Hey what’s going on youtube? Today, i’m, going to show you how to watch sports on your fire. Stick! Okay, so all the sports! All the games. I’m, going to give you three sources because they tend to go down some of them.

So i’m, going to leave you with three sources for all your sports, nhl nba, nfl, college basketball. Whatever you want to watch it’s, going to be available on your fire stick, and you can do this on the android device as well, very simple to use very straightforward.

So the first thing i’m going to do on my fire. Stick from connecting to these sites and watching all these ports. I’m, going to make sure that i’m protected. So i’m, going to get a vpn. Some channels may not work without a vpn.

Therefore, i recommend turning your vpn. If you already have one, if you don’t have one, i’m, going to guide you through how to get one. So i’m, going to use a vpn called ipvanish and it’s available in the amazon store.

So i’m, simply going to go here before i jump into the sports sites and i’m going to type in ipvanish and search for ipvanish. Once i find ipvanish in the amazon store also on the google play store, i’m, going to click on that and i’m going to download the ipvanish vpn i’ll.

Show you how to quickly set it up to get going to watch all these sports to have the least buffering and to enjoy most of these events for free, you name it wwe, ufc, uh, basketball, nhl, nfl, all the sports.

You could imagine okay, so here i am installing the ip vanish vpn, so once the vpn installs and you can use any vpn if you have an account already, if you bought a vpn already for my link, make sure you turn it on when connecting there, as As i said, some links some sites may not work without a vpn okay, so i’m, going to open up the vpn and it’s, going to ask me for ipvanish, username and password to get your username and password you’re going to scroll down in the link in the pin, comment, description, click on that link and once you click on that link, you’ll, be able to get your own unique account to log in okay.

So i’ll. Leave that link in the pin comment, description, click on the link choose your package sign up for your package and i have an exclusive deal. I partner with ipvanish you’re gonna get the biggest discount through my channel.

Okay, so follow that link below once you get your um sign up process and you go through your package. You’re gonna get an email notification from ipvanish telling your account is active. You’re gonna confirm your account and you’re gonna log.

In once you have your own username and password. You’re gonna log into these two fields: username and password and press login. You can use this vpn on unlimited devices, so one account will get you covered across the whole household.

Okay. So once you have your account log in i’m going to log into mine. Show you how to set this up before we get into the sports sites? Okay, so here i am logged into the vpn. Yours will look exactly the same, even on an android device.

So what you want to do you want to hit the gear icon right there and you want to say, start ipvanish or start on android startup. If using android, startup connection action, i’m. Going to say, connect to fastest server, it’s, going to give you the least buffering.

Okay, i’m, going to say, split tunneling and you’re, going to turn this on. If you have any apps like netflix, prime or hulu disney plus you’re, going to click on split tunneling and you’re, going to add them to this list.

You would hit search and then i would say, let’s, say amazon, prime, i would say so let’s, say prime or netflix, whatever you want and put a check mark on it. What does this mean? It means that the vpn will not be turned on when using these applications, because we don’t want vpn on using prime.

We don’t want the vpn on with netflix who disney plus. So we add it to the split tunneling option. Hopefully that’s, clear enough: okay, scramble mode on and very important. This seems to work the best with the sports sites, vpn protocol and make sure you choose the beta ikea version 2 beta.

This seems to get me the best content and it gets me the best connection to the link and causes the least of buffering from my experiments. Okay, so make sure you go into that vpn protocol and make sure you change it to ikea version 2 beta.

Okay, once you’re done that click back here, click one more back and you want to click on country. A lot of these links are blocked from all over the world, so geoblock content with the vpn will help you click the united states and then press the connect button, press, the ok button and whatever device you’re on it’s.

Going to connect to the vpn, and now we can we’re connected in chicago. I’m, going to start using these websites for free sports. I’m, going to show you a little bit around okay, so very simple to do you’re, going to go to search on amazon or find your apps, whichever version of amazon os you’re running and you’re, going to search for a application, called silk browser and this one seems to block the most ads, so these sites will push ads and this will block most of them and i’ll, show you how so let ‘

S. Do silk browser, let’s; click on the internet, it’s, going to be called internet or silk browser click; the download button it’s, going to cue it and it’s going to download the browser For you, okay, when it’s finished it’s a little bit large.

