In this video we are going to look at some sporting add-ons. Some are for live sports, some are for replays uh. Really you’re, just going to need to go through and find whatever works best for you, whether you’re.

Trying to watch nfl or football or baseball uh, the links are always going up. They’re, always going down. You just got to do a bunch of searching it’s kind of annoying. I can’t say which ones are going to work on a daily basis, but uh, you know, give it a try and find what works for you.

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Currently endorsing through my amazon store. Also click the link in the description below sporto tv. This one takes access from a few other add-ons and sort of combines it all again. It’s, just something you got ta check it out, and hopefully you can find some working links.

The end zone, this one’s, mostly about uh football and college football, so it’s, probably not very active. Yet considering those sports haven’t started, but when they do, you ‘ Ll want to check out the end zone.

The loop, this one has a whole bunch of zones, fans own flight zones and a whole bunch of other zones, and there’s, an updating, app as well for scores and such so. You can check out that one sports zig is a live one.

So go looking for streams there. Sport 365 live that’s, exactly what it says it is it’s, all about live sports streaks, all sports recap. This is more of a highlight one, so uh you can sort of check this one up after the fact and sports 55 classic.

This one has a new address and it ‘ S got a variety: it’s, got documentaries and live sports, and a bunch of things you can check out sports 55 classic so rising tide is the first one. We’ll talk about this.

One does mostly have uh soccer or football. If you live across the atlantic ocean on it, so you can check out rising tide. It’s, been relatively reliable for a long time. Next, one is alpha quadrant sports.

This one is generally going to give you live sports, so check it out. For some active feeds,

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