In our last new video for november, we’re, going to look at six add-ons. A couple have been updated and a couple are new as well so before we get to that, ipvanish is just wrapping up their sale. It’s only until the end of november.

It. Basically it’s 35 bucks a month and you can surf the internet in anonymity. I don’t know what you’re waiting for click, the link in the description below, and you can get that deal and uh get on with saving that’s an amazing deal.

Usually it’s. Double that and don’t forget to subscribe to my channels all right. So our first new add-on is called revolution. It’s from the deja vu repo, it’s good for movies and tv shows – and i mentioned it -‘s from the deja vu repo, because there’s.

A couple other add-ons in this video from that repo as well, so you can install this one and update the other two. We’ll, get to that in a sec, but anyway this is revolutions. A checkout revolution. Mad rabbit is a new one as well, so it’s, got movies and tv shows so check out mad rabbit free has been updated once again it’s been updated a couple of times.

Lately it’s, got a ton of free content. It’s, essentially an all-in-one add-on, so check out free drg. This one has been updated. It now only serves real to bridge, which is a service. You need to pay for uh.

You pay for extra links to watch tv shows and movies, so i’m, not affiliated with it. So if you decide to pay for real debride, you can get this particular add-on and you can use it to watch movies and tv shows release.

Bb is another one that’s been updated and it’s also for real to bridge. So you can use both of those ones to get some extra links. Deja vu has been updated. This one’s, always been a good one. There’s.

Tons of content on the deja vu check that one out and numbers is another good one. This one will talk to you as it goes and shows you. Oh, it’s, essentially an all-in-one it’s, got movies. Tv shows, live stuff check out numbers so to wrap up this video here.

Uh viper has a ton of antivirus sales on right. Now there are at least four links in the description of my video that will bring you to different services again. This is software for protecting your computer from viruses, so click the link in the description below and you can check out all the deals and click through and get some of them and as well too, this video has been recorded using the cloner alliance pro box.

It’s great for recording anything. If you want to check it out, click the link in the description below so that should wrap it up here so make sure you’ve, updated your uh system to 18.9 and stay tuned for our top 10 for december.

Coming very soon.

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