In this video, we’re, going to check out some new add-ons, some updated add-ons and some news about other add-ons that are not working uh before we do. I’d, like to remind you that ipvanish has a sale just for a couple more days going on right now.

You can save up to 73 only and twenty five cents per month to surf the internet in anonymity, so check out ipvanish there’s, a link in the description below as well too viper antivirus software for a computer also has a nice sale.

Also in the link uh uh there’s, a link in the description below so check out that one save up to 71 so getting to it here, almost uh don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my other channel for Future updates, also in the link in the description below so tv one triple one two is for a live.

It’s, a live channel add-on from uh. You know places around the world sports and entertainment, so check out that particular add-on. That’s, a new one, also from the same repo, while you’re installing that as rogue one for movies and tv shows and a few other things, so you can install both of those ones together.

There are the new add-ons. A couple of updated add-ons tempest has been updated. Um if you’re running that one apparently there’s, some links that are suggesting you go to an alternate site. It’s like a viking.

I should have included it here. I didn’t include it, but if you get those just dismiss those links and check out the other ones that hopefully are working for you. The crew has also been updated, and if you’ve got tv add-ons, go to your programs and uninstall that to get the crew to work, it’s, maybe the best add-on out there and as well too go go.

Anime has been recently updated within the last week, so you can check out that one for your cartoon desires, uh. Some news finn not working – may have already come to this conclusion, but it’s. Officially, not working right now so disregard using finn as well too.

The ut uk turks is not working, so don ‘ T worry about that. One. Seven of nine has switched to the real, the bridge so uh. If you’re. Looking for free links, maybe don’t, try that one and see cloud is also not working.

So don’t try to use that one so that’s about it. For this week, i’m. Endorsing a few products found in the link there’s, a link in the description below you can check out my amazon store and see what’s happening there.

Thank you very much and enjoy your tv and moving new movie viewing pleasures.

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