s say, and that’s, not going to use the vpn okay and then hit next. You’ll, see it. You can put a check mark on prime and now that split tunnel do this for hulu netflix disney hbo max whatever legit applications you have for movies and tv shows or content put them in this split tunneling method.

Okay, hit back and put a check mark on that, okay and then go to scramble mode. Put a check mark go here and country very important, select united states. It’s, going to give us the most content, so united states and then press that connect button.

What’s going to happen? Now? It’s, going to ask you to create a tunnel press, the ok to do that, and it should connect to a us server. This will come up united states. Okay, i’m going to hit the home button.

Now i can run any applications from my filing store and also morpheus very safely and get the most links and most content. Okay, so that’s available in the pin comment description below, like i said, okay, so let’s, go to morpheus and start it up.

Our vpn is on press the allow button and i’ll. Show you a couple of settings to get it really quick, so go to settings, and this works the best for me once you’re in settings in morpheus, go to player and go to minimum buffer duration; click on that and put in 8 000.

. So click in the 3000 field, clear it all out and put in 8, 000, okay and then press the next button and 8 000 press, the ok that’s. All you really have to change is the minimum buffer duration to 8 000 to get the least amount of buffering hit back hit back now you’re, going to have tv shows and movies, and i’ll.

Show you how fast this apk is. I’ll, go to movies, we’ll, go to trending and we’ll say we’ll, go to fatman, we’ll click on that and goes off searching okay and now, if you get Zero links found don ‘

T worry because look at this, i’m. Getting zero links on all the applications. Look at this okay, the problem, zero links found. Okay, no problem go back, go one back, go one back, go back again and exit the application go to see all again on your fire stick and restart the application.

Okay. So let’s, restart it up. Let’s. Go to movies! Again, let’s, go to trending and let’s, see fatman again. I just restarted the application and zero links again. No problem hit the home button. Okay, go to settings, go to applications, go to manage installed, applications, look for morpheus and press four stop a few times.

Four. Stop it relaunch it again: okay, go to movies click around, let’s, say popular now. Another category fat, men and now goes off searching zero links found again right. What is wrong here? You’re, going to be very confused because you’re going to be like this app is not working, but it actually is.

So what do you want to do now? Once you force close and restart it’s, a little glitch? I hope they update it. What has worked for me? I went into settings and then i clicked on accounts. You don’t have to link any accounts here.

Will debrid or anything like that? Just go into accounts, hit back out and then go to movies again and let’s say what do we do fat man trending and look how fast? This is now i’m, going to click on fatman and look at this.

We are getting hundreds and hundreds of links. Look at this 30 links so far, okay, 40 links. Okay, so we got 50 links. Look at this. We got 56 links and look how fast this is scraping. I’m just going to let it run a little bit here, just to show you how much content it scrapes once it finds the link.

You hit the play button and play just like that, and look how fast this is. It almost plays instantly. I’m, going to show you another one. Was it we did prom. I think the next one i was trying to do. Prom, okay, the links will shut, should populate as well.

Look at the amount of links you’re getting, and we’re using this with a vpn. Look at this okay hit the play button and boom. This application is instant instantaneously. It starts working. Morpheus is super fast.

So if you do get that problem with zero links, i’m, showing you the fix. If you already have morpheus for me, it’s, settings accounts go back in and that should work, give it five to ten seconds, restart it, and that should work.

It is the best application, in my opinion, works great now, except that little glitch. When i’m, showing you the little fix around check it out guys morpheus tv, great great application, one of the fastest applications and my number one go to application for now.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here hit the subscribe button hit the thumbs up button and i ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care.

Source : Youtube

VPN Access to get more links:

This app is #1 for movies and tv shows, super quick! super small works on all firestick devices and gets the most content
Morpheus TV is amazing and its back reborn from the dead, feel free to download any other apps from my store. This will work on all firestick devices including amazon firestick 4k, cube, lite and all others anything android will give you free movies and free tv shows.

Disclaimer: We are unable to verify if this application has all the necessary licenses for free movies and tv shows, please use at your own risk
Please note this app does not fall under illegal streaming content under youtube’s policy, due to the fact we are unable to verify if Morpheus TV
has licenses for these movies and tv shows, therefor the content is provided purley as educational

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