November video, we’re gonna look at six new and updated add-ons for november. Ipvanish currently has a sale until the end of november. It’s. Massive uh, you can save up to 76 percent, only cost like 35 bucks a year.

If you’re, a new user to uh to access this ipvanish plan, click the link in the description below and you can surf the internet in anonymity, cloner alliance, pro box is being used to record this video click.

The link in the description below, if you want to check out one of those and don’t forget to subscribe to my channels all right. So movie night is our first new add-on. Here you can see it uh ranks movies by years.

So if you happen to know the movie in the year, you can find it easier. I don’t know if that’s, the best system, but there you go movie night another. Well, this one isn’t new. This one is this: one’s, updated shadow.

This one’s been working well for a while it’s got a new logo. It’s like fire fox, meets sonic. The hedgehog and uh check out shadow. It’s, a good one, free from the deja vu repo. It’s, got free stuff.

It’s, a bit of an all-in-one it’s, got lots of uh channels. You can check out and movies so check out free that one’s been updated and then there’s three from the same repository. So while you’re loading, this one in you must get all them.

Elementum is once again updated. Good for movies and tv shows lunatics is constantly being updated. It’s, a good one as well. There’s, lots of iptv stuff on that uh check that one out updated. And lastly, i am ego this one used to be in the golden gun repo has switched over to the lunax repo.

This one’s, good for movies and tv shows so check out. I am ego that’s, one from the past, so there it is people uh comment in the description below thumbs up all that stuff will help this video. Thank you very much enjoy

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