In this new video for July, we’re gonna look at five new add-ons and there’s. Quite a variety here. Actually, three are new to have been updated and moved. So let’s. Take a look at these add-ons. Firstly, to get it started, we’ve got still I rise, which is a new one.

It’s, got TV and movies, but what it’s got here kind of a bonus. New thing is it’s, got a bunch of horror stuff and there’s. Some genres here, some lists. If you will – and you should check those ones out if you’re into that particular area of watching next one.

We have is then, and this one is your standard Exodus fork. It’s, got movies and TV shows, and some music as well so go ahead and check out Finn. We haven’t, usually done music ones, but this is a second straight video.

Where I’ve included one this one’s called beat it, and this one is centered around albums and existing artists and that sort of thing, so it’s, not like radio stations like the one from the last video.

So yeah, if you’re looking for music, this would be the one to check out beat it. Joyride has been around around for a while this used to be with a supremacy conglomerate, but since that went down it found a new home here in the One Nation repo and it’s all about racing and that sort of stuff.

So you can see here even from our categories that there’s, some racing stuff for cars and motorbikes, but there are also some movies here. Some you know extreme based. If you will so Joyride check that one out kiddo is for kids and this one’s been updated.

It’s, not too much to say it’s all about cartoons and anime it’s. Kinda. I got everything you need for them of the entertain: the children, the family, that sort of stuff and again Quito, has been around for a while.

So go ahead. If you got some kids or you just want to watch anime brony, you can go check out kiddo and yeah. Hopefully I’ll, put up my Amazon ad in a timely manner this time, so you can check out my Amazon store where I’m endorsing a couple of different products.

I’m big on the fire sticks myself got those going, they’re very good, and let’s, not forget about ipvanish. They’re, always having sales and it’s. A good way to protect your anonymity online, so ipvanish they’re.

My sponsor so go ahead and use their services.

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