What’s up fortnite fan, we ‘ Ve got some more really interesting news. This season, i think, is just going to get better and better, and we need to thank a german youtuber. I only kow over on twitter.

For this find it’s, an absolute gem and i’m surprised. No one else has spotted it because it is super obvious, but it looks like we might be getting big arnie’s, character, dutch and his name is in the movie.

Aka predator and fortnite chapter 2 season, 5 very soon. Well, why do we say that? Well, there’s, a few good images here. We can call up first off check this on the door here. This is the predator’s, logo like his targeting device when he zooms in on a bad guy.

He’s about to laser beam with his cannon. That is what you see not convinced, well check this up next. So if you go to stronghold, you can see the truck, which is basically identical to the predator movie, the first movie, which has been used as a generator and has got the belt on it and ernie’s character.

Dutch goes up, cuts the bell and then lets the truck go in to the village which him and his team are about to storm. This is just so so close to it’s, not even funny. The fact is, like a jungle as well, the whole area definitely think this is going to happen and also we have got the crashed chopper as well, which you know if you’ve seen the movie i don’t want to give Too many spoilers away, but some of the soldiers find this in the movie as well.

If you’ve, not seen the first predator, it’s, an absolute classic, go and check it out. But what do you think about dutch and the predator being in this season of fortnite? I think it ties in perfectly, since this whole theme is kind of on like bounty hunters and that’s exactly what the predator is.

He’s, a hunter going about the galaxy hunting people down. Maybe we’ll even get aliens as well, who knows aliens versus predator and also something that’s really cool. They are both owned by marvel, so marvel comics have the right to publish alien and predator comic books and also disney purchased 20th century fox, so they have their rights to the movies as well.

So this makes sense. This is definitely a collaboration which could be happening very soon. We may see the predator going one on one with mando. Who do you think would win? Let me know down below in the comments.

If you’re hyped about this, keep it locked and loaded for the latest and greatest fortnite news, and we ‘ Ll, see you on the next video, my friends,

Source : Youtube

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