In this video we’re, going to take a look at some new and some updated add-ons before we get to that. Ipvanish uh still has a nice sale on click. The link in the description below, if you want to surf the internet in anonymity, do it.

Okay, we ‘ Ve got two in a row here that are they sort of look the same? They are called ds9, they are both about sports and they can both be found in the same repository. There is a second one here, called ds9 version, 2 green and, like i said both of these will appear right in a row at the same address and they appear to have different sporting events links and things available.

So there’s, probably some overlap. There, but if you’re looking for some sport, add-ons check out these two additionally anime tunes has been. This is a new version of this, so you can check out that for all your cartoon needs and, lastly, one play in portuguese.

If you speak spanish or whatever they speak there, you can check out this particular add-on. Asgard has been updated. This has been a really good add-on in the past and it has received its first update in a long time so check out asgard as well too dc universe.

This one is um a real debrided reel-to-bread one. So if you have the, if you pay for the real debris service, you can use this particular add-on and get a bunch of the dc stuff and lastly, elementum has been updated and this one’s been working.

Well, it’s, been updated, a bunch over the past, so check out elementum, please feel free to subscribe to all my channels for fun. This video was uh recorded using the cloner alliancebox pro there’s, a link in the description below.

If you want to check one of these out and lastly, there’s, also a link in the description below for viper antivirus, plus software, so check it out and make your computer all nice and safe. And if you haven’t updated to 18.

9, you should do that. There’s, been some talk of 19 coming out soon, and i will not be installing it until it is a stable version of it. And until then i’m, going to stick with 18.9

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