That was a really crazy world tour finals, but now we have a reveal coming up. What’s? The reveal going to be. I have no idea, but this is it’s already been such a crazy day. Man here we go. This is not a drill [ Music ], i’m excited already.

Oh, this is such a good trailer. What an intro that’s, his intro. That means he might have the great ape shop for his finisher super baby too. Oh, my god, oh he’s, vicious those come back if they miss.

I wonder if they ‘ Re gonna show that oh, oh no, he’s. Gon na use his assist. He’s, taking him under his control. Oh that was sick. Oh my god, that’s. Disgusting whoa that’s, the new best move in the game that was sick.

I wonder if that works like spirit bomb. Oh all these anime, oh my god, it’s too good. It’s too good. They didn’t even show the second variation. Do the pose. Do the balls that’s, one of the best outros in the game free? Can we get a little more 1 15 january? Can we get a little more just a little more crack that screen crack that screen just a little more just one more give me something i know i want to see.

I know that i know what’s coming, let’s. Go you already know who it is you knew it was coming. They said it was impossible. They said he shared moves with gogeta blue, but it’s. A gt season gogeta it didn’t leak.

It didn’t leak, and now he’s here you thought fighters had no surprises, left huh, you knew them. You knew. There was gonna, be a little surprise in store. Didn’t. You chad, you thought fighters, would let you guys down with the double rookie.

Oh amazing chat. You look so happy. Finally, a real super saiyan 4.. I mean that’s, going to do it for me. For today guys i got to go upload something um, that’s, a little video but uh it’s been a blast.

My voice is gone. I was wondering if they were going gonna talk about anything in the future, but i couldn’t understand why they didn’t so yeah i’m gonna go, get some sleep. Thank you guys so much for watching this uh.

That was hype.

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SUPER SAIAYN 4 GOGETA IS COMING TO FIGHTERZ!! After the world tour finals dbfz revealed a trailer for both super baby 2 and Gogeta super saiayan 4. I was livestreaming the event at the time and managed to capture my reaction to this insane fighterz dlc trailer!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz!

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