What’s up series s fam, so you’re, looking to get a new controller for your awesome, xbox series s or xbox series x, and maybe you’ve lost a controller or you want to get spare one or You want to get a cool one with some back paddles, so you can do some cool moves and fortnite and stuff like that.

Well boom. This may be the best option for all of you right now. Why did i say that? Well, if you buy a normal controller, so this one here series s controller: you can tell it’s, the series s one, because it has the share button in the middle that will cost you about 50 or 55 pounds.

This little beauty right here will cost you 30 or 35, depending on the color you go for. So we’re going to unbox this here. Look at it, we’ll. Do a really quick first impressions, i’ll jump into that game of call of duty just to see how it feels, because you know sometimes these second hand controllers these sticks and the buttons feel a bit different.

So i want to see what this one’s like, and this is for the new next-gen consoles. If we take a little bit of a close look here, you can see it’s, an enhanced controller. We’ve got the share button on it right in the middle there, and we ‘

Ve also got a volume rocker to change the volume on our headset, which is a really cool addition, and it’s. A really nice package check this out. How cool does this look expertly engineered and if we have a look at the back as well? Just take another quick look at this side of the box.

You can see there’s, a whole bunch of cool stuff here, so two programmable and mappable buttons at the back, which is why i bought it because any of you have been watching the channel for a while, usually play fortnite with all of you On stream have not done it for a while, because none of the new consoles have back buttons on the back of their controllers.

So like this, there’s, no back buttons. I legit cannot play fortnite without back buttons, like i had on my ps4. So this should solve it and we can back playing fortnite on xbox series s with all of you very soon.

So let’s. Get this out of here. It looks like a cool color. The only thing i will say you need to be in mind with this is, if you sit so far away from your console, this might not be the controller for you because it is wired, it is not wireless, but again you’re, going to Have zero input latency because it’s going through the wire and also whoa? What was that? Okay, that was the cable it’s, a very long cable.

It just fell out of the package there. So let’s quickly. Take a look at this and see oh yeah right. Okay, you are going to be sorted. This must be easy, two meters or more yep, so that’s. It folded easy! You should be fine with this.

I think so that’s. Pretty cool it’s, a nice cable and then we’ve got actual controller. We went for a kind of cool color here i can’t remember what this color is called. I don’t know if it tells me on the box again.

No, i don’t see it, but you can get it in a whole bunch of different colors. And if you want to pick this up for yourself right now check out the affiliate link down below this is available on amazon, and you will be able to pick it up for amazing price.

This one is 35, the other colors are 30 and you support the channel as well so check out the link down below in the description and in the top 10 comment. So first off, i love the colors on this, and we ‘

Ve also got like a kind of a bronze d-pad here which looks cool and not going to lie. It feels exactly the same as the official controller. Apart from the triggers, they don’t feel as smooth a lot louder, so it feels a little bit cheaper.

But again it is a lot cheaper, but what i’m after is these back buttons here so for like fortnite, for example, that could be amazing, so you can just be running about. You can press that to deploy builds.

You can press that for jump. I use that a lot. So when i was jumping about shooting at someone with a shotgun, i could be pressing this button here to jump circle, and then it doesn’t mean i need to take my finger off the stick as well, which would be annoying if you would Be going like jump, jump jump and then you would get tagged.

It’d, be a nightmare. So i’m, not going to lie. It feels nice, it’s, got a really nice coating on it, which is pretty cool. So we ‘ Ve got the share button there. So you can share your clips right away on your xbox series s or x, and we ‘

Ve also got a little volume control here as well, so you can turn the volume up and down on your microphone other than that it feels really nice um. I’m impressed nice and light. I thought it would be a lot heavier that one’s, a lot heavier with the batteries than obviously there’s.

No batteries in this it’s, a cable one. Let’s quickly, jump into a game of call of duty, just to see how it feels. Okay, just to show you we have it plugged. In now i have got my controller all ready to rock.

We ‘ Ve got my headset plugged into the bottom and what is cool? You can actually press this red button here, which actually is a volume toggle. So you turn it up and turn it down, which is really cool, but also, if you press n, it will mute and unmute your mic.

So that is the microphone muted and that is a microphone uh unmuted, very, very cool. How you can do that, but what we really want to do is get these paddles assigned to buttons on the front here. So what you do is you hold down this button here and once you hold that down this little led under the x will start flashing.

You can see that there and then you press the button you watch, i’m, going to press a and then it’ll flash quicker, and then you select your paddle. So i’m, going to pick the right one and boom. It will stop flashing, and that means that has been selected and, for example, if i flick on over to the gameplay for you all right now, if i can just find the right button, did i do it? There we go, and if we do that, i can just press the paddle now to start the game, let’s, go to newtown 24 7.

boom, so that is now assigned a very, very cool. This is a great substitute as well um for anyone who’s wanting to get back paddles but does not want to spend a lot of money on a scoff controller or an elite controller if this works well, this is a way to do it.

For 30 pounds very, very cool and it’s, a really nice finish on it. The coating feels really nice. I can’t, explain it’s kind of almost rubbery feeling. Oh there we go so my my left paddle is making me crouch and this one uh in a second i’ll.

Show you making me jump nice, so you can use that to slide. Oh, i kind of like it right so so far. Whoa! Oh, we got melted. What is this kill confirmed, not good. It feels pretty much identical to the normal controller.

Oh, we didn’t, okay, that’s; nothing to do with controller, that’s, my rubbish internet, but yeah. So there you go, that is what they say. A little controller can offer you come on there. We go for 13 pounds and then you can do cool stuff by using the paddles as well whoa.

Oh, please get them damn. So i will do a full kind of recap: slash review of this, and once i’ve had a chance to play with that bit more. I’ll, use this end up on my game and see how it goes and then i’ll.

Let you all know – and hopefully i can get a game where the connection is not interrupting like this. So, thank you very much for watching everyone. Oh my goodness, the connection’s going wild. Thank you very much for watching everyone.

Much love to all your faces. Leave me any questions down below in the comments and i’ll. Try and answer them and we’ll, see you on the next video, my friends hasta la bye, bye,

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