You’re, going to be prompted to open it up when we open it up. We’ll, be able to go to these sites. Okay, so it’s gonna download, and once it’s finished, we’re gonna open it up once it installs. We’re, going to open up the silk browser, and i’m.

Going to show you the first one i’m, going to show you the second one and the third one out of hundreds of sites. A lot of them have spam a lot of junk, and i’m, going to show you the best ones. Let’s.

Click open! So when you first open up the silk browser, it’s, going to come up. It’s going to say you know so. Browser is ready to open it’s, going to go to bank by default. It doesn’t matter, and then we can scroll here.

We can set up this cursor speed. We have a few options here: okay, you can clear history and data and all that stuff. But what do we want to do in here? We’re, going to click at the top of the url bar and once we’re there in the top of the url bar, we want to put in the following website.

So this is one of my favorites. Okay, you’re, going to love this no need for ww http. None of that stuff. We’re just going to put in sports bay.org, so the first one is sportsbay.org. This has a lot of sports.

You’re, going to really highly enjoy this one. I really like this one and it’s very easy to use. Okay, if it auto completes for you like live streams that’s. Fine sportsbay.org is where you want to end up, so i’m just going to hit the go button.

It’s, going to take me to sportsbay.org, and the site has a few options. You got the live sports here, followed by tv, which is live television followed by nfl football, basketball, hockey, basketball, ncaa, tennis, cricket motorsports, okay, first thing i want to do.

I want to go all the way up and i want to put a bookmark on sportsbay. Okay, so click on that bookmark right here add bookmark and scroll down. Whatever you want to watch it’s, going to show you most popular competitions.

If you scroll down it’s, going to show you a couple of things and then you can also catch whatever you want to catch. I’m, not sure what today, what the games are going on, what’s on the schedule, but i can go to live tv and i can show you how one of the channels works.

Okay, so i’ll. Go here, and here’s, the sports channels. It shows me a few channels here. I’m going to blur. Some of them out are very important. What you want to do is you want to go all the way to the right side and you want to click, watch icon, don’t click on the actual event here or the actual channel logo.

Click on the right side on the little watch thing and you i’m moving the cursor around in so browser with my d-pad see i’m moving the cursor, so i’m gonna hit watch on that. It’s espn, i guess okay and you’re, going to see a first video and you’re, going to be tempted with a red play button here and a play button here.

Don’t click on that scroll down, and you want to play here. I’m going to blur this out now. The one at the bottom see how it’s, playing it’s, gonna pop up with a cancel or okay. Do you want to watch in hd make sure in sports pay you hit, cancel you don’t want to watch in hd it’s, going to take you to another site where it’s, going to ask for payment.

So say no say: hi cancel and press stay here you might have to do it twice. Stay here. Cancel stay here, see on plus three times i’ve already done it, and then i can full size the screen once i full size the screen.

I’m, not going to get any more pop-ups, and here i am enjoying my game. If you want to get out of the full screen. All you do is double tap the d-pad again and it goes away from full screen. Now you can scroll all the way up to sports bay again and you can click on any other category and it’s.

The same process to watch that content. Okay, very easy to use! Let’s! Look at our second one! So click go all the way up and click into the white bar here, where we typed in the url again and instead of sportsbay.

org, we’re, going to put our second one in which is 720 okay. So we’re, going to put in 720 720p stream, just exactly like you see it on the screen: 720p dot stream and dot tv okay, this auto complete, is pretty annoying, but 720p stream is where we want to be so.

It took me to bank search, which is fine, but you want to type in 720 pstream.tv and that’s, going to take you to a site that really looks really nice and easy to use so 720p stream.tv and i’m, going To bookmark it here, so it’s, easier access, so let’s, add bookmark, and then it shows you what is live right now on the schedule: 24, 7 schedules and you can scroll down and you can choose whatever you like or You can go here and you can open up the hamburger menu too as well, and you could go by your categories.

Is it sports? This is nba whatever it is, you would just click on it and then you’ll be able to enjoy it. Okay, so let’s say i wanted to do nba. I would click on nba and that’s, going to take you to a site that really looks really nice and easy to use so 720p stream.

tv and i’m. Going to bookmark it here, so it’s, easier access, so let’s, add bookmark, and then it shows you what is live right now on the schedule: 24, 7 schedules and you can scroll down and you can choose whatever you like Or you can go here and you can open up the hamburger menu too as well, and you could go by your categories.

