In this January video I’m, going to show you six add-ons couple are new and a couple have been updated, so let’s. Take a look at how to add these ones. On for our videos for my channel, please click the blue hash tags below this video and you’ll, see a list of other ones.

Ipvanish is sponsoring this video there’s. A link in the description click that, if you’d, like to protect your anonymity, online and privacy, seven day, money-back guarantee as well like everyone to subscribe and keep your eyes open for YouTube membership coming very very soon.

As soon as I get some time to actually prepare the videos necessary for it, let’s. Get to it here. So our first one that has been updated is taz. This one’s for movies and descriptions, and you’ll notice.

Instead of giving the address there and I’ve, given it in the description below, so you can just copy and paste it from there a few back ahead. People enjoyed that idea, so I’ve kind of combined the two anyway, so there is Taz and nygma is another one.

This one has a little bit more material to it. Still movies and TV shows, and some documentaries and a few other categories to enjoy so there’s any nygma. Now this one I don’t know how to say this. One look, CODIS is for the Brid users only so if you’re paying for that service, you can use this add-on.

It’s a little strange. It actually gives you something to paste in offline. It’s a little bit of a hassle, but the links are working well. So if you’re into the debride check out that one, the USS Defiant, this one has recently been resurrected and updated, and this one’s kind of neat for people that want to watch movies that are much older from 1930 to The 60s there and it has movies and TV shows and other categories as well, so there’s, the USS Defiant, a couple Star, Trek ones in a row, Delta, Quadrant and another Star Trek reference here.

This one’s, actually kind of interesting it’s, got its got your it’s, basically an all-in-one, but it also includes other things, and you can see from the picture on here. It’s, got crackle and it ‘

S got a whole bunch of other services involved in it. So snag films. It’s, a lot of add-ons within this add-on, so you can check out Delta Quadrant and la plaza. This one’s for movies and TV shows as well.

So you can check out that one as well, so we’ve hit 30 thousand subs. Like I said, the YouTube membership program is coming very soon. What I’m gonna be – and I’ll – give a little preview here. There’s.

Gon na be three different levels. The first level is gonna. Show you how to do a long-form install of add-ons, particularly even the six that were just discussed in this video, so some people, don’t need that.

So I wouldn’t encourage anyone to subscribe. If you didn’t need me to show you the full installation. The second level is going to be some kodi builds. I’m, not a big fan of the builds. I know people are, though, so I will get those together and include some of those videos and then the third level is going to include firestick apk add-ons.

So if you subscribe to the third level, you actually get levels, one two and three as well, and I’m. Considering a face reveal level there will be extremely expensive per month and that could be on there too.

So you can stay forward or stay forward or just stay tuned looking forward. Maybe that’s. What I wanted to say to some future videos, but these videos that I just did will remain so you won ‘ T need to to worry about losing out on future videos for me anyway, so there you go thumbs up subscribe and I probably gonna have another new video coming out in a couple of days.

So look forward to that. One

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