In this new video, we’re, going to investigate five add-ons, a coupler new and a couple have been updated for any new subscribers to my channel. This video is just going to be a short one, just showing you the addresses that you need to install these add-ons.

If you need the full installation method, I ‘ Ll include some cards in the video. You can click on just follow those ones along and let’s check it out here. So the first ad on is called clown’s replica and it is literally a replica replica of 13 clowns easy for me to say so.

If you enjoyed that add-on, this one will be just as good it’s, got TV shows and movies, and sports and some live stuff as well, so clowns replicas. Next, one on the list here is box set Kings reborn, and this one has been around for a while and it’s recently been updated and you can see here it’s, got things sorted in categories.

Adventure animation, comedy drama, family, horror, mystery and so on. Like I said it’s been around for a while, and it’s working well so check out the box set Kings reborn. Next. Here we’ve got a Sports add-on and the others we ‘

Ve lost a few sports add-ons lately, and so perhaps this one called sports classics can step in and give you some well-needed sports. We’ve got some live stuff here and then some replay stuff, as well so check out sports classic good other music one for you.

I’ve, been doing a lot of these lately. It’s, the world of sounds and this one. Is it supposed to radio stations and live channels like that, so you can do some searching and again there’s. A few categories on here as well so check out the world of sounds and Poseidon.

This one’s, been it used to be Neptune rising and it was beside – and I hadn’t heard from this one for a while, but it’s recently been updated, and so it’s for movies And TV shows so go ahead and check out Poseidon.

I’d, like to remind everybody as well. You can check out my Amazon store there’s, a option of it in the link and I’m big on the fire TV sticks. I like those ones. You know you can easily change any TV into a smart TV for 50 bucks, which seems pretty reasonable and you can get Cody and whatever else you want on your fire stick so go to the description there’s.

A few products I’m endorsing there and ipvanish there’s, actually a sale coming up on the 15th and 16th, so that’s in a couple of days from now. So if you’re interested in a subscription, you can go ahead and sign up on those days.

You’ve got a 70 money-back guarantee to check it out as well, and it’s, just good for different things. You’re gonna do on the internet. If you don’t want somebody discovering what you’re doing or your IP address, whether you are you know downloading something or whether you’re, trying to get around a filter at work, wink wink to watch something or Perhaps you’re out about and you’re, creating a hot spot.

It’s, always safest to use the IP vanish. So people can’t steal your info. It’s like having insurance. So there it is so there’s, your five add-ons and a couple of commercials. So thank you very much.


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