Is it sports? This is nba whatever it is, you would just click on it and then you’ll, be able to enjoy it. Okay, so let’s say i wanted to do nba. I would click on nba and it shows me what’s here on nba tv.

I could just hit watch now it’s, going to ask me to go to a different site. Just say: stay here: okay and when you scroll down you’re, going to see a couple of things and then the channel will load below okay.

So right now there’s, probably no any games going on, and you can see this still trying to load here when you see that indicator here is trying to load something. Sometimes it may not load. So it’s, not a problem.

We can always go to the main site by clicking their logo. Let’s say we want to watch this live exactly same process. We hit watch now and it will load a stream. You’ll, see a play button when the stream is active.

We’ll hit that play button. It’ll. Ask us to always press stay here. You might have to do it once or twice the stream will load and then we’ll start playing to go full screen. Double tap twice say stay here.

Always now we’re in full screen, enjoying our sports. Okay, no buffer, nothing whatsoever working incredibly well hit the back button to go back okay, so this is already bookmarked. Now i’m gonna go here, and i’m going to show you now.

The third website that i’m gonna use here, which is called stream to watch dot, is so stream. Okay stream to watch dot is let’s. Take you into the nba section that’s, fine auto complete. So i’ll, go to that stream to watch.

That is the site. So i’m, going to go to the main site by clicking on the logo, and then i’m going to bookmark it stream to watch dot. Is i’m, going to throw it into the bookmarks okay, this one’s straightforward, very to use scroll down whatever you want to watch, you just click on it.

So if it’s, you know the ncaa double college. Ncaa college click on that and it shows you in two hours. I like the schedule here: what’s going to happen in two hours? What kind of games are going to take place very, very interesting, and then, if i want to go back, i can always click on the logo and say you know what what & #? 39 s live right now today’s, upcoming sport events, you got a calendar so right now on the air.

These are the following things on the air. So if i wanted to watch this on the air wwe, i’ll click on that and you would see the first stream here like this. Don’t click on that scroll down. Until you see a button, called click play in the second video down, and that should play you, the stream.

If it’s up, if it’s up, it should play if any pop-ups come up like this, you can simply just x them out, always say stay here and then, if the channel loads, it’ll play right there. If you want other sources, you can click on the other channels.

Okay, so if i go to another source, i can click that it might tell me like missing, plug-in or something like that. So i just checked the third one, so some will work. Some will not work as you see that one was just playing, and if that play button comes up, you hit the play button say stay here and if the source loads, it’s, going to be the same process when the source loads and then Double tap to go full screen and we are enjoying this content.

Full screen live content. Okay, i’m, going to go back out of here and i’m going to blur this. All this out. I’m, going to go to menu and now we’re back in menu, and that concludes our video. So we would stream to watch 720p streams and sports bay.

They’re all in our bookmarks. We can access them easily at any time by simply going to our menu. Okay. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. This works with the silk browser. Some channels will require a vpn on as i’ve shown you.

I had my vpn always on. I was fully protected fully anonymous going to these websites. I’m, not sure if these websites have the licenses or if they’re permitted to stream these sporting events. I could not tell you this.

This is the reason i use a vpn to stay protected as a user of these sites, uh to make sure that you know i’m, not breaking any local law, and i’m all within the laws. Okay, so having a vpn is very important.

This will give you a lot of free sports, nfl, nba, nhl, okay, use it at your own risk, use it at your own discretion. Uh, like i said, i’m, not sure if these websites have the proper licenses or not if they have paid for the licenses uh to these organizations or not, i couldn’t.

Tell you this. All i’m here. Is doing a tutorial educational video showing you how to use public content that’s publicly available out there. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and hit the subscribe button hit the thumbs up button and let me know what you think of these two three great sports sites, since we’re getting into the sports seasons, and let me know who i’M gonna i don’t want to start like this whole discussion, but let me know your favorite nba team below your favorite nfl team.

Let me know your team. I’m wondering what team you’re coming from guys. What team is your favorite, nba or nfl team below? Okay? Thank you guys for watching hit. The subscribe button hit the thumbs up button and i ‘

Ll see you all in the next one have a great great day:

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