Hey what’s going on youtube? Today, i’m, going to show you the stuff. You should do on your fire. Stick in the new amazon os right now it’s. Only on fire stick light, but eventually we’ll come to all fire sticks.

This is a new interface. There has been some rumors that third-party apps can be installed, but they can be installed without any issues. I have third-party apps right here, looks a little bit different as you can see a little bit of a different interface here.

So you can have this top navigational bar here and you can access prime video. You can access the app store, the amazon app store directly from here. They’ve added that press select to view all your apps and channels.

So you can go to view all the apps right here and i’ll. Show you that you can install third-party apps and i ‘ Ll show you some settings. You should probably be turning off on your fire. Stick regardless.

If you’re using this new uh amazon fire, stick fire tv os or if you’re using the old one okay, so you can see. I have all my apps installed here, no issues whatsoever, so you can load third-party apps.

It’s, designed a little bit different now, so i’ll. Show you a little bit what to do when the new fire os arrives on 4k sticks, which has not yet, but i’m using the fire stick light, which is here, go to settings and i’ll show you some cool, unique Features once in settings you ‘

Ll have a new feature called notification. It’s, been an old fire os, but new feature. I say new, because now file linked will be pushing notifications to you. So, every time uh, i update something in my file link or there’s.

Any changes this might be pushed to the file link notification, so you’ll, be notified now, so what they’re trying to do essentially, hopefully in the future – and you know i’ve, been in talks with the developer And i’m suggesting in the future every time an apk updates or file updates to push a notification on the screen and tell us, for example, cat mouse, updated cinema, apk, just updated in new tech store.

Would that be easier? Let me know in the comments below guys, so here ‘ S are some stuff you should be turning off and if you’re on an old fire, stick version don ‘ T worry just go to just go to preferences or my fire tv.

So these two sections so in preferences there is some stuff. Okay, so go to preferences on the old fire. Stick it will be in settings um. You’ll, find the stuff and preferences okay, so parental controls up to you not very important, but the important part here on the fire stick is the privacy settings device usage data – i shouldn’t be sending this to them.

So i’ll turn that off okay collect app usage data. We shouldn’t, be sending all this information to amazon. We’re gonna turn that off okay in interest-based ads up to you. We can keep that off and that’s, pretty much it for privacy settings click on the data, monitoring settings and data monitoring off make sure it’s off okay notification settings now here is do not interrupt if you don’t want to get those file linked notifications or any other apps.

You can turn do not interrupt on and you won’t be interrupted. I’ll. Keep it off because i do want to get file link notifications. Okay, you can click on app notifications and you can even turn them on and off by single single ones which ones you want see.

File link is on. I could turn it off. So all these apps right now are notifying me and i could turn it off and you can see those are third-party apps as well. Okay, now featured content that’s; fine, it’s, increasing content that’s.

Fine. So we got a couple of things here and that, basically, is the things that you should be turning off. Okay, now a couple of more things: let’s, go to network. You can see. I’m connected here. You can click the hamburger menu and you can forget this network or check network status.

Okay, let’s. Forget it just want to show you something. So i just disconnected. But when you’re connected, you can save wi-fi passwords to amazon, not sure. If this is the smartest thing i keep my off.

I wouldn’t want to be sending that information. That’s. Another thing i would turn off on the fire: stick device: what if your account becomes compromised and someone gets a hold of all your wi-fi passwords uh, i keep it off.

I can always type into my password. It’s up to you. It’s, pretty convenient, but also poses a security risk. So just getting out of the wi-fi settings uh, i can go here on my fire tv and developer option.

Just like i always show you, and now you see it looks a little bit different. We’ve got our adb debugging, which i can turn on, but i can’t turn the switch on and off. I can only click on it and they took the android kind of os android tv os route, where you can turn on each one, so install unknown apps allow cat mouse to install other applications are not from the app store turn this option on.

Only we’ve installed apps from reliable sources as a developer, so here’s. The problem when cat and mouse wants to update – if i have this off it won’t. Let me update so i should probably take some of these on see.

Downloader is already on. File link is on. I’m just gonna turn. Some of these on and i’m gonna go back, and now i’ll show you that i can actually install third party apps and i can actually update them.

So here’s. Cat mouse, for example, which is a good apk for free movies and free tv, shows that i like to use okay, as you can see cat and mouse updated for me and for your security. Your tv is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source, but it allows me to hit settings if that was off, so i can hit setting install unknown apps and then i can turn on the cat and mouse okay.

If that was off and then you would go back and then you can try updating again and that should work so a little bit of a change a little bit of a nuisance uh. But there’s. Really nothing to worry about updating to the new amazon fire os when it does comes out, i kind of like it.

I like the fact that we can have multiple profiles, so i can click on this profile and i can add another profile to my fire: stick fire tv cube or amazon, 4k or light. Whichever version you’re, using the only downside to adding multiple profiles, i would say would be the storage space you’re running a storage, so i hope i think, the next amazon fire stick that comes out it’s.

Going to be with much more storage so just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up a quick little look at that these are some of the settings. You should turn off on your fire stick the ones i shown you are very important.

Don’t, let amazon collect any data on you and this by the way. You would look all your apps. If you wanted to see it, you could click these three little dots, so that’s. That’s. One change that happened and then you would be able to access your apps just like i did on the light it’s a little bit sluggish on the 4k.

It should be faster. I’m using the light uh so turn off. Those settings in preferences, as i’ve, shown you uh better, not to send any data to amazon. Okay, also, i’m. Using this cool fire. Stick accessory this cool little cover uh very convenient, very easy to use, and if you have multiple fire sticks, you identified each remote with a color.

So you don’t, get confused. I’ll link that in the description below guys, if you want to pick that up uh great great thing, you can pick that up on amazon and enjoy that. Okay, thank you guys for watching.

Thank you for being here uh. Let me know what you think of the new fire os uh. I think it looks great. Also, don’t have any worries, and things like that that you’re, not gonna, be able to load third apps because you will be able to load fire it up.

I supposed to release this video when this came out uh, but i wanted to like take a deeper look at it uh. You know not to scare you guys or anything like that, but we can still fully load it. We can still uh open the fire.

Stick up and put whatever we want in it. There is no blocks whatsoever. This is soon coming. I would say to the fire: stick 4k edition. They launched it to their light. Fire stick light, not sure what the purpose of that was, but anyways.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care!

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Turn off these firestick settings in the new Amazon Update rolling out recently. Right now the update is hitting firestick lite and will hit firestick 4k and cubes soon! Amazon firestick settings! you should always have off.

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