Over the last week there’s, been a lot of add-ons that have gone down that aren’t working. That needs some updates, so this video is going to show you five that have been updated and then another five and new ones.

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Something special will occur on the channel, so help be a part of that. So let’s, get to it. Venom was just updated today, you might want to clear off your old venom and install this new one, and you should be able to watch your movies and TV shows with it the crew same thing, clear it off and reinstall.

It should also also point out that you may need to clear your cache a so for that. You just need to go to tools and then go to clear all caches and away you go. So there is the crew up and working numbers, also working from the cellar-door TV repo that one’s good for movies and TV shows as well so check out numbers and tempest.

When you install this one, there are two zip files to be aware of so just make sure try them both and the one of them will have this tempest in it and lastly, fan has been updated, so there are five working add-ons that it should work for.

You do a fresh install if they don’t work for you. Don’t spaz out on me. It’s, not my fault. These things, don’t, always install the same way on every system and work properly. So there’s five options.

Hopefully one of them works for you, some new ones, vmax. This one is streaming from youtube, so it should work. Oh two shouldn’t, be any issues with that and there’s. Lots of categories there there’s.

A vmax, phoenix rises has got a lot of playlists and movies TV shows and some live stuff as well from the team of Falken repo, so check out the phoenix rises joker. This one has a lot of movies and TV shows as well, and then it ‘

S also got a whole bunch of other stuff to check out there’s, always some variations on this joker one out. So this one’s new, as you can check out this one as well true to night Ronix this one’s good for movies, TV shows and some live channels as well so check out neutronics and, lastly, cryptic also from Team Falcon Check out this one here, as I mentioned a 30000 there’s, going to be a special feature available.

So look forward to that. Please, like this video and comment below. Thank you very much.

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